Things All Casino Players Hate About Online Gambling

Once the online casinos were truly established people felt overjoyed with everything they brought to the table. The reasons to be happy were all there. Numerous games, amazing welcome bonuses. Quick connection and possibility to enter and exit a casino whenever you wanted. We’re not even going to mention the option of playing while on the move via mobile phone on an app. Everything that online casinos represented was greeted with joy by gamblers, especially since the rise of coronavirus. Now, after some time and everything players experienced while online first flaws started to be more noticeable than before. So, have you wondered about things all casino players hate about online gambling. If so, you are in the right place as we’re going to divulge them in little more details than we’re used to, as we’re known as big fans of online casinos and online betting.

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Lack of Face to Face Contact

When first established online casinos thrilled players with the level of privacy they offered. But, with time the sentiment dwindled. While some privacy is always okay, too much of it and you can feel secluded and alienated from the world. Most players don’t love to have someone looking at their cards, or counting their winnings, but in the end, it’s all about the fun, entertainment, and having someone to talk to. Today’s online casinos have various text messages service, and some of them offer rooms with a live dealer, the lack of player vs. player live interaction bothers too many players to be overlooked. Some games do offer a certain amount of contact but so far nothing out of the ordinary. In the future, there will probably be offerings of VR rooms or something similar, but that’s still a long shot. So, if this is your primary issue regarding online casinos try to find satisfaction with live casino games at At the moment you don’t have a better option if there will ever be one.

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Too Convenient at Times

This sounds strange. You probably think we’re ungrateful, but it’s nothing like that. Most people would believe that the convenience that comes with online casinos is a good thing, and not something that can bother the players. But, listen to us, maybe we are up to something here. Thanks to the development of the internet and modern technology gambling have become super accessible. For most people, this doesn’t pose an issue. Most gamblers know a thing or two about budgeting and not getting too carried away. But, others are not so disciplined. As you can probably know, gambling is a vice, and people do get addicted to it. Having a casino in the palm of your hand makes this issue worse for some individuals. Most recent studies show that gambling addiction didn’t take a turn for the worse after online casinos became popular but they have a hand to play in it. This is why some people remain wary of them and are listing accessibility as one of the things they hate the most about online casinos.

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Time Zones as an Issue

Not all countries around the world have their online casinos worth visiting. Even in developed countries some of their casinos operate off-shore which means they’ll be located in different time zones at most times regarding their players. This is not a major issue in most situations. But, when it comes to the live dealer games it can be a headache, especially if you have an issue, and need customer help on your side. Furthermore, some live dealers work 24 hours a day, while others have limited time during the day dedicated to players. If you are in the wrong time zone you’ll have to get up early to play or stay awake late into the night. Not being able to play, or even to chat with customer service can be annoying and we do not wish it on any player.

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The Risk of Running Into Scammers

This is a real risk in the world of online gambling, while most businesses in this domain are genuine, there are those with the intention to harm you. Unfortunately, things are like this, as the world is a cruel place. Some people are out there only to take advantage of others. The regulatory systems that control online casinos do their job and when scammers are discovered they’re dealt with, but in most cases not before the harm is done. Because of this many people are not too eager to deposit large sums of money, if any at all at online casinos. No one wan to be scammed. The worries are real that someone is coming for their money, and that the joy of gambling is going to be stripped from them. There are many recorded cases of this happening and payer hate when they hear about it and less alone when it happens to them. To avoid this issue you only need to cooperate with legitimate websites which is easy to find out with a few clicks around their web page.


Cash-out Can be a Drag Sometimes

When it comes to money everyone wants it yesterday. Online casinos won’t even give it to you today, even at your request. Yes, this is what we hate the most. Late cash-outs sometimes feel like they take an eternity. Land-based casinos are clear on this; you get your money upon leaving. With online establishments, things are a bit slower. No, they can be much slower. In some instances, you’ll get your money in a day. Unfortunately, sometimes it can take a few days to complete the transaction. The situation is even worse if you live outside of Europe or United States. Third-world countries sometimes wait for weeks to get their cashback. The system has its flaws at the moment, but they’re being resolved as we speak. They need to, as we have Bitcoin setting records in the speed of transactions while decent gamblers have to wait for their hard-earned money. We can only hope that justice is coming our way.