6 Weirdest Superstitions Only Gamblers Will Understand

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Gambling is quite an entertaining activity because it is fun, it can get your adrenaline running and you may also even win some money. That feeling of getting the jackpot will get your heart pumping like nothing else. However, obtaining that jackpot is very difficult. The chances that something like that might happen are quite low. That is basically how the entire gambling industry works. Everything is based on chance. It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about slot machines, dies, or even online roulette. They all depend on luck.

However, since most games in a casino rely on luck, many gamblers believe in very weird superstitions. Some go through the length to do the weirdest stuff expecting that doing so will increase their chances of winning. Although I do have to mention that superstition is not something characteristic for gamblers, it is a human characteristic and it is normal to believe in some higher power.

I personally do not think that any of these superstitions work, but it is interesting to see what people have thought of just two try and win that jackpot. If you keep reading this article, you will find out about the weirdest superstitions that can be found in the gambling industry.

1. Lucky charms

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This might be the most common superstition that many gamblers rely on and it is probably the one that doesn’t work at all. People believe that certain items like a rabbit’s foot, a unique coin, or other items similar such as these can hold some kind of power over a person’s luck. To some, this sounds ridiculous, but some believe in it very much so. Although, even though I do not believe that a lucky charm works, I think that it may help people to stay more ambitious or motivated when wagering.

2. Blowing the dice

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This is something that you have probably seen a lot of times in movies or TV shows. The character in the movie enters the casino, throws the dice on the table, and gets snake eyes or some other bad roll. He or she then starts to concentrate, blows on the dice, and throws them on the table. Now, his luck is turned and has suddenly won thousands or millions of dollars.

In reality, luck doesn’t work that way and by blowing on the dice you won’t increase the chances of winning.

Although, some people claim that blowing on the dice increases the moisture on a certain side. This way the moisturized side of the dice has a higher chance of sticking and landing on the table. There hasn’t been any evidence that this actually works, so I wouldn’t recommend trying it.

3. Wearing the right clothing

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Many gamblers believe that their chances of winning in casino games increase when wearing the right clothes. This might be put on the same point as lucky charms, but I think it is weird enough to be mentioned separately.

There are tons of different “right” close for wagering, but I would bet that none of these work. Something that you are supposed to wear red and throwing dice or spinning the roulette. Others claim that green can give you that Irish luck when sitting in front of the slot machines.

I wouldn’t suggest doing this and you should just aim to look good or where what you feel comfortable in. Instead of bothering yourself about wearing the right piece of clothes when you hop on an online casino, you could probably spend that time creating an account that may give you free spins like they do at foxz24.com. Most online casinos treat their loyal members much better than random guests.

4. Not leaving the table

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Another thing a lot of gamblers do that I think is quite ridiculous is the superstition that you should not leave your table because if you do leave, you will lose your luck. Supposedly, the longer you are at a table, your chances of winning get higher and higher. Not only does not this make any sense, but it is also not healthy staying at a table for hours and hours.

I think it would be much better if you get up, stretch a bit, get a drink, eat some food, and then maybe will be more concentrated and ready to win those blackjack or poker games.

5. Lucky or unlucky numbers

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Gamblers are very superstitious when it comes to numbers. Many of them have the rule that you shouldn’t wear clothing or carry items that have any unlucky number on them. The most popular “unlucky” number has to be 13 while the luckiest one is 7 because it is used on slot machine games and it usually gives the jackpot.

Some gamblers would avoid talking to certain people just because their phone number contains 13. I know, it doesn’t make any sense, so I don’t believe you should worry about numbers. In fact, they just might help you in the long run to when in games such as poker or blackjack. Just because you got 13 while playing blackjack, does not mean that you shouldn’t hit for one more card.

6. Washing hands

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In human history, washing your hands was considered to be a way to cleanse yourself from bad deeds/since you have done your life. Want to watch them, you are a brand-new person. This superstition has been accepted by gamblers too.

They believe that by washing your hands, you might change yourself or in other words, your chances of winning. When they find themselves in a bad run of losses, they go to the bathroom and wash their hands. Now, they are a new man and their chances of getting that jackpot may be higher. Also, if they are currently at a winning streak, they will not go and wash their hands no matter what because that might supposedly change their chances of winning.

There are thousands of different superstitions when it comes to gambling and they vary by location and cultures too. But, I think that these are the weirdest ones and most popular in the world.