4 Interesting Technological Facts About Computer Mouse

Various types of computer mice are highly demanded in today’s world. It is because each mouse functions differently and is developed for a specific purpose. The most commonly used types of computer mice are as follows:

1. Normal mouse:

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The regular computer mice are those which can be connected with the computer and a pointed device which can function by moving in a two-dimensional direction. The movement of the mouse moves the pointer on the screen of the computer and helps in functioning smoothly just by clicking on the icons.

The first regular mouse of the computer was first introduced in 1968.


These usually have a roller at the bottom of them for sensing and controlling the motion, but many years ago, different units were introduced with sensors instead of rollers. They are connected with the computer through a wire, but now many Bluetooth and cordless devices have been invented that can be connected without any wire and at a good distance.

Parts of the mouse

The regular computer mouse has a roller and two buttons on it with a scroll button at the top. These allow the user to select the specific function and for the selection of the menu by pressing these buttons. The scroll can help in moving the page up or down.

Mice have many features that include different lights present in the product, and these are available in many different forms. There are many mousepads available for different types of regular mice, which help in easy rolling and movement of the mouse on a smooth surface. These are available at a reasonable and affordable price.

2. Laptop mouse

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A touchpad or trackpad is the pointing device with a solid and tangible surface with a specific feature of sensing the movement of the user’s finger on the surface, which can further help in moving the pointer on the screen of the laptop. These touchpads are the basic and commonly used in laptop processing instead of the computer mouse. They are also used as an alternative for a standard device where the desktop space is not enough.

These can vary in size and are used in PDAs or as portable devices and are also available as detached accessories.

Parts of the laptop mouse

The most common type of the laptop mouse pad is the flat area beneath the keyboard that has two buttons on it with a sensing touchpad. With the help of the buttons, users can easily select the area of concern and open a menu bar, but with the touchpad, the user can move the pointer and for moving the page up and down. By clicking this touchpad, the user can also open any icon. Many other types of laptop touchpads are present in the market.

Functions of laptop mouse

The laptop mouse functions as the sensing part of the device, which only dense the finger movement and controls the motion of the pointer on the screen. The naked finger can only be sensed by this even pencil of some other pointed object that cannot be sensed and finger with gloves on may also cause the issue in sensing the movement.

3. Gaming mouse

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Advanced technology is used to design the mice that work best for games. Both wireless and wired devices are available. The main feature that gamers consider while buying a mouse is click per second speed. If you are planning to buy, then you can measure the click speed test on clicks-persecond.com. Some of the options for wireless mice are as follows:

  • Razer atheris mercury

This gadget can be used continuously for about 350 hours and requires AA batteries only.
It is available for $49.99.

  • Razer Mamba wireless

One can make 50 million clicks with the help of this one. 16000 is the optical dpi sensor capacity of the product. The battery life is at about 50 hours. The product is available at $99.99.

  • Razer atheris quartz

It has a feature of built-in Bluetooth with 7200 optical center dpi. It works continuously for 350 hours with the use of a pair of AA batteries.

  • Razer basilisk

This one promises super speed with an advanced optical sensor of 5g. It promises an extremely long battery life.

Some of the options for wired mice are available as well, which are as follows:

  • Razer DeathAdder essential

This product has an optical sensor of 6400 dpi and contains 5 hyper response buttons. It is available at $49.99.

  • Razer basilisk v2

11 buttons are available in this product that performs high-level programming. The switches of the mouse are designed to perform optically with a scrollable wheel resistance.

The price of a product is $79.99.

  • Razer basilisk mercury

This product is the most advanced optical gaming sensor that has a clutch of DPI with two different lengths. The clutch can also be removed. The resistance of the scroll wheel is customizable. The product is available at $69.99.

4. Ergonomic mouse

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It offers a more comfortable position of the hand as compared to all the other mice to give release to strains in muscles. Since this type of device does not require a tight grip, your tendons of the wrist stay relaxed for a long time.

Different types of economic mice are high in demand. Some of those are as follows:

  • Horizontal mouse

This one is famous for its dome shape and level of comfort.

  • The vertical mouse

This one provides a handshake position where primary buttons are available on the side.

Your tendons of the wrist completely stay relaxed since it does not require you to move your wrist at all.

  • Trackball

It is the most relaxing type for the hand where the basic focus must be on the ball that is responsible for moving the mouse cursor.

  • Pen mouse

This type is just like a regular one. Writing in daily life makes things easy for us when it comes to using it as this has to be held just the way you hold a pen or pencil. The majority of people find this alternative to be feasible.

Many other types of mice are used by people. It depends on users to select the one that is more convenient for their hand.