Liability For T-Bone Car Accidents In Atlanta


Most people might have experienced T-Bone accidents but are unaware of the term that defines it. The name is given for the position that occurs during the collision of two cars, and one car’s front intersects with the broadside of another, forming the shape of a T. In such accidents, you must consult with a personal injury attorney to know your legal options.

According to federal law, the negligent driver is liable for the accident and can be held responsible for paying all the damage coverage on behalf of the other party. But before that, it is essential to prove the negligent driver’s liability, and here’s where one needs assistance from an experienced attorney.

But before knowing who would be at fault in T-Bone accidents, it is essential to know what a T-Bone car accident is. This will help one to understand better and determine the liability easily.

What Takes Place In A T-Bone Accident?


This accident is also commonly referred to as a broadside accident when another hits one car on its side. Such accidents are especially common in intersections where cars travel at right angles. A T-Bone car accident typically happens when a driver fails to abide by the traffic laws encompassing stopping, yielding or handling the rules concerning the right of way.

Some common scenarios that lead to T-Bone accidents are as follows:

  • Undertaking a left turn that is illegal and, as a result, getting hit by a car that was moving in a direction opposite to the traffic lane.
  • Colliding with a car travelling on a green light through the intersection while the other runs on red.

Who Is At Fault In A T-Bone Accident?

The main cause of a T-Bone accident is when one driver proves a failure in yielding the right of way to their fellow driver. These accidents mostly occur at intersections or on roads that don’t have a proper marking of the right of way.

The process of determining the liability in T-Bone accidents is a bit tricky if not always generalised. For instance, distracted driving can also cause T-Bone accidents if proper regulations are not followed during driving. For instance, a T-Bone accident can occur if a driver taking a left turn legally is hit by another driver driving under the influence or is texting or speaking on a call while driving.

Some of the most common causes of T-Bone accidents include cases where one driver ignores a stop sign and, as a result, hits a car that was crossing the road in front of it or a car’s driver running a red light and colliding with another which is legally crossing on the green. However, the liability of the accident goes on to the driver, who failed to secure the right of way and violated federal law.

It is essential to call the police immediately after a T-Bone accident as the officer would have a detailed understanding of the traffic laws and prepare the police report where the faulty driver will be held liable for the accident. This accident report is also important for legal proceedings.

Can Both Drivers Be Held Liable For The Accident?


At times, both drivers can also be held liable for a T-Bone accident. In such cases, the responsibility is shared by both of them, for example, when one driver who didn’t have the right of way was turning left. At the same time, the gap was rapidly closed by another driver who came at a speed and collided with the other vehicle.

Are T-Bone Accidents Serious?

Despite the installation of various safety features by car manufacturers, riders are often exposed to serious injuries during a collision. This is especially because there exists a limited space between the place that has been impacted and the body. Moreover, the side of the car where the accident occurred tends to cave in, making the one sitting on that part more vulnerable to devastating damages and injuries. Worst accident scenarios might include broken bones, spinal cord injuries, organ or tissue damage or traumatic brain injuries.

What To Do If One Is Innocent In A Car T-Bone Accident?

Suppose one has been badly injured in a car T-Bone accident and is merely a victim of the other driver’s negligence. In that case, one has the right to seek compensation from the negligent party’s insurance provider. It would be wise to take help from an experienced attorney who would efficiently prove the other party’s negligence and determine the devastating damages that the innocent party has suffered.

How To Prove The Fault Of The Other Driver In A Car T-Bone Accident?


The only way to prove the other driver’s fault is by gathering all the evidence that highlights that they branched their duty of care on the road while driving. The pieces of evidence that will prove beneficial are as follows:

  • The report generated by the police after speculating on the accident scene
  • Pictures are taken from the scene of the accident
  • Testimony of the witnesses
  • Video evidence of the accident scene
  • Medical records of the treatment highlighting the severity of the injuries that were caused
  • Statements of the drivers
  • Opinions from expert attorneys
  • Any other documents highlighting the damages or the severity of the injuries

But gathering all this evidence might be difficult for a person if they have been severely injured. Therefore to ensure that one receives fair compensation, consulting an experienced personal injury attorney would be the best idea who will assist in gathering all the relevant evidence and offer valuable legal advice.

Final Thoughts:

T-Bone accidents require the immediate attention of the police and an accident injury attorney so that all the legal procedures are followed, and the innocent person receives compensation for the losses due to some third party’s negligence. Not only that, but the lawyer will also assist the injured in gathering all the evidence and testimonials that would add up strength to the case. Therefore one can focus on their recovery, ensuring that all the legal matters are efficiently taken care of by the attorney.