Snorting Kratom – is It a Good Idea?

Kratom is a very popular plant from the coffee family that is usually used in traditional medicine as an opioid and stimulant supplement. Since it’s not legal in every part of the world, there are no strict rules and standards that control the sale of oils and pills that contain kratom. Sometimes people vape it, but there are some cases when they are actually snorting the powder that is derivate from the plant.

As we know from the drugs, snorting any type of substance can be dangerous from the nose canals and can lower the production of mucus, which covers the membranes and stop the particles from the outside world to get into our body. If you are planning to take it as a dietary addition to your food, you need to consult with your doctor or pharmacist or visit this site, to check if it’s good to use it, and more importantly, how to use it.

But, why people choose to snort or smoke it?

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According to many users, it takes less time when you snort or smoke kratom until it gets in your body and you see and feel the effects. But, you can read how dangerous and damaging this action can be, if you decide snorting the kratom so it can boost your energy or the metabolism at the same moment. If you take it as a pill, it will take up to four hours until you see some benefit, but on the other hand, the effect lasts longer, and you will feel the benefits for a prolonged period.

Even though it takes a few minutes to work after you snort it, you should avoid doing that, because you can’t take enough (in the meaning of quantity). Instead, it’s better to use capsules, pills, tea, or tincture. The raw kratom products contain substances and alkaloids that can’t be absorbed and used by the body, so there is no need to risk damaging your respiratory system by doing that.

In 16 countries around the world, kratom is approved, but highly controlled, and it can be bought with a doctor’s recommendation. But, there are many cultures, and traditional medicine methods that use it, so the patient can get stress-free, cure headaches, calm down, cure the hair loss, or empty the stomach in a case of constipation. But, you must be careful about the side effects, that may include changes in the heart rate and your blood pressure, but also seizure, heavy breathing, and even addiction. You need to remember that kratom is still not much examined and researched plant and there are limited sources that show it’s really beneficial for us. Check if it’s allowed or restricted in your country because you don’t want to put yourself in a risk of having problems with the law.

Possible benefits of taking kratom

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As we know, some Asian cultures are using it in their traditional medical treatments, and according to their results, it works great for some specific conditions, that include some wounds, headaches, or even boosting your energy when you have difficult tasks to finish.

Other reasons why it’s used include:

  • easing muscle pain
  • boosting the energy
  • increase the appetite when you can’t really eat
  • increasing the libido and sexual desire
  • wound healing in some situations
  • local anesthesia when traditional treatment is applied
  • the tea can be used as a cough treatment
  • recreational use in controlled conditions
  • giving up on drugs and opioids (it’s also controlled by a professional)
  • enhance the mood
  • against migraines and tension headaches

In Thailand, people are using in religious rituals, when they are inviting and worshipping the gods and saints in their tradition.

When the tea is prepared, it should be combined with sweet plants, or with added sugar, because of the bitterness. Also, if you are not sure, and you are afraid to take it, avoid it. You can try with drinking tea, but avoid snorting it, even if all of your friends are doing that.

Possible negative and side effects of kratom usage

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Every treatment, no matter if it’s approved or not, may have side effects that can vary between mild, moderate, and extremely bad, including:

  • erectile dysfunction
  • excessive sweating
  • some changes of the color on some skin spots
  • appetite loss
  • dehydration
  • addiction
  • respiratory issues when snorting
  • fever
  • nausea
  • impaired movements
  • anxiety and mood changes
  • prolonged anger
  • bad sleeping at night
  • poisoning if the plant is not harvested properly, or kept in bad conditions

If you are taking some prescribed drugs, you must give up on taking kratom, because if you mix some of them, the results may be very dangerous for your life.

Some of these side effects may occur if you snorting the product, or smoking too. Even though some people are taking it that way, if you never tried it before, you may need to start with a tea or pills and capsules.

Conclusion: Snorting is, in general, bad idea

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You can’t compare yourself with the people who traditionally are taking kratom, and try to use it as they do. You must be careful and know how much you can handle. Also, the reason why you are using it may affect the way you need to take this plant-based traditional drug. But, we will recommend you to nicely research the background, and see the scientific studies that show it’s beneficial for your health. You need to buy it from trusted sources and registered producers.

As we said, don’t snort it, because it can be damaging for your nose and throat, and the effects won’t last long, and you will need to take it again. Snorting a few times in a row is a bad idea by itself, and we don’t need to mention how harmful it can be for your nose membrane.

And in the end, the decision whether you will take or deny some medical treatment depends only on you. That’s why you must be smart and don’t test your limits, especially when it comes to natural plant treatments.