8 Streetwear Fashion Trends That Will Dominate in 2024

It is needless to say that this year has been an unusual one. Most of the long-awaited fashion presentations so far have been moved to online platforms, but this doesn’t mean designers were sitting idle. Yes, creating something for the post-pandemic period wasn’t easy, but they still managed to come up with trends that will dominate in 2024.

There are numerous key features that will represent the new trends, and we are going to introduce you to these in the following article. Nevertheless, if you are interested in seeing some specific streetwear clothing items, check out the Genuine by Anthony website.

1. Seawater motifs

Nautical themed clothing items have been presented on the scene for quite some time, and it seems that people still haven’t had enough of it because these pieces were a major part of the recent presentations. How can we not love these when we are transported to the seaside just by looking at them?

Nevertheless, it seems that this season, these items have been taken to the next level. These motifs aren’t only exclusive for summer and beachwear anymore, but you can find them also on sweaters and other pieces.

Source: Thread

2. Bomber jackets

It probably doesn’t seem groundbreaking that these aviator jackets are on the list of dominating trends, but the truth is they were quite popular at the latest fashion presentations. What we absolutely love about these is that they come in multiple models, everything from traditional 1970s flight jackets to high-shine ones. It basically means that there aren’t any limits when it comes to matching them with different outfits. This is a feature that will make them very popular when it comes to casual streetwear.

3. Oversized trench coats

These coats are a must when it comes to spring wear. However, for this new season, they have been, in a way, upgraded. Yes, they are still the same coats, but more voluminous with large sleeves and strong shoulders. This oversize trend has been around for a while, so it isn’t really surprising that it was finally applied to trench coats.

Upon hearing the words “trench coat,” your mind probably goes to an outfit that consists of trousers and a button-up shirt. However, what makes these even more interesting is the way in which they are matched with other clothing items. Yes, we are talking about shorts and poolside sandals. Take about innovation.

Source: Edg London

4. Sharp tailored suits

If oversized clothes aren’t really your thing, don’t be alarmed because well-tailored suits will never go out of fashion, and this trend continues this season as well. Everyone looks great in these, which means that you cannot go wrong, whether it is a suit, a pair of trousers, a trench coat, or a simple jacket. Some even call this trend the Addams Family trend. As you can assume, black and other dark colors are dominating, but the bottom line is that these always look elegant.

5. Print everywhere

If you want to match your clothes to make a statement, now is the time. We are not only talking about all sorts of motif that you can put on a shirt but about outfits that depict a single print or pattern. We believe this to be a great opportunity to play with your clothes, be creative, and always come up with a new design. Shirts alone comes in multiple sizes and shapes, which means that you can wear them with almost anything, and more importantly, they are suited for every occasion.

Source: WhichPLM

6. The 1970s are back

There are a few celebrities that we should thank for this. This trend started small a few years ago, but then it snowballed into some bigger, and it seems that it isn’t going anywhere. Today, you can complete your outfit with a wide array of flare jeans and corduroys in multiple colors and designs, as well as safari suits and already-mentioned aviator leather jackets. If you still have one of these in your clothes, you should take it out because it will be a dominating the scene next year.

7. Neon

The thing with neon clothes is that you can’t go unnoticed. We aren’t talking only about vibrant colors, but also more subtle ones. One more thing, regardless of how popular these are, not everyone can pull them off. They are so daring, especially when it comes to some major piece, that one must possess a certain attitude in order to wear them effectively.

If you believe that you can pull these off, then you are in luck because the following season, there will be numerous items you can choose from, from common T-shirts to jackets, rompers, and even sneakers and laces. Surely you have seen these around and thought how cool they look.

On the other hand, if you want to test yourself and see whether you have what it takes, you should look for inspiration online by looking for photos from fashion presentations and figure out a way how to match them perfectly.

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8. Pastels are also here

If you don’t think that neon clothing is the right choice for you, you can always go in the opposite direction and opt for pastels. Don’t worry – you won’t look boring and ordinary because there are so in right now. These colors are dominating the fashion scene, and what’s more, different ones are combined together to make a unique impression.

Yes, all pastels are in the game, from Dijon mustard to dusty rose and periwinkle. You can opt for single-colored items, or on the other note, those that depict a one-of-a-kind design or pattern. The best thing about these is that you will be able to wear them in the future by mixing and matching them with different types of outfits.


As you can see, when it comes to fashion trends for the next year, they are quite diverse. You can choose between multiple colors, cuts, patterns, and designs. This means that, whatever the occasion is, you will always be trendy and make an impression wherever you go.