Ways Social Media Has Changed the Game for Employee Recognition

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Everyone on this planet has already heard of social media. Indeed, we all have. Others would debate it is the most potent invention since the printing press, while some would say it is only a curse for our regular lives. A few would say it is only a fancy form of telephone. Whatever the case, it has had a massive influence on how incentive, reward, and recognition providers do business.

Take note that social media is a massive network for acknowledging employee achievements, both externally and internally. Your company can offer recognition to superior performance, new hires, work anniversaries, and many more.

That recognition enables team members to engage that works to establish team cohesiveness. An employee can also congratulate one another, keeping up with the company’s current events, and engaging with their coworkers.

Social media can also lessen your organization’s turnover. One research discovered that 39,00 hourly workers using networking sites weekly stayed at their jobs longer compared to their colleagues.

Below are different ways social media changed the game of employee recognition, equipped with ways to use to your company’s advantage.

Helps the company’s recognition program going

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Take note that employee recognition should be consistent. However, it is so simple for it to fall on the verge. The straightforwardness of posting employee recognition on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social networks makes it simple for the program to go in between significant events. It also helps you prevent needing to restart the recognition program.

Social media is an integral part of the entire recognition program. Nonetheless, it should not be the company’s overall strategy. It will help if you’ll combine it with live events such as company-wide recognition meetings, an employee of the month programs, and award ceremonies, among others.

Giving your employees rewards like keepsakes or employee recognition crystal trophies, which are more than gifts, allows them to have a lasting effect beyond social media. Employee recognition awards, in-person events, and social media mix to make the program the most efficient it could be.

Makes employee recognition more fulfilling and valuable

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Did you know that employee recognition on social media is relatively simple? You might be even shocked by its real influence. Staffers love the power to share social media posts that acknowledge them.

Offering public commendation could make the most of the benefits of recognition and the capability to share it with family or friends on Facebook, as well as with business associates on LinkedIn. which makes social media appreciation more efficient. In short, your team will receive double the praise.

Recognition from top executives, supervisors, and managers is the ideal form of employee recognition. It exceeds credit from people outside of the company and teammates. You see, social media makes it simple for people in executive positions to offer commendation. That helps you offer relevant employee acknowledgment with minimal effort.

It’s simple to share the recognition

The best thing about social media is that it allows simple sharing of employee recognition. You only need to open your business social media account, enter your post, and click “Post.” The message must be customized and thoughtful, but you don’t need to spend a considerable amount of time thinking about the best words to use.

Remember that employee recognition on social media is an efficient way for higher executives and managers to demonstrate to their teams that they care, not to mention it’s cost-efficiency.

Makes an excellent recruiting tool

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More and more job seekers are seeking jobs online. Sites such as Glassdoor enable folk to post reviews regarding their staff, not to mention that job seeker could learn about a company from its LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

In fact, it has been found that sixty-six percent of individuals trust opinions posted online. On the other hand, eighty-three percent trust suggestions from family or friends.

So, do you have a substantial social media presence with a considerable amount of positive reviews and employee recognition from your clients and staff? Then that could make it simpler for you to recruit and retain the ideal workers.

Helps establish community

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Building an inclusive company, establishing community, and breaking down silos must be your organization’s utmost priorities. Fortunately, social media helps with all such things by offering staff platforms to engage and connect in ways they might not otherwise. Further, it allows them to provide peer-to-peer (P2P) recognition, which is the most efficient form of employee recognition.

For instance, LinkedIn’s tool referred to as Kudos enables users to make instant and stunning appreciation posts to anyone in their network. That’s a beautiful example of how social media and employee recognition go together.

Your staff is willing for opportunities to acknowledge one another. One survey found that forty-four percent of people would regularly offer peer recognition if they have the necessary tools. You see, that tool is social media.

It transformed people’s expectations

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Undoubtedly, social media and the internet have transformed every person’s behavior. We are currently living in a world of immediate satisfaction. For instance, shoppers are eager to wait for three seconds for a website page to load before leaving the website.

Need-it-now behavior influences people’s lives offline, as well. You like instant gratification when talking about watching TV shows, making purchases, and even employee recognition. Please note that employees do not want to wait for the yearly awards ceremony to know how amazing they are at their jobs. As an alternative, they wish to hear it daily. Social media is an excellent method to achieve that.

Remember that the way you communicate with one another is at the core of engagement and recognition. Social media has spread and undergone massive changes. It now stands as an almost omnipresent commodity. Hence, social media in the workplace is nearly inevitable.

Social media has made the planet much smaller, and everyone’s actions much visible. That leaves fewer excuses for lack of appreciation. That is well worth rejoicing in the long game.