How to Structure & Organize Your Essay – 2024 Guide

It doesn’t matter which university you go to and what exactly you want to become in the future. Every student has a common task – to write a couple of essays a couple of times during one year.

Unfortunately, writing an essay is not easy in case your writing skills are not at the highest level. No one expects you to be a good writer and that’s not something that should make you feel bad. In this article, we will try to simplify that challenging task and help you accomplish it as soon as possible. That is the reason why we will teach you how to structure and organize your essay. Let’s get started!


Before Everything – Outline the Essay

Whatever you want to accomplish in your life, start with a plan! The same rule counts when we talk about essay writing. You should outline the essay and determine what exactly your paper should contain.

However, that’s not the only thing you should plan in advance. You also need to determine the style of writing you will use to boost the quality of content you plan to write. To determine that properly, you will have to know who are the people are going to read your essay. If you are writing an essay for a school newspaper, then you should use a friendly tone because your audience is going to be other students. On the other hand, if you are writing it from professors that are experts in that field, you will have to use more professional words and phrases.

After you find the answers to all these questions, let’s move to the point.

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Well, the introduction part, believe it or not, is the most important part of the essay. It doesn’t contain a lot of information and you won’t have to make additional research to complete it. However, you need to make it engaging and wake up the curiosity of the people that are reading it. That is the only way to grab their attention. If you don’t succeed to do that in this part, then there is a big chance they won’t even continue reading your content.

So, start the introduction with a couple of strong sentences. Don’t write long-form text here. Instead of that, the first part of the introduction should be direct. Start your essay by describing the main topic you plan to cover.

After you do that, the next thing is to provide all the background information about your topics. These pieces of information need to confirm that your essay analyzes a valuable topic that deserves the attention of the people. It also confirms that you understand the topic and that you have the credibility to write about it.

At the end of the introduction part, you should write down a road-map of your essay. People should see who exactly they are going to get an answer to particular questions. By reading the road map, they will see whether your essay deserves their attention or not.

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Body of the Essay

The body part of the essay is the place where you write your personal opinion, facts, etc. More precisely, it is a place where you should your credibility to talk about the specific subject. However, it is not the point to just write a bunch of sentences that will make your essay informative. The body needs to be properly structured if you want to grab the attention of the readers.

First of all, split down the body part with headlines and make it easy to read. Despite that, try to write short sentences and paragraphs. The sentences should not contain more than 20 words while the paragraphs should be less than 150 words. These are only some general rules, and you don’t have to strictly follow them. However, keep in mind that long-form paragraphs and long sentences will never be eye-pleasing

Despite that, each paragraph should start with a sentence that describes the point of a paragraph. Of course, it does not always have to be ONE sentence, but it is essential to properly explain why the readers should continue reading the paragraph.

Besides that, you need to add some researches that confirm your statements. For instance, you can’t say “The most popular social media among young adults is Facebook”. You need to provide research that confirms your statement. Despite the research, you can suggest people visit different websites, check out books, or anything else that will boost their knowledge. In that way, you are not just protecting your statements; you are also providing something valuable for them.



The conclusion is the place where you need to summarize everything you previously analyzed. You should highlight the main facts of the essay and potentially share your personal opinion that relates to the information you shared.

Still, there is one thing that we need to highlight here. Believe it or not, writing a conclusion after the introduction part is a smarter move. In that way, planning the roadmap of your essay is going to be a lot easier. You will know from the very beginning what you want to achieve through your essay, and you will easily highlight the facts that confirm your statements after that.

Don’t spend your time looking for new resources for your conclusion. Doing something like that is irrelevant because you already covered all the facts and pieces of evidence in the body part.


Final Thought

In theory, everything we just said seems easy, doesn’t it? However, writing an essay is a time-consuming task that requires a lot of researches and creativity. Some students won’t struggle a lot to find all the necessary pieces of information. Yet, turning that information into engaging and entertaining content is not always an easy task. In case your writing skills are not at the highest level, you can always check out free essay samples at or any other essay database and see how experts are doing it. Their paper will definitely serve as an inspiration and you will get the chance to find out different writing styles that you can potentially use. Doesn’t that seem like an excellent opportunity?