Stone and Tile or Carpet and Hardwood?

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One of the most important aspects of any home interior is your flooring. Choosing the right flooring for each room will not only help to add character, but will also bring additional practical benefits to the room too. So which flooring is better for your home? Stone and tiles or carpet and hardwood? The answer depends entirely on which room you want to re-floor. Here are the benefits of each option.

Stone And Tile Flooring

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Adding natural stone and tiling to your home looks fantastic. Though expensive at first, First & Main Team says such tiles will withstand the test of time and also bring with them several practical benefits. Here are some of the key benefits you can enjoy from choosing this option.

Easy Maintenance

Carpets and other types of flooring are notoriously difficult to clean. Often, they will require expensive cleaning products and will need to be cleaned by a professional several times a year. On the other hand, a natural stone floor is extremely to maintain. They can be cleaned with a basic hop and hoovered beforehand to remove any items that have fallen. On top of this, they can also withstand pressure from heavy items and high footfall without deteriorating. This makes them ideal for bathrooms and kitchens where items can be dropped and the floor can easily become dirty.

Added Value

Natural stone flooring is one investment that is truly timeless. Whether you choose to sell your property in the next 5 years or the next decade, you can rest assured that your flooring will withstand any changes in fashion trends. This will help to add significant value to your property which will be ideal when you choose to sell.

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Additional Options

Unlike carpet and hardwood, you can add underfloor heating to tiles in your room. This is the perfect addition to a bathroom, basement rooms, or bedrooms or any room which is known for being cold within your home. They’re extremely good at conducting heat and therefore make the perfect option in bathrooms in which you can enjoy a nice heated floor after a warm bath.


No matter what stone or tile you choose you can be confident that your floor is completely unique. Each stone tile has its very own unique veining, coloring, and individual characteristics. This can be used to differentiate your home from others in the local neighborhood and give your room that distinct feeling that cannot be felt with alternative flooring types. If you’re looking for tile ideas but can’t find the right ones for you, check out Here, you’ll find all the latest tiling trends from timeless classics to new trends in the market.

The Cons

Tile and stone without underfloor heating can be cold on the feet, so they may be less pleasant than carpet or hardwood in some areas of the home where you may be in only socks or barefoot.
While tiles and stone are usually fairly stained resistant with most spills, the grout (and some natural stones) may not be so resistant. They are also able to crack or chip if heavy items are dropped on them or if they were set improperly.
Darker tiles may be prone to showing water spots, and natural stone or porous tiles may be hard to clean out dust and dirt from the tile while sweeping or mopping.
Tile is also harder to install than laminate or hardwood flooring requiring special tools, and also generating lots of dust and noise.

So, how do these characteristics compare to carpet and hardwood?

Carpet And Hardwood

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Carpet and hardwood are ideal options for homes looking for that traditional feeling. They add an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort which can’t be matched by stone or tiles. Here are the key benefits of choosing carpet and hardwood.


One of the most popular reasons for choosing carpets is due to their warm, soft texture. They’re fantastic in bedrooms and living rooms where your feet can touch a soft surface after laying down. On top of this, they’re also very comfortable for individuals who struggle on hard surfaces as they work as a cushion for the knees.

Aesthetic Benefits

Both carpet and hardwood options can be used to significantly improve the aesthetic of any room. Though carpet does not last as long as hardwood, and requires more work to maintain, there are more intricate, unique designs available which can really help your room stand out. Alternatively, hardwood can be used to create a comfortable yet professional aesthetic which works extremely well in certain modern designs.

Price Range

Carpets are significantly less expensive than hardwood. Generally, a high-quality carpet could be installed at about half the price of a hardwood floor with the same space requirements.

Carpets are warmer than hardwood floors. This is very helpful especially in winter, as it traps heat. Carpeting has insulation value in winter that consequently helps you reduce your energy cost. The thinnest rug is a better insulator than wood. Wood, however, does not insulate heat, and you end up paying more to stay warm.

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The Cons

Carpet is by far the easiest flooring to stain as its fibres can take on colours quite easily. There are advancements being made when it comes to carpet stain resistance all the time, but they have a long way to go yet. An accidental spill could have you needing to rent or hire a carpet cleaner, and there’s still a chance that some stains may not fully come out.
Carpets are also by far the most difficult to dry in case of spills or water damage, as not only does the carpet hold moisture, but so does the underlay padding.
Carpets can also develop snags in which an unraveling of the carpet can occur along one line, and over time carpets may begin to wrinkle and bubble as they stretch out, in which case you’d need to hire a carpet repair professional to have them restretched.

Hardwood is relatively stain resistant should a spill be cleaned up quickly, and water spilled is unlikely to cause issues if cleaned and dried promptly. However if water has the chance to sit or if the flooring is installed in a high moisture area, then the wood may begin to absorb the water. In which case it can ruin the finish, cause the wood to warp or swell and leave an uneven or lifting surface.

So which is best?

Carpet and hardwood, or stone and tile? That will be up to your personal discretion and the specific needs and characteristics of the room, as well as your personal preferences when it comes to both aesthetics and maintenance. In warmer and more humid climates, tile and stone may be the best way to go. In colder climates like Calgary, Carpet and hardwood might just be your best choice.