8 Steps to List Your Property in Indiana

Have you made your mind to list your house in Indiana? People list their property at the right time. Buyers’ rates are relatively high in some months. Best listing time varies according to the area and market at which you are selling your house. Indiana is a significant historical state that comes at 38th number in the list of largest states.

Now the question arises: how can you list your property in such a big state? Visibility is the key for any listing. If your house gets more exposure, you can close the deal within some days, so it is essential for your listing to be visible on every MLS portal of Indiana.

Well, for this, you need to find the best MLS listing platform that will list your house on different MLS portals such as MIBOR MLS, GNIAR MLS, SEIBR MLS, Indiana Regional MLS, SIRA MLS, and UpStar MLS. These are the big MLS portals in Indiana. You have to list your property through that website that gives your property exposure to all platforms. For this, Houzeo.com is the best option.

Moreover, your listing process should be designed to complete listings and attract buyers effectively. And if you are new to this listing process, then there is no need to worry. We will discuss all significant listing points in some steps. It will assist you during your listing process.

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So, without further ado, let’s jump towards the session.

  1. Finding an agent
  2. Make Selling decision
  3. Analyze and set price
  4. Preparing, Marketing, and showing home
  5. Choosing offers and negotiations
  6. Appraisal and inspections
  7. Paperwork required by Indiana disclosures
  8. Closing process

Let’s discuss these steps in detail for a better understanding.

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1. Finding an agent

First, you need to decide whether you want to sell with an agent’s help or sell on your own. Selling a home isn’t a simple process. You need to work very carefully to get desired outcomes. Listing in a big state such as Indiana is more high-stake and riskier.

You need to find the best agent that can work effectively and minimize your stress. Agents are charging 6% commission fees to list the property. It’s a fixed price rate that all agents are following. But here is one option for you if you don’t want to pay high charges to the agent.

You can hire a flat fee MLS agent in Indiana. His rates will be fixed, and he will not ask you for additional charges once you have to decide charges at the start of the listing process.

But be careful while hiring a Flat fee MLS agent. You have to look after his previous performance, ask for his working experience, and then hire any flat fee MLS agent.

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2. Make selling decision

Your selling price is directly dependent on the time of your listing. Yes, selling rates are dependent on time. If you want to sell your home at reasonable rates, you need to wait and check out on the market when the market rates are high. List your property at that time.

In Indiana, June is the best time to list your property. It is estimated that in June the rate is relatively higher so you can earn some profit. Although rates are never fixed in the market, it has a flexible movement.

Rates always depend on some factors such as job growth, economic outlook, and local tax or law changes. It is hard to predict the right increasing rates time. But in general, In Indiana, it is estimated that in June, rates are 10% higher compared to other factors.

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3. Analyze and set price

Proper pricing always makes your listing attractive to buyers—pricing as crucial as choosing the right agent. You have to set the price according to the market. Your agent will analyze the market rate, and with mutual understanding with your agent, you will set the rates. Your agent will do a comparative analysis of the market, and according to its study, he will set the price and list it.

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4. Preparing, marketing, and show your home

The next step is to prepare your home for listing. You have to make all necessary maintenance such as if any wall is ruptured you have to paint it, if any tap is leaking you have to repair it, you need to add some lights to make your house more attractive and beautiful. You need to declutter the home and make your house neat and clean to look more presentable. After that, you need to market your property on different MLS platforms and show it to them on various social media apps to get more attention.

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5. Choosing offers and negotiations

Many potential buyers will approach you who are interested in your listing. Now your agent will negotiate them on rates you have to choose some of them who are offering as per your desired rates. Here you need to work smartly and confidently and look at all proposals and negotiate with them confidently.

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6. Appraisal and inspections

After this, allow the buyers that you have chosen and host the buyers to inspect your house. You need to arrange different meetings after this. If both parties are satisfied and agreed with the terms, you need to process the paperwork.

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7. Paperwork required by Indiana disclosures

Doing paperwork is a critical transaction here. You need the help of any professional who knows how to proceed with legal documentation, and he should be aware of Indiana laws to complete a smooth paperwork transaction. In some states, there are strict property laws. It is necessary to hire an attorney if you want to make any transaction; instead, you cannot proceed with any legal transaction.

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8. Closing process

The last step in the listing process is to close the deal. You have to say goodbye to your house. I know endings are inevitable, but we can’t deny this fact. You have to pay a commission to the flat fee MLS real estate agent.


To list your house in such a big state is a complex process. If you are a newbie to the listing process, it’s far harder than your imagination, it’s a risky matter. You have to transact in a six figures amount, so you have to be careful and better hire a flat fee MLS agent. Above all mentioned points will surely help you a lot.