Stake Casino VIP: The Key to Win


Stake casino is one of the best online gambling platforms across the globe that offers a variety of games and amazing bonuses and promotions. The VIP program of stake casino provides its customers with an amazing gaming experience where they cannot only enjoy playing their favorite games but also win big rewards, even if they lose the game or have an unlucky day.

Famous megastar Drake is also a part of the stake casino VIP program, and now, he is more than a player as he is going for a collaboration with the casino program.

Why is Stake casino VIP special?


Stake casino VIP is extremely special, and it is enough to keep the players on the platform engaged and entertained. The programs offered by stake casino VIP are there to offer several benefits to the players playing on the platform.

The platform wants to ensure that the existing players can have a great experience while playing on the platform and to keep them satisfied, these programs are offered. This list of low deposit bookmakers not only satisfy the players but also make them delighted with amazing bonuses and offers.

Stake casino VIP bonuses

The bonuses offered by the VIP program by stake casino are famous across the globe because of their amazing deals. Before going for the program, you have to remember that the wagering requirements must be met to ensure the potential of the players so that the players can get full advantage of the VIP benefits. These benefits can easily improve your experience of playing on a global platform.

Here are the VIP bonuses and programs offered by the casino platform


Levels and Requirements

Bronze: $10,000

Silver: $50,000

Gold: $100,000

Platinum: $250,000

Platinum II: $500,000

Platinum III: $1,000,000

Platinum IV: $2,500,000

Platinum V: $5,000,000

Platinum VI: $10,000,000

Diamond: $25,000,000

Diamond II: $50,000,000

Diamond III: $100,000,000

Diamond IV: $250,000,000

Diamond V: $500,000,000

Obsidian: $1,000,000,000

Level-up Bonuses (All Levels)


As you level up, the rewards will also be increased. Besides that, you will be able to get the level-up bonus if it is considered by the support team or your VIP host. You’ll get that every time you achieve a new VIP level. These bonuses will deliver a base amount per level and some extra rewards depending on your recent gameplay to your account. If you have had no luck in your recent games, you will receive a bit extra on your base amount.

Rakeback (Bronze)

With this bonus, you will get the chance to earn passively on every single bet. Here, it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose; you will get that amount. You’ll receive 5% of the house edge back for placing every single bet.

Weekly Boost (Bronze)

It is one of the most popular ones, where players get a bonus every week at 12:30 pm GMT on Saturday through the telegram group of the platform. It is based on your previous seven days wagered and your VIP level.

Monthly Bonus (Bronze)

This one you will get once in a month which can be around the 15th. You’ll be provided with this bonus on your confirmed email ID. It will depend on your wagered since the previous monthly bonus and your VIP level.

VIP Host (Platinum IV)

Here, a dedicated VIP host will be assigned to you, who will be available to solve your problems and help you whenever you need.

Reload (Platinum)

It is a bonus that you can claim either once every day, once every hour, or once every 10 minutes. It is based on your previous 7-14 days wagered and profit. If you have been facing a bad time, you will receive an additional amount on the reload amount. They are usually set by the senior support staff whenever you reach the platinum VIP level.

Customized Benefits (Diamond)

Not everyone has the same expectations and liking, and this benefit is for those people who want it personalized. If you think there is something that you need but cannot get with other bonuses of the VIP program, you can just customize it according to your requirements.

Create you are winning story at stake Casino


Just like Drake, you can also create your own winning story at Stake by using the amazing stake casino VIP programs. Drake has been a part of the VIP program for quite a long time, and during this period, he won several rewards and bonuses. He is one of the prime customers of the stake casino. He is so interested in the programs that he decided to collaborate and incorporate several other things in the VIP program to improve the user experience.

If you are a gambler looking for a reliable gaming platform where you can gamble without worries, you can consider playing on this casino platform. As you continue playing on this platform, you will gradually level up. It is just the start, as with every level, you will be able to unlock amazing and new bonuses that can provide you with amazing benefits.

There are players across the globe who have been a part of the amazing program for a long time and each of the players among them has experienced something that is not available on any other platform across the globe.

If you want to win a big reward or money, you can use a stake casino platform to create your winning story. The VIP benefits will not only help you to win big rewards but also will help you to reduce your losses. Even if you don’t have positive days in the casino for quite a long time, you will be able to compensate for your loss and even win bigger with these VIP programs. It is a program that cannot be avoided and can attract gamblers across the globe, as no other platform offers this kind of program.

Ending words

Stake casino VIP program is a perfect option to go for if you want to create your winning story, just like Drake. There are several gaming options, among which you can choose your preferred game and start gambling today.