13 Things About Subaru Car Sales

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Ask anybody to identify some of the best-known automakers in the country, and you’ll probably hear names like Toyota, Ford, Honda, and Audi. But that favourite secret brand that’s ascending the ranks? Subaru. Although you may be a bit startled by Subaru car sales, you always knew it was just a matter of time. According to Consumer Reports 2016 Car Brand Report Cards, behind Audi, Subaru is the second-best brand among automakers and was titled, “has become associated with modest, useful, and reasonably priced all-wheel-drive automobiles.”

But why are new Subaru car for sale gaining so much popularity? Read the list of Subaru statistics below to learn more about the brand’s history, accomplishments, and unique selling points.

Source: canva.com

1. Subaru’s Corporate Parent Is Fuji Heavy Industries

Toyota Motor Corporation owns 16.5% of FujiHeavy Industries, and the business presently has a limited partnership.

2. Both the Name and Logo of Subaru Come From the Pleiades

The Pleiades are among the brightest stars seen at night. The “Seven Sisters” is another name for them. The emblem represents the five businesses that make up FujiHeavy Industries. The term “Subaru” means “unified” in Japanese.

3. The Subaru 1500, the first Subaru, was created in 1954

It was first called the P-1 while it was still being made. It had a 1.5-liter, four-cylinder, overhead-valve (OHV) engine.

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4. Before, the Subaru WRX Was the Most Desired Car

In 2014, research by Insurance.com revealed that 33.6% of Subaru WRX drivers received penalties for driving offenses, more than any other make or model. The most current report, published in 2016, placed the Subaru WRX at number 12, with 30% of drivers obtaining fines.

5. Subaru Is Reliable

Subaru is entitled the Best Over Brand, Best Trusted Brand, and Highest Resale Value for 2016. Hence, a new Subaru car for sale is always in demand.

6. Subaru Likes Animals

Subaru has contributed about $16.5 million to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals since becoming a partner with the group in 2008. Additionally, they have supported approximately 1,100 pet adoption events, assisting in adopting more than 17,000 animals. Additionally, a new Subaru car for sale often appears on lists of the best cars for dogs of all kinds; the Subaru XV Crosstrek is a perennial favorite.

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7. In 2017, Alg Named Subaru the Top Common Brand for Sales Price

The industry standard for standardized residuals and depreciation information is ALG.

8. A Subaru Can Take You Anyplace

Subarus are the only automobiles with symmetrical all-wheel drive. An asymmetrical all-wheel-drive system improves control, balance, and traction.

9. There Are No Landfills at the Subaru of Indiana Automotive Factory

This implies that none of the garbage produced by the plant’s production process ends up in landfills and that all of it is recycled or converted into power. The Subaru facility in Indiana had zero landfill status and was the first car plant to accomplish so in 2004. They instruct other firms on reaching zero landfill in their operations, including Whole Foods and Raytheon.

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10. Subaru Vehicles Have High Resale Value

In 2016, Kelley Blue Book ranked Subaru as having the Best Resale Value among all brands.

11. Subaru Is the Only Automaker to Equip Each Vehicle With a Boxer Engine

Boxer engines are used in several Porsche types, although not all. Because of the flat architecture of the boxer engine, the output can flow straight into the gearbox, reducing inefficiencies and improving fuel efficiency. Additionally, the engine’s center of gravity is lower, making the vehicle easier to control and causing less overall vibration.

12.  Subaru Cars Are Long-Lasting

Per IHS Markit VIO Total Registrations MY2006 – Dec. 2015, 96% of Subaru sold in the preceding ten years are still operating today.

13. Subaru Is Regarded Highly in the World of Rally Racing

The business triumphed in 47 Racing Championships in 1973. Subaru Racing Team USA claimed the title in 2016, becoming the group’s tenth championship total from 2006 to 2016.

Many clients have already done some basic web research before entering your dealership. Learn obscure Subaru facts beforehand to go above and beyond with your degree of knowledge—they may be beneficial in building trust, establishing yourself as an authority on the brand, and eventually persuading the buyer to purchase from you.

The Benefits of Buying a Subaru

Buying a Subaru car has many benefits, including the availability of a variety of models and features, as well as reliable performance. Subarus are renowned for its all-wheel drive technology and rugged construction that can tackle any terrain. Furthermore, Subarus offer drivers the latest safety features, fuel efficiency, and low maintenance costs. With these benefits in mind, drivers should consider investing in a Subaru vehicle to enjoy the best driving experience available.

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Tips for Negotiating the Best Deal on a New or Used Subaru

When negotiating the best deal on a new or used Subaru, there are a few tips drivers should keep in mind. First, research the current market value of the model you are interested in to ensure you don’t overpay for your vehicle. Shop around and compare deals from different dealerships to make sure you’re getting the most competitive offer.

Additionally, be aware of any additional costs that may come with owning a new or used car, such as taxes and registration fees. Finally, be prepared to negotiate and be willing to walk away if the deal isn’t right for you. This can be especially helpful when bargaining for a better price on a used car.

In Summary

The list of Subaru car sales should be reviewed repeatedly until you have committed all of the Subaru information to memory. When a consumer enters your dealership, you should have them prepared since you never know when you may need them to seal the transaction.

In the automotive industry, Subaru has grown significantly in popularity. This is mainly attributable to vehicles with high horsepower, excellent handling, and reasonable prices. Moreover, Subaru has become a household name because of its reliable vehicles and after-sale services. All Subarus (apart from the BRZ) come standard with all-wheel drive and a boxer engine, making them stand out from other vehicles on the road. Any Subaru owner will only have positive things to say about their car.