6 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Canada

Canada is one of those countries of the world nobody would have a problem calling their home. It has so many positive sides in all aspects of life that it is hard to find something wrong with it even if you try. The people are welcoming and polite, the standard is high, salaries and healthcare are at the highest levels, the nature is breathtaking, and the crime rates are low. Who wouldn’t want to move to Canada? However, a new start might be challenging, and moving to this country from a very different one requires preparation. With that in mind, the following are six things you should know before starting the next chapter in your life and moving to Canada. Before all of the, however, you will need to obtain a visa so make sure you visit visa-canada.info.

1. Huge Country

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For those who like Canada, it is an amazing thing simply because there is so much of it. There is so much of it in fact that it is actually the country with the second-largest territory in the world, right after Russia. It is spread across ten million square kilometers, and to put that staggering size in perspective, you could fit the whole United Kingdom in it more than 40 times. To walk from one coastline to the other, it takes around four years, and the city of St John’s, Newfoundland, which is on the east coast, is much closer to London, England, than it is to Vancouver on the west coast of Canada. Amazing! Moreover, the world-famous Wood Buffalo National Park has a larger area than the entire country of the Netherlands. To make things more manageable and easier to govern, Canada consists of ten Provinces and three Territories. Once you start exploring it, make sure to do it one at a time.

2. World Class Cities

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Canadian cities are some of the most popular places on the globe, both for tourists and those looking to move. Urban Canadian life the absolute best, evident by the 2017 list by the Economist of the most loveable cities in the world. In the top ten, there were three of them. Vancouver was number three, Toronto was number four, and Calgary was on the fifth place. Factors according to which the magazine ranked the cities included education, healthcare, environment, stability, and infrastructure. Basically, there is no better urban place in the world to live in than the cities of Canada. Ottawa, the capital, is not on the list but it is nonetheless another amazing option.

3. Multicultural Population

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Thanks to its long history of Europeans moving there, modern-day Canada is a very multicultural country. Furthermore, people love moving there from all corners of the world, meaning its multiculturalism is still expanding. To closely describe the inferentiality in cultures and traditions, here are the statistics. Over 20% of all Canadians were born in other countries, and by the year 2031, this number is expected to come close to 50%. These immigration rates are unreal, but thankfully, there is a lot of space in Canada to house well over its current population of just 38 million. Besides, more than 200 nationalities are present in the country, and over 250 ethnic origins. There are even members of the Aboriginal people living in Canada. It is quite easy to perceive Canada as a beautiful, diverse rainbow when it comes to its people, right?

4. Two Official Languages

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Again due to the complicated and long history, as well as the intermingling of the different European empires and kingdoms during the exploration and colonial age, Canada does not have just one official language but two. This is not as shocking considering Singapore has four and India has sixteen, but it is still special. Other than English of course, French is an official language in Canada, but you do not really encounter it, nor the general French vibe, outside of the eastern province called Quebec. People there really go out of their way to keep things as French as possible. They even have laws that make sure citizens use enough French on a daily basis! For example, all shops have to have French signs, and the employees have to greet customers in French.

5. Amazing Healthcare Options

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The United States of America is infamous around the world for its nonexistent healthcare system. Their neighbors to the north are the complete opposite, and Canada has always been the envy of the Americans. They have a tax-funded Medicare system in which the government pays for all the basic health insurance and needs, delivered by the private health sector. If you need essential medical services, they are free of charge but there is a little bit of waiting involved.

This can be tricky depending on what you are waiting for. One survey in 2017 found out that only around 43% of all Canadians in need see their required medical professionals on the same day they ask for them. Like everywhere else, of course, there are shortcuts in forms of connections like friendships with doctors, having one in your family, or being one yourself! Back to a more serious tone, private healthcare is always there so in most cases people do not wait for long.

6. Beautiful Landscapes

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We already mentioned how good and convenient city life is, but Canada is much more than this, so much so that the manmade creations pale in comparison with nature. Here is a crazy fact for you. More than 90% of all Canadians live just 100 miles away from the American border. If we remember how big Canada is, it means that the vast majority of the country is ripe for exploration and outdoor activities. The north is where all of Canada’s natural beauty lies. It has it all, from scorching deserts and tropical rainforests to frozen wastelands and glaciers. The Pacific Rim coastline, the magical Meadows in the Sky, and the granite Gros Morne mountains are among the favorites, both for the tourists and the locals. One thing Canada is famous for is its lakes, and there are around two million of them, 20% of all the lakes on the planet. Pair this with the longest coastline in the world, and Canada makes for one amazing place for watersports and beach lovers!