7 Tips For Improving a Weak TV Signal – 2024 Guide

If you noticed that the picture on your TV is slightly pixelated or if you are questioning why the aerial is malfunctioning, it might mean that your television signal is weak. Moreover, your television might be displaying messages saying that the connection is “weak” or that it does not have any reception. And, if you found yourself in this situation, this article might help you. The text below is going to feature a list of tips that you can try in order to improve your poor TV signal. Let’s take a closer look at the list:

1. Try Installing The Aerial Outdoors…

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There is a pretty big reason why aerials are usually always placed on the roof or chimneys. Now, you might be wondering – why should I install it on my roof or chimney? Well, by doing so, you’ll be able to avoid any obstructions that might come from buildings, houses, or trees nearby.

Installing it outside is, perhaps, one of the most reliable ways that you can enhance and expand the signal, hence, if you are experiencing, for example, problems with the apartment aerial you own, try moving it outside. This can improve the reception, especially since it will mean that it won’t have to go through the walls or roof of your home.

2. … Or Install it Higher Up

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Besides placing it outdoors, you could also place it higher up. The reason is the same as the previous example – you’ll avoid any obstructions from nearby objects. You should remember that it needs to be placed on a pole that is somewhat larger since this can provide it with enough support. If you are interested in what installation services you can opt for, we strongly advise talking with TV aerial Installation experts from Glasgow for more info.

3. Implement a Masthead Enhancer

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If the aerial you use is installed outdoors or higher up on the house/building, or if none of the said options are achievable, then you should try getting and placing a masthead enhancer. When you are in the process of placing it, make sure that it is relatively nearby the aerial since it will carry additional waves thorough the entire system. Additionally, it won’t enable it to decrease and become weaker again.

You should know that the enhancer needs to be connected before any other equipment that distributes the picture to the television, hence, before implementing the splitters and amplifiers, make sure that you add the enhancer first. You can also opt for getting a distribution enhancer that can improve the reception even further.

4. Remove The Splitters And Install a Distribution Enhancer

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If you are running and using several TV sets in your home from one antenna and if you have been utilizing inactive splitters, you must know that the more times one TV reception splits, the more reception you’ll lose on other devices. Of course, this problem does not usually occur in areas that have strong receptions.

However, if your home is in an area where the signal is poor and if you and your family use several TVs, you might need to remove the splitter. By excluding it and implementing a distribution enhancer that has several outputs, you won’t lose any signal in the splitter, instead, the enhancer will distribute it properly to any TVs connected to it.

5. Try Purchasing a Certified Coaxial Cable

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One of the things that you definitely do not want to happen is the signal getting wasted in the connective coax wire. While connecting a coaxial cable for the aerials, they should have a firm center conductor, and, you should check if they are double screened. If it is single screened or if the center conductor does not stream well, you are surely going to have a worse picture on your TV.

When searching for coaxial wires, you could opt for ones that are manufactured from copper, which indicates that the mesh, cover, and drivers need to be made from copper. Some of the options that you can choose from include PF100, HD100, WF100, and the well-known CT100.

6. Get a High-Quality Flylead

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If you use a wall-plate that has a weak fly lead, choose to substitute it with a high-quality one, since the factory-made ones can cause huge signal losses. Now, this does not mean that people should invest over 20 dollars on getting an aerial lead that has platinum or golden connectors, instead, with some materials and tools, you can make one by yourself.

For this DIY project, you’ll need a coax wire and connections, a scalpel, scissors, and of course, a reviewed YouTube tutorial. However, if you’re not confident in your skills, you can, of course, choose to purchase one.

7. The Wall Plates Must Be High-Quality

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You have absolutely no idea how much signal can and is actually getting lost in the wall-plates! Hence, if the ones you own are unscreened – which are the ones where the cables are exposed to the weather elements and other factors – the reception will entirely get lost. So, this means that it needs to be replaced with one that is screened, and that comes in a metal case or container.

This can hinder any external hindrances from getting into the cables and preventing RF leakage – which is, in fact, the signal loss. This can also prevent the connection from breaking, as well as the device malfunctioning. Additionally, by getting one that is in a metal case, you can prolong the device’s life.

Bonus Tip!

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If you do not want to try these things on your own, you should instead opt for a professional aerial installation company that can help you install the system properly. According to alarm-cctv.co.uk, often, such companies offer burglar alarms and their installation as well. Also, they will have better knowledge, skills, and experience in placing the aerial and all its components, which means that they can definitely help you with improving or retrieving your TV signal.


By following the tips mentioned in the list above, you might be able to totally improve your TV signal. You should remember that some of these tips might require you to get some professional help, especially since it requires people to get on the roof. So, now that you know what you can do, do not waste any more time. Instead, try one of these options and continue enjoying your favorite TV series or movies!