8 Best Strategies Professional Football Bettors Use

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If you chose to start recently, you probably understand that betting on football can be daunting and complex. And, although you don’t have to learn the ins and outs of football and every team out there to place wagers, you’ll still need to discover and use the right betting strategies that could help you win.

You’ll certainly find various guides that’ll highlight some strategies used by professional bettors, however, almost all of them will recommend that you first opt for following less complex ones and later on, move on to the ones they use. Luckily, we’re going to write about the top 8 strategies professional football bettors recommend you begin with:

1. The Tipster You Opt For Must Be Trustworthy

For many people, this might seem completely obvious, however, it’s still worth mentioning – you must only follow the advice of trustworthy and reliable tipsters. After all, choosing one that is fake or that simply creates the numbers as they wish will result in you losing the money you’ve wagered, thus, the very first thing that you must ensure is that the tipsters are professional, trustworthy, and, of course, reliable.

Hence, before you opt for the very first website that comes up in your search results, do some digging, check various tipsters, and don’t forget to review their websites. Besides researching the sites, it’s also important that you read reviews left by previous users, but, you shouldn’t check them on the official site, instead, on independent ones that tend to be more transparent and honest. Once you opt for a site, you should start looking for a detailed statistics database, which leads us to our next point…

2. Find & Use Detailed Statistics Databases

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Every single tipster and bookie out there will use their own database for football betting, and with it, they can calculate and generate odds. Though you’ll be able to find these odds online, you shouldn’t neglect using a statistics database for your own strategy. After all, winning back the cash you’ve wagered is never an easy task, which is why you’ll need to use the right online tools, especially since this can help you win.

3. You Can Use Matched Gambling to Get Bonuses

If there is one thing that you must take away from this article, it’s the fact that you should use free wagers to your advantage. In fact, even though a lot of bettors neglect the bonuses and free bets that they can use, this can be quite beneficial for you mostly because you can basically get free cash. Now, you must know, some bookies will offer these bonuses as a way to draw you in and cause you to lose money, but there are a few steps that you could take that’ll ensure that you win.

Matched wagering is one of the things that you should look into and it’ll require you to take a few steps in order to win. For starters, you should find a bookie that is offering probabilities that are overpriced. Next, your initial bet should be placed on that outcome and then, you should hedge the outcome to another bookie. If you’re successful, you’ll be capable of completing the requirements needed, without losing cash or the bonus.

4. Be Careful With The Site You Choose

Source: gamblingsites.com

This might come as a surprise, but there are hundreds, if not thousands of scammers online. Because of this, it’s important that you discover and place stakes on sites such as lsm99 that are professional and reliable. To determine which one is reliable, you could use the same tips we’ve mentioned for finding a tipster. Also, you may want to look into the payment choices they offer, mostly because this is the most significant thing when gambling on football.

5. Try Using The Arbitrage Strategy

Another thing that you could try – and that’s similar to matched wagers – is the arbitrage method, one that’ll allow you to almost always win the bets you place. Like every other strategy, you’ll have to follow some steps to secure a win. To begin with, you should remember that there has to be a large difference in the probabilities between various bookies. To successfully carry out this strategy, you’ll have to use a bet finder – which could be free or paid, but the one you choose will depend on the result you want.

Once you opt for an arbitrage bet locator, your next step is to calculate the stakes. When you do, you should place a bet on both possible outcomes, and by doing so, you could ensure that you generate a profit. This particular betting method has been working for a really long time, mostly because it’s impossible for every bookmaker to offer the same odds as their competition, thus, you should seriously consider trying this.

6. Your Staking System Needs to Be Suitable

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You should know that staking systems are incredibly important in the world of football betting. And, if you aren’t following one, it’ll be extremely difficult for you to win even the easiest bets out there. Some of the basic staking steps that you can take are Kelly criterion, using a percentage of your balance, and flat staking. Before opting for either of these, do some digging and learn what each of them is so that you can make a suitable decision.

7. Track Your Wins

Experienced bettors don’t usually track the wagers they’ve won, however, since you’re a beginner, doing this might be wise. Why should you do this? Well, it’s quite simple, you’ll be capable of seeing the mistakes, bad choices, and poorly performing markets that could be causing you to lose cash. Hence, don’t be lazy, instead, you should have a folder with excel files where you’ll track all the bets you’ve placed, won, and lost.

8. Never Chase The Cash You’ve Lost

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Last in this guide, but definitely worth mentioning is the fact that you should never, I repeat, NEVER chase the cash you’ve lost. This is, in fact, one of the most significant strategies that you could follow, mostly because it’ll prevent you from losing even more money! Hence, even if you lose, make sure that you don’t allow your emotions to get in the way, instead, take a step back, determine where you’ve made a mistake, and try again later.


If you wish to ensure that you win the bets you place on various football matches, you should definitely choose to follow most of the methods we’ve mentioned above. By doing so, you won’t only ensure that you win, but you can also ensure that you learn more about the world of football betting – which can help you with future wagers.