8 Tips For the Best Bachelorette Party – 2024 Guide

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Are you in charge of the bachelorette now one of your best friends is getting married? Then there is a ton of things you can do – just open up Pinterest and you’ll be bombarded with ideas! But because there are so many things you can choose from, it can be really hard to decide. In this article, we give you 8 tips for the best bachelorette ever!

1. Transportation: time for the party bus

It might be a bit cliché, but what is a bachelorette party without a limousine or a party bus to drive the group around town? Having cool transportation is half the fun. Stock up the fridge with all your favorite drinks, turn on the lights in the party bus and hand the driver the aux cord so you can play your favorite playlist. Who’s ready to start dancing?

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2. Music: make a friendship-playlist

A good playlist can really get the party started. A bachelorette is not only a celebration of love between the bride-to-be and her partner, it’s also a celebration of the friendship that the entire group shares. After all, the bride chose her friends to celebrate with!

If you’ve been friends for a while, you will probably have lots of songs that ‘define’ your friendship; from songs you grinded on in college to songs you sang in the car during a road trip. Put all of these in one playlist and turn up the volume in the party bus. Time to celebrate!

3. Decorations: Make The Party More Beautiful and Amazing

A bachelorette party is a special event, especially for the ones involved in the celebration. It is a time to show appreciation and affection before the bride’s wedding. You can get some bachelorette decoration ideas at printmoz.com to make it more interesting. There are many fun and easy ways to decorate your venue. Bright, festive decorations will liven up any party and make the event more enjoyable. For example, you can make a party with a banner or posters in your bedroom, like ‘Bride to be’, ‘Bride-to-be’, ‘Bridezilla’, ‘Bachelorette Bash’, and so on.

The invitations are also a good way to decorate. You can make your invitation more beautiful with some decoration ideas: put some colorful ribbons on the envelope, use different colors of paper and write different things on them, like ‘ditch the single life.

4. Girl time

If you’ve booked a fun activity or if you’re going to hit the bars, you want to look your best. That’s why it’s always fun to include some girl time beforehand. Dress up in your favorite clothes, add some x-rated accessories and enjoy some proper girl time.

You can even get a professional makeup artist to glam everyone up or hire a professional photographer to document your friendship. The bride will love having great pictures of her bachelorette – pictures where everyone is hopefully still quite sober!

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5. Bachelorette emergency bag

While bachelorette T-shirts are fun, we prefer the bachelorette emergency bag even more. You can bet money on it that someone is going to be wearing new heels and will need a Band-Aid or someone is going to have a headache from the tequila shots. That’s why it’s fun to make every member of the bachelorette an ‘emergency bag’. T

his bag doesn’t have to be ugly! You can get gorgeous bags printed with a slogan at Bedrukken.nl, a picture or even a logo such as ‘Suzy’s getting hitched!’. Fill the bags with all the must-haves for a great bachelorette, from water bottles to extra lipstick. After the bachelorette, everyone can continue using the bag and it will remind the group of all the fun bachelorette memories!

6. Have a back-up plan

Planning a bachelorette can be lots of fun. Because there are so many things to do, your day or night can get busy really fast! But even with the most meticulous planning, things can go wrong. Someone might not get there on time or one of your activities might have lost your reservation. Or worse: your bride is in a mood and does not want to do one of your activities. All sorts of things can happen, so as the one in charge, you need to be able to keep your cool and have a back-up plan.

Did the restaurant forget your reservation? No worries, the snack bar can hook you up. Is your bride not in the mood for your burlesque class? If you don’t lose your money, you can always opt for some time in, with a powerpoint of photos of the bride and the group of friends. The bride will be back to her good mood in no time!

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7. Watch out for the price tag

A bachelorette party should be fun, but it shouldn’t break the bank for everyone invited. Talk to the invitees and decide on a budget. Once you’ve decided, stick to this budget!! If it’s hard, try brainstorming with the group. Someone might know someone that can get you a better deal … and of course there are so many fun things you can do that don’t cost too much! If one of the invitees declines for the bachelorette due to cost, don’t take it personally. When you talk to the group, don’t forget to check who’s paying for the bride.

Most times, the group just splits the cost. It might be good to talk to the bride about this as well; e.g. the activities are paid for, but if she decides to choose bottle service at the club, that’s on her.

A handy app for bachelorette parties, is Splitwise. The app keeps track of expenses; everyone can easily add what they’ve paid for and the app will do the math, so that everyone is paying their fair share. Super easy!

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8. Don’t forget the bride when making the itinerary

Pole dancing? Oh, you’ve always wanted to do that! And maybe a cocktail shaking class or some exotic dancers … When you’re the one calling the shots, it’s easy to forget that this party isn’t about you. No matter how much you’d love to take a pole dancing class, if your bride hates that sort of sexy activity, don’t put them on the itinerary.

Getting someone to go a little out of their comfort zone is ok, expecting them to do something they hate on a day that’s supposed to be about them, is not. For that reason, we recommend you to have a good talk with your bride about the do’s and don’ts for the bachelorette. Don’t expect her to fly to Vegas and go burlesque dancing if all she wants to do is spend time with her friends and have a good time.

Are you in charge of the bachelorette? We hope these tips will help you out and that you’ll have an incredible bachelorette! If you want professional help with organizing it, you can always contact services such as pvnightlife.com. And at the very end – don’t forget to enjoy this day yourself; even the planner should have fun!