4 Best Stock Video Sites| Licensed and Royalty-Free

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4k, 6k, 8k where I can get high-resolution generic videos? That’s the most challenging part of every videographer, YouTube, filmmaker, digital marketer, and content creators. Quality generic videos are hard to find, and mainly it is vitally required or used in many contents.Whether it is required or used for commercial purposes or used in the simple informative video of YouTube, the generic video has its importance and value.

The one-minute generic footage is used for many purposes. Sometimes creating and sharing high-quality content is challenging. At that point, these footages come on hand to convey your objective more quickly.One of the researches developed during 2024 video marketing statistics declared that 8 out of 10 individuals are easily convinced to buy a product or service by watching the brand videos.

So, what’s the catch?

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According to research, 54% of people are more attracted while watching the brand video. A lot of people learn and store things visually. It’s highly compatible to show them a video related to that particular thing to attract anyone.

Well, now content is getting common in use for the customer’s excellent follow back. Many businesses are adopting various marketing techniques to maximize their profit.

The next question that might come to your mind is where to get generic high-quality videos?

The common source of stock footage is stock sites. There are many stock video sites that provide high-quality videos for generic purposes. Click here to get any video on discount rates. These stock footage are also referred to as clips or short generic clips. These shots are captured and edited by professionals. There are no copyright issues and intend to be utilized again and again by the various production companies.

These are less than 1 minute in duration. Short videos are always created on the generic topic for reliable utilization. The B-roll videos are used in various production formats and styles. They can be added for different niches content such as travel, lifestyle, business, sports, outdoors, medical, and many others.The quality of videos is excellent, shot by the professionals 4k, 6k, 8k, you can get any resolution. To access such videos, you need to link to the best stock video sites to get plenty of generic videos. Some sites are rightly-managed, or some are royalty-free.

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The royalty-free videos are easy to access, whereas the right-managed stock footage requests the subscription to purchase the license to use them. Once you have purchased the license, you have access to multiple videos. However, the royalty-free footage is easy to access and can be used multiple times in multiple content formats and styles.Most commonly, many marketers are using these editing tools for their brand advertisements, and YouTubers are the second user of this footage. It’s the best video editing tool for YouTubers.

What are you waiting for if you are still not using any marketing strategy or editing tools? You might be thinking about which is the best. So let me resolve this problem too and pen down the most commonly used stock video websites and their features.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in.


Videvo is the royalty-free stock video footage site that provides motion graphics and plenty of stock videos. It has a vast library that includes other small 4K clips. The videographer community established it. They always ensure the quality of free clips and consistently deliver the best quality with highly professional short videos shot without a tripod. These are developed as MP4 s that are a pretty accessible editing format. It is also a photo website to get various thumbnails and AdWords from this site, along with the stock footage.


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Shutterstock is a website that provides you with high-quality professionally shot license videos. You can purchase them and use them in various niches and for various purposes for your personal or business. These sites are online platforms that offer Millions of videos in 4K and HD format. The main feature of Shutterstock includes high-resolution clips. It provides you with a wide range of period categories, including wildlife, cultured, and art-related videos. Shutterstock’s main search section is automatically updated and added to new videos weekly. You can easily download and use the latest videos by subscribing to the platform or purchasing the license.

Art grid

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The Art Grid is a subscription-based website that provides you high-quality footage at affordable subscription charges, which you can get for $299. Also, they have a discount code. For two months, you can get a free license. The price is entirely worth it because, from the platform, you will get quality stock footage that is short by professional filmmakers all around the globe. They also source various videos from YouTube and other platforms. See Artgrid is the best platform to use commercial video projects. It is not an average video site. However, different filmmakers are connected with this platform which has a standing reputation in the industry. If you want to purchase the license, you need to go through the easy process. after that, you will be able to use the innovative and unique videos that highly professional filmmakers create.


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It is an online platform that provides royalty-free, exclusive high-quality stock videos that will help you to create quality content. You can discover the 4K, HD, and SD videos.

It provides videos for different categories such as Healthcare, drink, foods, nature, architecture, and many more. You can use it multiple times for different projects and can be utilized at any time. It has an integrated search bar because it provides the opportunity to search the videos by uploaded date and duration so you can get them according to your needs. If you want the newest and trending video, you can search it in the search bar. It will show the most popular videos that are trending on social media.

Final words

These sites are a significant source of quality and professional royalty-free and license videos that you can use in your content now; there’s a new Hype that has been seen in the market for the short videos.