8 Tips for Renting Construction, Excavation & Heavy Equipment

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The dilemma between purchasing your own equipment, or renting the same one can be hard. However, when you calculate the approximate time you use those pieces, the decision should be simple.

Many companies are weighing more to renting because of the benefits that this option offers. While you don’t have to spend a fortune at the moment, since these machines are extremely costly, you don’t need to care about the maintenance as well. Those things are being done by the firm who is renting them to you.

However, to help you get the best deals possible when renting heavy construction equipment, we have made this article. You will have the chance to be informed with some tips on how to choose the firm that offers these machines, and how to save money in your next renting situation.

Make sure you are getting the right equipment

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Before you proceed to look for the perfect firm, make sure you have a good understanding of your own project so you can choose the suitable machinery.

When you are talking to the people working in the firm that lends such equipment, explain what you plan to do with those machines. That way, they might suggest better solutions that will make your job easier and more efficient.

Look for the best option

There might be many firms that are offering their construction machinery for renting. All you need to do is choose the right one. For that purpose, if you have never rented before, you will need to visit a couple of them so you can have a conversation. Start with their offering and discuss their price. In addition, ask questions about their maintenance so you can be sure that they will not break during your work.

Most importantly, see which damages can be covered, since these machines are pretty expensive and their repairs are costly as well. That is why you should be looking for the firm that has everything covered, you basically rent it, use it, and give it away, that simple.

After going through the basic conditions, make sure you go through the same process with a couple of firms. That way, you can see which one is the best for you. In case all of them have the same offering, you should get the options that charge less. That way you are getting the same thing while still saving your finances.

Make sure they give lessons about the machine usage

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Since these machines can be dangerous if not used properly, make sure that your workers know how to use them. If they are not familiar with them, make sure that the firm who rents the equipment can provide you with training. Since all machines are being different, especially if the firm has newer ones, training and additional papers where everything is being explained should be mandatory.

That way, your workers will be safer, while doing everything more efficiently. In addition, they will avoid having their machines damaged by workers who cannot find their way inside.

Go for the newest equipment

If you can choose the equipment you will be working with, go for the newer models. They can be more efficient, and you can get more work done with them. In addition, they are less likely to break down while you need them most.

You can surely do your work with the older equipment as well. However, they should’ve been well maintained in the past so you don’t run up in problems. As newer the equipment is, there are fewer chances for faulty maintenance processes done to them.

Another great thing that renting these machines can offer is having them adjusted to exactly what you need. Whether you need narrower or wider excavations, or you need something specific, the firm can get it mounted on the vehicle.

Look for a firm that offers a variety of high quality machinery

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Another thing that you have to consider is that you should be looking for a company that offers a variety of machines. If you need a bunch of equipment, it is probably best to buy it all from just one company so you can grab a much better deal and end up paying a fraction of the original price.

Look for firms that offer anything from basic scissor lifts to dozers and excavators. If you open the equipment available for rent at arnoldsrentalsct.com, you will see that there’s a huge variety of offers. That’s exactly what you should be looking for.

Manage your time

This is a really important thing for you to consider, and that is managing your time before renting. That way, you will know exactly how much time you need to use this construction and excavation equipment. Start with the plan, and calculate every step of the project. When you come to the part where you need this machinery, count the days and go to the firm that rents them. Make sure that you give one or two days more, just to make sure.

If you are not doing this managing process, you will have to pay for the day where you will not use the equipment at all. Not only that you are being inefficient, but you are spending more than you should which will lower your earnings.

Make sure you contact them in time

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To avoid situations where you cannot find a firm that rents equipment that is necessary for your work, make sure that you get this arranged before you begin working. Since your plan has to be made in front, you should find a firm where you will reserve the machines for the specific time frame.

Also, you might get a discount since you are getting this done before your work. Especially if you are arranging this in periods where there are not much construction works done like the colder months of the year.

Protect the equipment you get

When planning on getting equipment like this rented, you have to think about storage options. Since the conditions can change, you need a place to cover them and keep them safe. In addition, there may be people who can cause damage to them trying to set you back. Hiring a person or a company to secure your working place and the machinery inside will be beneficial.