Top AI Tools to Utilise Within Digital Marketing

AI Tools to Utilise Within Digital Marketing

The world of digital marketing is rapidly evolving, making it essential to stay ahead of competitors. A variety of tools can be utilised to innovate your marketing content and strategy, allowing for new content creation, creative marketing plans and so much more.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) enables machines to mimic human intelligence and tasks, efficiently creating a wealth of text, photos, videos and more – collating existing information online. It has exploded in recent years, having received $91.9 billion in corporate investment in 2022, and 73% of US companies are using AI.

There are over 8,000 AI tools catering to specific needs, most plans are initially free to use, charging high monthly/ yearly prices for premium features. This article guides you through the top AI tools to elevate and assist your digital marketing strategies.

What is AI

Artificial Intelligence involves the use of technology to allow computers and machines to imitate human intelligence and problem-solving skills. In essence, the machine’s ability to carry out tasks that are typically associated with humans.



ChatGPT is the most widely used and discussed AI tool, attracting over 1.6 billion visits in January 2024 alone. ChatGPT collates existing data from the internet to generate new ideas and prompts for content.

Marketer’s time can be freed up thanks to the speed and accuracy of ChatGPT, to focus on other essential commitments requiring human involvement. Users can ask for tasks such as caption writing, detailed content ideas, in-depth marketing plans, proofreading, email templates and even blog post writing, which can be constructed in a matter of seconds.

HubSpot’s AI

Some repetitive tasks can take a large amount of time and can easily be automated to a high standard by AI tools, such as HubSpot’s AI, allowing for increased efficiency and marketing effectiveness, ultimately driving better engagement and conversions.

HubSpot’s AI has a range of social media and customer engagement tools such as an email writer, meta description generator and blog writer. HubSpot also provides the option for businesses to have their own customer service chatbot.

On top of this, to monitor the performance of these interactions, and to increase reach, there are a wealth of other AI tools provided by HubSpot like sales reports and performance management, email tracking software and service and support analytics.



Some AI tools provide post ideas and generate actual social media content, however, Hootsuite provides real-time social media analytics and sentiment analysis to complement this. This allows marketers to understand audience behaviour and track the impact of social media campaigns.

Features include “best time to post” recommendations, hashtag generators, custom analytics and reports, a custom-branded URL and automatic link tracking, enabling more effective and data-driven social media strategies.


Canva is an easy-to-use platform, that helps users to generate consistent, appealing content through the use of templates, brand colours, frames and more. It’s more for image and video creation and lacks the ability to schedule posts, monitor performance and provide caption/ written content ideas.

Canva’s AI-powered design recommendations assist users in selecting suitable layouts, fonts, and colours, helping those with limited design expertise, and allowing for enhanced content creation. The ‘Magic Studio’ was recently launched, enabling a variety of effortlessly curated content. A simple prompt can be typed into the software to generate images and videos, designs can be brought to life through animation, and copy can be improved.



Grammarly is a great tool to nail sentence structure, tone, and grammar, and can be used within all aspects of a business. It supports many popular platforms, including Google Docs, Word and Gmail, correcting text in real-time, alternatively, the Grammarly website can be used.

Beyond standard grammar checks, you can pick the tone of your writing to cater to different platforms, situations and customers, clarity provides suggestions to make the text easier to read, and overall shared guidelines allow for a unified voice across all content. Grammarly is essential for marketers to maintain professionalism, credibility, and engagement with their audiences.

Grammarly’s new features are beneficial for editing, checking work, and even generating new writing. For example, you can ask Grammarly to rewrite your work to sound more confident, write your next paragraph, or offer a counterargument. The AI even tells you when you have made a claim that needs backing by a reference!

Stable Diffusion

Sometimes marketers need a little bit of creative inspiration! It can be challenging for creators to find new ideas and angles, but AI Stable Diffusion can help.

Stable Diffusion is an innovative AI-powered image generator designed to produce images in just 11 seconds based on specific prompts. By providing prompts such as “exhibition stand under the sea” or “exhibition stand in space,” users can receive customised images that match their descriptions.

This tool is particularly beneficial for marketers who lack visual content or design capabilities. While real images may not always be suitable, AI-generated cartoon-like photos can effectively convey the intended message. Additionally, this tool allows marketers to test new content ideas before fully committing to them.


artificial intelligence in digital marketing

AI tools are great at aiding content creation, idea generation, automating repetitive tasks, assisting with grammar and copy, and providing helpful data analytics. However, don’t rush to replace your marketers with AI just yet.

AI is meant to be used as a complementary tool to aid and assist marketing procedures, but due to AI being based on predictions and existing content, actual copy, photos and videos produced must be checked and tweaked accordingly.

The majority of businesses utilise AI to increase efficiency, but a line should be drawn, and that line is often content. Exhibition stand design and build contractor Quadrant2Design, insists on producing unique content in-house, to increase authenticity and quality, and as a result, improve their SEO ranking. This approach respects and adheres to Google’s ‘E-E-A-T’ guidelines.

Google ‘E-E-A-T’ (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness) guidelines are put in place to assess the quality and relevance of content so that it’s ranked higher on Google. AI-produced content can affect this procedure due to the majority of AI tools reusing content. Businesses need to approach with caution, particularly when using AI for content creation.