9 Things You Need to Know After You Get a DUI

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Before you learn anything else, you need to know what impaired driving is? The answer is – when an individual is driving, and his ability to driving has been compromised because of the influence of any kind of illegal substances. This condition is known as impaired driving.

Moreover, if you are caught in such a condition, you will get a DUI. More information you can get at TorontoDUI.com. It may further result in arrest and many other penalties.

While you are under the influence of a lot of drinks, it is a criminal offense to drive. If you are caught doing that, this case can lead to some strict actions.

If you are still questioning that can you drive with DUI? The answer is a definite no! You cannot drive with the DUI. The case can proceed with the cancellation of license and many other penalties. If you are wondering how long the permit will be suspended, the answer to that is, it varies. It can either be one month, a year, or several years. If you live in a city where public transport is limited and you need to drive to work, it will become a struggle for you.

If you are wondering what happens after you get a DUI, here is what can happen. Before anything, you need to keep in mind that getting a DUI is no fun. It can get expensive and not fun at all.

1. You can get arrested

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While you are drunk and get caught, it will lead to getting arrested. Or you can be booked. If you are under the influence, it is more likely that you will have to spend the night in jail. Whereas further paperwork and process will be done when you are not under the influence of booze.

2. Court appearance

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You can also have to appear in front of the court. Here the decision will be made for further arrest, cancellation, or suspension of the driving license. You will have to get a lawyer to appear in court. This can get a lot more expensive.

Moreover, if you plead to charge guilty of the fight for the case, the video evidence will be shown in front of the courtroom, or the statistics of your failing test will also be shown. So, you need to think about what has to be your next step if you want to fight the DUI case.

3. Losing driving license

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The first penalty will be to lose the driving license. The suspension period depends on the severity of the case. It can be a month or can last for a few years. However, you can get the hardship license that allows you to drive to work or school only. Your right to drive is extremely limited. This can be the first sentence.

4. Paying a fine

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While all the other penalties aside, you will also have to pay a fine. While you are under the influence, you will have to pay the fine based on the laws. However, in the case of other circumstances, the fine will also be increased. The circumstances include the damage of the property or injuring someone.

5. Go to jail

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The next step is going to jail. This depends on the sentence by the courtroom. For the first offender, jail time can be on the weekend for a defined period. However, for the offenders with repeated DUI, the jail period is more, and the conditions are worse as well. Moreover, jail time can be increased based on the circumstances.

6. Complete the requirements of the probation period

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If you are not sentenced to jail, you will be given a probation period. If you are unable to meet the needs, you will have to go to jail. Moreover, that does not depend on how influential you are. If you fail to meet the needs of the probation, you have to serve jail. Furthermore, probation includes the fine or the payment, which you have to pay every month for the supervision of the probation period.

7. Go to the drunk driving school

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This is the school that is mandatory for you to attend if you get a DUI. Moreover, you will have to pay to attend the classes here, which means it is another added expense. If you pass this program only, then you will get the driving privileges back. If you do not take these classes, you will not be able to get the license back. Moreover, the expenses after you get the DUI will increase.

8. Test evaluation

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The evaluation test is compulsory. Before you get the license back, you will have to take the evaluation test. In this, the counselor will ask you some questions. These questions will be based on how booze is affecting your life. He will also question you about the pattern of drinks you consume. It will also determine if you have an abuse disorder.

9. Pay more insurance

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Getting the DUI will lead you to pay more insurance. So, you will have to pay more auto insurance. It is another expense that is added when you get the DUI. Moreover, you will also have to install the ignition interlock device. There is a monthly charge for that as well.

There is a long list of expenses when you get the DUI. So, it is better to avoid that and make sure you are not drunk when you are driving. It is not only dangerous for you, but it is also critical for others who are with you, or on the road. The people around you can also get affected by that.

Moreover, once you get a DUI, it is more like a dead end, with a long list of expenses that you will have to keep paying until you get the license back.

Moreover, if you fail to pay the expenses, you will have to go to jail. Even if you are a celebrity, you will not have the way out.