7 Handy Tips to Maintain and Repair Your Glasses – 2024 Guide

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Wearing glasses is the best measure that a person can take when it comes to protecting their eyesight. Nowadays, we live lifestyles in which computers play a huge role, and although that’s a great thing, our eyesight slowly suffers until a point of no return.

Sure, there are laser-based surgeries that you can take to reset your eyesight completely, but that’s not the case. What we’re striving for is to protect it before any extra and expensive measures are needed. So, once again, the best way to do this is by wearing your glasses.

However, glasses are something very fragile, and if you are a person who wears them on the regular, you’re probably familiar with this fact already. One drop and they’re basically ruined. The glass is very thin and it doesn’t take much to shatter it. And, it’s not just the glass that can break. The frame can also get damaged or the folding mechanisms can stop working after some time. Thankfully, we have just the right tips for you. In today’s article we’ll give you seven handy tips to maintain and repair your glasses in 2024, so without any further ado, let’s take a look at what you need to know.

1. Keep them out of children’s reach

The first and most important thing that you can do to avoid any possible injuries or material damage to your glasses is to keep them out of children’s reach. This is very important because kids usually have zero sense when it comes to delicacy, and they can easily pop out the frame or curve it by using too much force. Not to mention breaking it entirely. But, popping out the frame is not the scariest thing that can happen. If it does, you can just pop it back inside, but breaking the glass is a lot more serious. It’s not only about the economic damage due to the high price of lenses. Shattering the glass can hurt someone as well, especially kids. To avoid all of these problems, simply keep them somewhere where kids cannot reach them.

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2. Carefully choose the cleaning formula

A lot of people tend to “cheap out” on a cleaning formula when it comes to cleaning their glasses. Why? Because they save money, but what they do not understand is that this makes everything worse in the long-term.

Windex for example, which is a household cleaning formula that’s definitely not meant for glasses, is quite often used by people who think all formulas are exactly the same. But, that’s simply not true. The ammonia that’s in this formula will tear off and damage all the coating that’s on the lenses that has some sort of functionality and should be there no matter what. But, not only that.

These mixtures can damage the screws, and then you’ll need persol screw replacement. Persol screws are not easy to get, unless you know the right place. If you are currently in such a situation, Glassestools.com is a website where you can learn some more.

3. Don’t touch the glass when gripping them

Just like you shouldn’t touch the bottom side of a CD when you’re gripping it, the same thing goes for your glasses as well. Always grab them by the frame instead of the glass, that’s very important. But, although the frame is a bit more durable and sturdy than the glass, you should still be careful how much force you’re using. Some frames are not made out of metal, so be careful with them.

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4. Always store them in the special box

Glasses are meant to be stored in the special box that you get when you purchase them from the store. Some think that this doesn’t make any difference, but it does, quite a lot. Other materials found in different sorts of boxes are bad for the lens. You don’t want to find out that your lenses got scratched because of using a box that wasn’t meant for proper storage.

5. Use air drying instead of wiping

Wiping the lenses of your glasses is not a good idea, although a lot of people think it is. Letting them air dry instead is a lot better. Why? Because even the smallest particles that get attached to the lens upon wiping them off will cause your eyes to strain and they’ll also block your vision. Not to mention that by not using the right material for wiping you can damage the lens by scratching it.

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6. Regularly wash the glass

Great way to maintain the lenses is by washing them regularly. Do this at least once per day, but don’t overdo it also. Always make sure to use the right type of lens-washing chemical mix, and don’t include anything that can damage the coating on the glass. If your lenses get damaged your eyesight will suffer as well, not to mention your economy, because proper lenses cost a lot of money these days.

7. Fold them only when required

Last but not least, over-folding your glasses can eventually loosen up the screws in the frame, and doing this regularly will basically ruin them completely. So, only fold the frame when needed, and if you have some expertise in this sphere, tighten up the screws on your own from time to time if you have the right tools and equipment for it.

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Glasses cost a lot of money these days, especially if you choose a model that has a blue light filter or other important features for the protection of your eyesight. So, in order to avoid any extra or unnecessary costs, it’s very important that we maintain them properly.

Also, if something breaks, you don’t have to immediately rush to the nearest store and pay for a repair. Instead, use these tips that we provided in the article above. They can be very helpful when something goes wrong with either the frame or the glass. We hope that our guide was concise enough, and we wish you the best of luck with your maintenance in the near future.