6 Top Tips to Draw Inspiration for Your Wedding Bouquet 

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The non-negotiables? As a bride, you are quite aware that your wedding bouquet is the centerpiece of your wedding florals. It is known that it isn’t just an accessory but a part of your wedding day attire that will turn you into a gorgeous bride on your special day.

Without a doubt, its design must surpass all your expectations. However, before that happens, it is crucial to understand what you want and how you can create it. Further, knowledge about flower varieties and pairing can help you customize the wedding bouquet.

After all, it’s no longer about warding off evil spirits, but it has blossomed into making a personal statement. Of course, you would want to be your best. The following tips will help you draw some inspiration for your wedding bouquet.

1. Understand history first

Ever thought about why brides carry bridal bouquets on their wedding day? Well, these are the symbols that imply happiness, joy, love, and beauty. The use of flowers was more about showing your sentiments when words fell flat. Right now, it’s the most important accessory that accentuates the overall wedding. Walking down the aisle, the moment you say “You do,” and when you begin a new life as a couple, it becomes a part of the memories.

Wondering what every flower symbolizes? Let’s find out here

  • Lily of the valley shows happiness.
  • Calla lily is about beauty
  • Fressia implies innocence
  • Orchid and rose show love
  • Lilac is about the first signs of love

Now that you have an idea about the wedding flowers that can be a part of your special day, here’s what you must do next!

2. Choose the right color palette

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If you aren’t thinking about the color code, your bridal bouquet might clash with other aesthetics that are a part of your wedding venue or decor. At the same time, you wouldn’t want your bouquet bursting with colors. This is why a balance is a key to avoiding any clashing as well as becoming a rainbow.

The perfect palette is the need of the hour. You can consult a florist or find resources online to pull some inspiration. The idea must be to use the color that aligns with your wedding dress and allow you to accentuate the overall look. If you can’t stand out, what’s the point of holding one in the first place? But it’s not only the wedding flowers but the colorful adornments that matter when deciding the final color palette. You can either go for a typical white bloom, stick to purple or green accented blossoms, or choose something cherry-like.

But as we know, choosing blossoms can cost you a lot. This is why you must refer to alternatives as well. Like solawoodflowers.com talks about sola wood as the perfect option for your wedding where you can play with colors and flower types, irrespective of the season. Make sure it makes you look incredible and magnificent, differentiating from the others.

3. Check Backgrounds

Can you hear your vows on your wedding album? Certainly not. So, you must choose the wedding flowers in a way that matches your personality and express the occasion through shots. Choose the type of flowers that talk about the moment, even if you look through photos. For instance, you can pair the lily of the valley with a chrysanthemum if you were born in May and your partner in November.

Not only will it be customized, but it will also be close to your heart moving forward because of the meaning it holds for you and your partner. Another example could be peach-hued roses if your partner proposed to you in Georgia. Yes, the color palette matters. But if you don’t have attached sentiments, it will lose its essence after a while. Definitely, you wouldn’t want that, right?

4. Customize for your family/ friends

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You are highly mistaken if you think wedding bouquets are only about brides. Your family and friends matter too. You must delve a bit into the family history and personalize every piece, so they feel the meaning behind every set of flowers you give them. Whether it’s a corsage, wedding bouquet, or boutonnieres, if they hold something meaningful, it will mean something to them.

For instance, you can accentuate the look of the wedding bouquet using a fabric that your mother/ grandmother gave you on birthdays. You can also elevate the personal factor by using your grandmother’s peonies once in her garden. Do something that makes it unique for them as well. They will remember it forever.

5. Keep it in sync with the wedding theme

Ideally, a vision board or a collage will help you understand the vibe of your wedding. You can look for inspiration, settle for a wedding theme, and create your wedding bouquet accordingly. For instance, if your wedding is about a fiesta, you must opt for a fun and lively bouquet. On the other hand, if you have a simple wedding, you must go for structured choices like lilies or ranunculus.

Besides that, you must keep the color palette and flower choices in sync with your fiance and other people. This will help you create a perfect screenplay for your wedding day. Make sure everything is in sync. You can also include one another’s favorites and make it a meaningful affair while enhancing the entire look of the wedding decor.

6. Gather inspiration from your surroundings

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You must look around. Sometimes your familiar elements can help you make your wedding bouquet memorable. For instance, you can use freshwater pearls or small fruits like lemons and cherries to create something organic and meaningful. The idea is to personalize it so that you make it a memorable event, not something that holds no meaning.


It’s your wedding day. You will do anything to make it possible, for it is the most beautiful day of your life. And flowers are a part of your wedding to achieve that dream. So, the next time you are all set, you create something for yourself and your friends/ family. This guide will help you get started.