What Are The Requirements To Take Canada’s Citizenship Test?

Canada is one of the most popular countries for immigrants. The main reasons for that are excellent healthcare, infrastructure, a strong economy, education, high standard, well-arranged system, and more.

However, getting full citizenship is not simple at all, and it is very important to learn more about the requirements before you apply. First of all, you will have to live in Canada for at least three years, file your taxes regularly, and pass the test as the final step of the process. You can click here to see an example of that test.

Moreover, it is essential to learn more about the things that you will need to learn to prepare properly so you can speed app your application process. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the requirements to take Canada’s Citizenship Test.

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Who Can Apply?

As we already mentioned, you will have to be a temporary citizen to be able to apply for this test. Besides the written form, there is an additional interview where the officials will make the final decision about the approval. The test is mandatory for people between 18 and 54. On the other hand, rules for other groups are different.

For example, kids with at least one Canadian parent will get the papers even without an interview. Moreover, teens between 14 and 17 will need to take an interview if they are applying at the same time as their parents, while younger kids won’t need to go through this procedure.

What to Expect on the Test?

There will be a total of 20 questions, and you will need to deliver at least 15 correct answers. The questions are related to topics like the economy, history, laws, geography, government, and public symbols. Also, you have to know that these are all the basic questions, and it should not be complicated to learn in a week or two.

There is also a language test where they will check your language proficiency, ability to communicate in basic conversations, read, and write. The great advantage is that the government is providing free materials that you can learn everything that can be on the test, and you can choose between books, audio files, and e-books.

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Sending an Application

This is a simple process, and you only need to send a receipt, and you can expect the date for the test in a week or two. We have to add that you should check your spam folder in main as well since it can sometimes end in this category, which will make the whole process much slower since you will need to send another application.

Even if you are not available at the provided time, it is not a problem at all since you can always ask for a new date. Besides that, in case that you have kids, the best solution is to find someone who can watch them during the test.

Before you attend the room, be sure to bring some important documents. You will need confirmation that you were invited to take a test. Also, you will have to bring proof of permanent residency, along with two ID documents like a passport or driver’s license. In some cases, you might need some additional papers as well, such as licenses, diplomas, certificates, and more, but that will be clearly stated in the confirmation letter.

During the Test

Since Canada has two official languages, you can choose between English and French for the test. The time is limited to 30 minutes, and there will be 20 questions. Most questions are marking types where you need to check the correct answer. The minimum for passing the test is 15 correct answers. The fact that you will need to check already provided results makes this test even easier.

Also, we have to mention that the officials don’t find it a problem if someone lacks writing skills. In that case, applicants will go through the conversational form of the test. However, it is not a rare case that people who are interested in this form need to wait much longer for the application.

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The Final Steps

After you finish the process, the next step is to get an interview with the officials. They will provide you with the results and then check your communication skills. Also, they will again check your papers and ask additional questions if needed.

The best option is to learn more about the requirements so you can avoid unpleasant situations and delays. When you pass through the whole process, you can expect to get a time when you can complete the form and become a permanent citizen.

Furthermore, we have to add that failing the test is not a big issue, and you should not frustrate about that. You can always apply for a new one. However, that means that you will spend much more time while getting through the process.

It will take over a month until you get a new schedule. Also, if you fail the test again, you will go for an interview with the officials to check your knowledge and skills again. Failing the third time is an issue since you will need to apply for the whole process all over again.

Last Words

The most important thing during the test is to stay focused and to don’t rush. You have enough time to complete the questionnaires’. Therefore, be sure to prepare properly, and to be relaxed on the day of the test. Don’t rush with your answers and always read each question several times before you provide an answer.

Also, you cannot bring any food or beverages, along with smartphones or smartwatches in the room. They can be very strict, and if you try to copy the answers of other people in the room, that will cause you to fail. There is no need to try to deal with any of these things as well since the test represent a combination of basic questions that anyone can learn in less than a week.