Do These 7 Things to Guarantee Your Failure at Blogging in 2024

Source: The Balance Small Business
  • Isn’t it bad?
  • You open a blog, hoping to make passive income.
  • So, you can provide for your family, have that exquisite vacation in Hawaii you so badly wanted.
  • BUT…You don’t make money at all.
  • The needles are just not moving in your favor so you can finally make some money.
  • Why is it?
  • What mistakes are you making with your blog?

In this article we’ll go over 7 such mistakes you might be making that’s stopping you from making the money you want and eventually stopping you from living the life you want.

1. Be Generic

Source: Everythin Kate

In today’s world of cut-throat blogging, if you’re generic you become an after thought.People don’t care for generic. They want something special, something unique.

Something that stands out. By we mean… you have a blog that discusses normal topics. Topics which are not user-targeted resulting no brand, no uniqueness etc…

You have a design that doesn’t stand out. And your content is easily forgettable.

If you don’t want to write such generic content, then check out this blog post here on writing a vial blog post.

This article will teach you the importance of writing viral content and you can create one for your own blog.

2. Blog for everyone

Source: Blog de Blogs
  • Let me ask you.
  • Do you know who your audience is?
  • Is it teens?
  • Single moms?
  • Dads?
  • Office workers?
  • Who are they and what do they do?
  • What’s their problems?
  • Why is it that they visited your blog?
  • What are they specifically looking for?

We can’t tell you the surefire way to success blogging. But we can tell you how to fail.

Write for everyone. Because this builds no credibility. No authenticity. And overall, no connection.

Chances are you’re never even going to get any return visitors with a strategy like this.

And if you your business is solely focused on this model then you’re surely going to fail as a blogger.

3. Blog without a Plan

Source: Ugazine

Close your eyes and just blog about whatever you want.

Is that what you do?

Then congratulations.

You’re well set on your path to ultimate blogging failure.

I have seen many bloggers failed, torched to the ground and left in the dust because this is what they do.

They just write without thinking of any thing such as who’s their targeted audience?

Who are they writing to? What they want to express? Whom they want to help etc..

Blogging isn’t just about writing any more. At least successful blogging.

It’s about a thorough fool-proof plan that promises to bring you traffic, shares, backlinks and ultimately conversions.

Which leads me to our next point…

4. Don’t build a List

Source: Pholk

Who needs an email list?

Email marketing is dead after all, right?


Email marketing is your number 1 source of ROI on the internet.

And if you’re not doing this, you’re potentially leaving millions of dollars online.

Plus, building a list isn’t as hard as people make it.

It’s about finding out what your ideal reader wants and providing it to them for free.

By either bribing them with your upfront value which they can’t get anywhere online.

Not even on your site.

To get those material they must sign up to your lead magnet form.

Again, the key here is knowing who your ideal reader is.

So let us ask you, again. Do you know who your readers are?

5. Be Anti-Social

Source: Make A Website Hub

You don’t need anyone. You’re a one man/woman army. If that’s your thought process. Then blogging isn’t for you. Because to be successful at blogging, you need friends in the blogosphere. Friends who are like-minded like you and who will support you and bring you traffic and leads.

We know… you must be thinking –  How to make friends in your community?

By genuinely helping other bloggers? Link to them. Comment high quality stuff on their blog post. Buy their products.

These are just some of the things you can do to start off the relationship positively.

And then the rest depends on you and how well you create that win-win factor between yourself and your “friend”.

6.Don’t focus on Marketing

Source: Riserr

Bloggers think that they only need to blog. They fail to see themselves as marketers. Which is a big problem? Cause marketing simply means – Being where your ideal audience is. And if you don’t market yourself and put yourself in front of your ideal audience, how will your blog grow?

And if your blog isn’t growing.  It’s dying. A slow painful death.

A blog is like an airplane, in order to survive and thrive your blog must be moving forward. If it’s not moving forward you getting lower at every instance.

Therefore a slow painful death is inevitable. That’s why understand all the marketing channels where your ideal audience hangs out.

Is it Facebook? Pinterest? Forums? Instagram?

Where they are. Put yourself out there. And market the heck out of it.

7. Imitate Someone Else


We’ve seen many rookie bloggers try to imitate other A-List bloggers. Thinking that if they be that guy/gal, they’ll also get famous and make a name. But Alas! That never happens. Because you can only be one. That’s yourself. So, instead of imitating others.

Become the most attractive version of yourself so you can naturally attract your blog readers towards yourself. There you have it. Hopefully, this will act as an eye opener for you to do the right thing and succeed at blogging.

Now the ball is in your court.