Using Tinder — 7 Main Rules To Follow In 2024

There is nothing wrong with looking for a relationship without obligation or one night. Of course, if you do not make common mistakes during your search that will not only lower your chances of success but can also potentially lead to various complications or offend your interlocutor.

Even if you want to find a foreign girl, it is necessary to understand the rules. To learn how to correctly search and start talking with Slavic women on or in Tinder, it is worth remembering only three simple rules. Follow them and you will definitely succeed.

1. Be honest and polite

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Communication is the most important component of any relationship. Therefore, before you and the girl from the application end up in bed, you have to build your dialogue so that it has the desired continuation. Without giving ready-made templates, it is strongly advised to be honest about your intentions and not to make promises that you are not going to fulfill. This does not mean that you should disclose your intentions in the first message, but you should not delay talking about it.

Perhaps it’s worthwhile to come up with a delicate phrase explaining exactly who you are looking for to use in the description of your profile, and also not try to trick a girl!

And one more important point: be able to accept refusal gracefully and dignified, do not try to change the decision of the interlocutor and in no case be rude. Say goodbye politely and continue the search for the one who wants the same as you.

2. Set the basic rules

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If you are looking for a lover for a while or one night, it is important to immediately establish the basic rules with the girl you like. How often and where will you meet? Do you communicate only in the application, or can you call her? Does everything have to be planned in advance, or is there a place for spontaneity? Will you sleep with each other or not?

The more detailed you discuss the various nuances, the greater is the chance that your communication will not become a cause for disappointment, misunderstanding, and resentment, and as a result, everyone will be happy with the time spent together.

3. Be careful

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Just because you want something simple doesn’t mean you can forget about security. Meet the girl for the first time in a public place and tell your friends where and when this will happen. Seriously, this may seem like an unnecessary precaution but it’s important to make sure that your interlocutor is really who she claims to be.

4. Do not use photos from social networks

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Separately, it is worth mentioning the catfishing phenomenon, which many people have come across. Catfishing is the creation of a fake personality on the social network for a specific purpose, which is common on dating sites. The purpose of fake accounts can be different but one of them is to get photos from you and then just disappear. But there are certainly more sophisticated people who can pursue other goals.

Therefore, even if chatting is going well, you should not trust strangers from the Internet. You need to be careful with the information you give, be it personal data, such as your place of work or address, or photographs by which you can be identified (attention to all people with tattoos!).

5. Ensure your safety during dates

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It’s definitely worth it to tell several friends about your plans, give the address and name of the person you are going to, send them links to his or her account on social networks and a phone number. It’s nice to arrange a control call and discuss what a friend should do if you do not get on the phone: wait, call a few more times, call the police.

If during a meeting it seems to you that something is wrong, make it a rule to believe in yourself. If you are in a cafe or bar, you can either contact the employee asking for help (for example, to be escorted to a taxi) or pretend that they are calling you, go away and phone someone you trust, tell about the situation and ask for help. Your safety is the most important.

6. Ask security questions before the meeting

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If you and your interlocutor have the same intentions and, at first glance, common values, we move further along the conversion to the stage of intimate messaging.

You should have several questions to ask to test a person for the qualities that are important to you: honesty, openness or ability to communicate. Depending on the context of the ongoing conversation, you may ask about fantasies and failures, about successful and unsuccessful acquaintances online, you can even accidentally talk about a certain situation in order to see what the reaction will follow.

7. Set your first date in a neutral place

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In an ideal world, making an appointment is not worth the trouble but in reality, it is not so easy unless, of course, you are on a lifelong, carefree vacation. Online dating is an energy-consuming activity, and it is easy to underestimate the amount of time and energy that will go into this. That is why you should carefully consider the strategy and wishes for a meeting in reality before it.

It’s great if you feel so comfortable to ask a question about the expectations of the other side: what does the interlocutor want to get from the meeting and what does he or she expect from you? The perfect way is to discuss together what you will do if, having met, one of you or both will understand that it will not work out.

For security reasons, the first meeting should happen in a neutral territory where there are other people. Such a place could be a cafe or a bar and if you want to spend some time outside – choose a park.