Favourite Teams To Win the 2024 Rugby World Cup

There are many sporting events scheduled to take place in 2024. This year, Rugby World Cup runs from September 9, 2024, to October 28, 2024. A total of 48 matches will be played between twenty teams across nine venues in fifty-one days.

With just a few months before the action, rugby fans have already started preparations for the mega event, related to how and where to watch the tournament. With these, fans have started speculations and bets with each other regarding the prediction of the winning team this year.

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That said, we’re going to talk about some serious candidates who have enough ability in their roster to lift the coveted trophy:

New Zealand

New Zealand shares a special relationship with rugby. The tournament doesn’t matter; they’re always the favourites to win. Regarding their current standings, All-Black sits third at the table with 88.98 points. It’s also worth mentioning that New Zealand has joint-most rugby World Cup wins (3).

Talking about their gameplay, the All-Black side is known as one of the best rugby-playing sides as they have a talented and experienced squad. That said, they’re going to the 2024 Rugby World Cup with eyeing the title for the record 4th time.

South Africa

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South Africa is another team with a rich rugby tradition, as they’re one of the most successful teams in the history of the Rugby World Cups. Like New Zealand, the South African side has won three titles, including the previous edition (2019).

Regarding their gameplay, Springboks are famous for their physicality and aggressive style of play. About the current squad specifically, they’ve packs of forwards which can dominate any opponents. In addition, the currently fourth-ranked side is one of the hot favourites to win the upcoming 2024 Rugby World Cup.


Second-ranked rugby side in the world hosts France are hot favourites to lift the coveted trophy for many reasons. If we look back, we’ll see that France is a team with always some moments of brilliance on the rugby field out of nowhere. France was the runner-up in 1987 and 2011, reaching the semi-finals in 1995, 2003, and 2007.

Overall, the French team has one of the best rosters in the league, with several young players, with huge potential in them coming from the system. Last but not least, they’ll be playing at home, and home advantage is always one of the most important aspects to remember.


At the top of the standings table, Ireland is one of the most dangerous sides to face in rugby. The Ireland team has a robust set of forwards and a talented backline.

It’s worth mentioning that Ireland has never won a championship despite leading the standings board. However, they do have the time to turn things around and do some justice to the current standing position.

The team has never won the Rugby World Cup, but Ireland has reached the quarterfinals on six occasions. With several experienced players in the squad, Ireland could be a team to watch in 2024.


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Australia is one of those few countries which produces rugby talent non-stop. As mentioned above, they have a lot of talented players, exceptionally skilful backs, who can create scoring opportunities from nothing, and that’s what every team will need to go as higher as possible in the tournament.

They have won two rugby world cup editions and know very well what would be done to win the mega event for the third time, equalling New Zealand and South Africa in the most World Cup wins.


England currently occupies the sixth position in the Men’s rugby rankings and is one of the teams you’ve got to respect.

England rugby team is very well known for its tactical nous and ability to grind results. With a strong pack of forwards and a dynamic backline in their roster, they’re well-packed for the upcoming mega event and would be looking forward to winning the mega event for the second time after winning the 2003 edition.


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Currently, 10th-ranked Wales is a side which has steadily improved in recent years and progressed to the semi-finals in the previous 2019 Rugby World Cup edition.

Talking about their roster, they have a mixture of experienced and talented players in their squad and with a strong defence and a pretty solid set piece, they are a dark horse for the upcoming Rugby World Cup.

Final thoughts…

With talking about the favourite teams and their attributes, it isn’t difficult to guess why the upcoming rugby world cup will be a must-watch, as there will be much on stake. However, it should be remembered that these are the talking points as of today because things can be pretty different till September.