How to Start Painting As a Hobby – 2024 Guide


Painting is considered to be one of the most creative ways of expressing your art and creativity. It is an excellent outlet for putting out the passion you have inside of you and showing it to the world. Apart from the art expression, painting also serves as an excellent side hobby for people that are looking for a creative way to spend their time.

According to PaintablePictures, one of the leading websites for creating your own custom paintings and personalized pictures, painting can serve as an excellent way to spend your time. Websites like them offer beginners a chance to get started on their own painting journey, regardless of their age and skill.

If you too are looking to start painting as a hobby but are confused about how to do so, then don’t worry, because we have you covered. In this guide, we will explain exactly what you need to get started with your creative coloring journey, what decisions you need to make, and what steps you should follow. Read the article till the end so that you don’t miss out on crucial details.

Choose the type of paint you want to color with


There are several different types of paint for you to choose from when you first start out as a beginner painter. The most beginner-friendly options are acrylic, watercolor, and gouache. Each of these paint types offers different features and gives a different aesthetic to your paintings.

Watercolors make your paintings look extremely light and watery because of their runny composition. Watercolors are difficult to deal with when you first start working with them but once you get used to them, they can prove to be an excellent coloring option for all your painting needs. Their lighter tones allow you to layer your paintings with multiple layers and strokes which provides it with more depth and visual clarity.

Gauche colors are the opposite of watercolors and are much thicker and more solid in composition. Gauche colors provide your paintings dark tones and shades that make each color stand out and become more pronounced. Acrylic is considered to be the best option when it comes to beginner-friendly colors.

Depending on your application, you can achieve lighter tones just like watercolors and darker shades just like gouache colors. They are extremely durable and dry quickly – allowing you to complete your paintings at a faster rate. All you need is a bit of water and student-grade acrylic colors and you are all set to create your own paintings from scratch.

Get materials compatible with your paint type


Painting is not a clean task and during your painting process, you are bound to make a mess and get colors strewn all over your clothes and body – especially on your first time. And that’s completely okay! But just to make sure that you don’t ruin your favorite everyday use clothes, get a set of an old shirt and pants and make them your “painting clothes”.

Get a few rags, sponges, and a pallet to hold your paint. You can choose to paint your paintings on normal-sized paper or an actual canvas, though most people prefer the latter to be a more viable choice. The next major thing you will need is paint brushes. You will need separate brushes for extracting and adding colors for your pallet, called pallet knives.

For the actual painting, you should get a set of soft-bristled brushes and a set of hard-bristled brushes. Softer brushes are great for liquidy paints while their alternatives are great for thicker paints such as gauche, acrylic, or oil. Get a variety of sizes for your brushes so you are able to paint the exact colors you need without getting them mixed.

Having thinner brushes on hand also helps in painting small and slight color strokes while you are working on your painting. Keep your brushes wet from time to time while you are painting and ensure that you take meticulous care of them. Brushes are exceptionally delicate and can break apart after messy and rough use.

Start simple


You don’t need to paint a Picasso in your first attempt to prove to the world you like painting. Start simple. See what you like, what colors you’d wish to work with, and what object, individual, or scene you’d like to paint. Since the pandemic restrictions don’t allow us to go outside as much as possible to get creative inspiration for our painting, you can try painting from virtual pictures at first.

The first time you paint should purely be your own – without any outside help or assistance. This will tell you what areas you need to work on, what style of painting you prefer the most, and what type of paint is most comfortable for you while painting. These are important questions that every painter needs to answer when they first start out.

Get familiar with your colors and how to mix them using color wheels. There are countless tutorials out there that can explain how color mixing works and how color wheels are created. Watch any of these tutorials and you’ll get a pretty fair idea. Also, learn different types of paint brush techniques that can help you achieve a specific color texture for your painting.

Try different ideas


With painting, the sky’s the limit. There are several different things for you to try out and explore. Paintings themselves come in various different forms such as portraits, scenes, still life, architecture, and abstract. Find out which type of painting suits you by trying them all out one by one.

Don’t be afraid to try out other mediums even if you get comfortable with a particular one. Acrylic is amazing, but so are oil and watercolors. Try each one of them out and understand the various benefits and disadvantages of using them.

There are also various painting tutorials online, like those from Bob Ross, which guide you into creating wonderful paintings for yourself. These tutorials help you understand new techniques and painting methods that can enhance your own painting style when you get back to freestyle painting.


Painting is an amazing hobby to have and we hope this article helped you get started with it. In case it did, please follow our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.