How To Spend One Day in Rotterdam – 2024 Travel Guide

If you are considering visiting an incredible Rotterdam city for one day, you will be so amazed by the attraction this city provides. However, what you can do in just one day in such an interesting city and what attraction you can explore, you will find below in the text. It can be a very difficult task to choose some things over others. However, we will try to give you some suggestions that will make your time even more entertaining. In general, if you can not make it to explore everything in 24hours, you will have an opportunity to visit this city again.

First stop – Rotterdam Central Station

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When you are visiting beautiful Rotterdam, you should pay attention to the first thing you will probably see – a Central Station. If you think this is just transportation stationary then you are wrong. This is the most incredible and unique station in Europe. You will be astonished by the amazing artistic architecture. Grab a coffee and enjoy the further walk. We suggest you continue going to the left following Weena Avenue, and, after that, you will find one of the most intrigued places in Rotterdam.

Cross Luchtsingel pedestrian bridge


The thing you will see next is the yellow wooden pedestrian bridge. What makes this bridge so unique is the fact that it does not connect two sides like the usual bridge. Instead, this bridge offers music, art, and food for passengers. The name of the bridge is Luchtsingel. So, when you pass through this bridge, you will notice that both sides provide so many things you can enjoy including restaurants, shops, and the old Schieblock building.

Enjoy the beauty sunlight by the canal

One of the most incredible landscapes you can enjoy is the beautiful canal at Westersingel Street. You can spend some time sitting there and relaxing. Around that area, you will notice some very popular buildings in that city such as Calypso and the St. Paul’s Church, some statues and arts as well.

Explore the ancient side of Rotterdam

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If you are a history fan, the things you can see in Rotterdam will leave a big impression on you. More precisely, as you probably already know Rotterdam was bombed heavily during the period of World War II. Unfortunately, only a few buildings survived that attack back then. One of those buildings is The St. Laurence Church. This Church is popular for one more reason and that is the fact that only this building is an example of Gothic architecture. We suggest you visit this church because you will be amazed by the contract between the ancient and modern parts of Rotterdam.

Visit the Rotterdam Zoo

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The other name of the Rotterdam Zoo is Diergaarde Blijdorp. During World War II, the zoo needed to change the location. This zoo includes a Botanic garden and incredible Oceanium. Despite this, if you visit the Rotterdam zoo you can see Malayan Forest, an amazing crocodile river, and Mongolian Steppes. Also, this place is popular because it provides special programs for rear species including Red Panda. There are truly many different species you can see for the first time in your life such as Black Rhino, Greater Kudu, Amur Leopard, Asian Elephant, and Sumatran Tiger. It does not matter if you are going with kids or not, adults also gladly visit this place.

Maritime Museum


If you want to visit some of the museums in Rotterdam, you should discover one of the largest museums in the world called the Maritime Museum. Here, you can find an amazing collection of maritime memorabilia and art. The museum is located next to the Cube houses, so you can enjoy this attraction as well. There are many things related to the maritime world. Some of the most unique things that this museum offers is a controversial painting of the Battle of Trafalgar, a big collection of ship figures, navy uniforms, and flags.

Water taxi


This attraction is something everyone must try when visiting Rotterdam city. Water taxi will offer you the opportunity to explore the Mass River and see some of the best destinations in Rotterdam. You should visit an incredible Eromast which presents the tallest tower in the Netherlands. It is 185 meters high and it has a special lift to the top of the building where you can see the entire town.

Kinderdijk’s Windmills

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If you want to see an attraction that actually defines the Netherlands, you should visit the incredible Kinderdijk’s Windmills. This destination is located around 20km from Rotterdam. In general, this is a small village with many windmills that line the canals. People think of this place as magical. The windmills are the UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are 19 of them and they have been restored so they could be in a good condition for a long period. Not only you will enjoy the windmills, but the incredible countryside surrounding. Both canals and the landscape are wonderful.

Museum Boymans-van Beuningen

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In the Dijkzigt district, you will see this amazing and peaceful museum which represents the most popular art museum in this city.

There are many paintings, sculptures, as well as decorative art from famous artists such as Van Gough, Dali, and Rembrandt. If you are a fan of the art, this museum is a must-visit destination for you while you are in Rotterdam. You will stay speechless after seeing the art in this museum. We will not discover much, but some of the art you will see there are Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel and Couple with their heads full of Clouds by Dali. All visitors in this museum are not amused only by the collection of art; the structure of the museum is very impressive as well.

Restaurants in Rotterdam

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Despite all the attractions we mentioned that will bring you so much fun, entertainment, and beautiful moments, there is one thing that will surely leave an impression on you in Rotterdam. The food in this city that many restaurants provide is absolutely delicious. They are not something you should forget about while you are visiting this city, and if you want to see some of the most popular restaurants here that you can try incredible dishes visit Through food, you will get the chance to understand the culture of this country and potentially meet some friends in the restaurants. Doesn’t that seem like an excellent thing?