Top 5 Android and iOS Sports Betting Apps


Technological advances in the last 20 years have affected almost all forms of business and the very social life of people. This did not bypass the bookmakers, who very quickly realized the importance of information development.

Nowadays, there are almost no quality and good bookmakers who do not use sports betting applications. The relationship of user access has changed significantly in recent years. Today, most bookmakers have a mobile application, which facilitates access for users of this service.


Android betting apps are perhaps the most popular type of betting service, primarily thanks to the widespread use of Android mobile devices. Like other platforms, the Android application gives you all the options when it comes to betting. The biggest advantage of these applications is that they provide service anytime and anywhere, and also allow you to watch live matches, as well as live betting.

Many apps have found their place under the sun, whether they are for Android or iOS. In essence, most of them are available in both types of stores. SuperBook will show you how to choose the best one, the one that will meet your criteria, and even more. In this article, read which are the most popular IOS and Android sports betting apps.

1. Bet 365


This app is one of those most often chosen by users around the world. Bet365 already has a great website, probably among the top 5 in the world, whose only drawback is a bit of awkward navigation, especially when you want to get back from the game to the list of games. Otherwise, the website is great and has all the possible features you may need – notification of goals and other events during the game, cash out, edit bet, live stream, and we sometimes use Bet365 for live score because there are no faster results. Of course, with the app, you will further simplify access.

Given the ability to track live streaming on your own mobile phone, market visibility, intuitive navigation as well as tempting odds in the vast majority of sports, it’s no wonder the bet365 app gets a lot of praise.

2. Betway


Betway is one of the world’s elite bookmakers with over 15,000 different games on offer. You can download this app to your iPhone, Android, Windows, and Blackberry. As you can see, the flexibility of Betway betting mobile services is at an impressive level. But that was not always the case. When it was created, it had many flaws, so many avoided using this application. With a lot of changes, this application has been improved and brought almost to perfection. You can find all the games on offer without any problems, in a very short time, and it is also possible to watch live sports.

3. ScoreaAndOdds


Through this application, you can follow the matches live, but also get a number of useful information if you read the section on trends, where you can see which team and sport are the most profitable to bet on. Here it is possible to adjust the settings to your liking, by changing the home screen.

4. Sports Betting TM


You will like what you are about to read. In addition to being very practical and easy to use, and at the same time providing all the necessary information, this application will welcome every new user with a welcome bonus that you will be able to use to bet on all major sports. There are also various betting options, and the interface is very well done with simple navigation. In addition to being able to bet on your favorite sports, you will also be able to bet on thousands of other events.

5. Bet at Home


Many consider this app a great refreshment in the market. We often wonder if it makes any sense to spend the phone’s memory by downloading the application, when in the browser version and so you get more or less all the same. In the case of this bookmaker, it definitely pays off. This Betting App has just about everything you need, from popular matches and those currently taking place available for betting on the first screen, to several navigation routes leading to sports and competitions. With this sports app, the player is able to bet on more than 70 sports, and users can also view all current live bets.

Criteria for assessing the quality of a betting application


When we enter the AppStore or Google Store, all applications offer more or less the same, and it is difficult to choose the right one, the one that stands out from the rest. A key part of any mobile sports betting app is certainly the live betting offer. In ongoing events, it is a matter of seconds, which for players can mean an opportunity to be seized.

It is also important to see how payments and withdrawals are made. Each good application offers you several methods (Neteller, bank cards, PayPal, and so on). The more options you have, the greater the chances that it is a reliable and good sportsbook.

There is another very useful thing, and that is customer support. It is important that the user knows that he can contact someone for help if he needs to. Today, many applications have live chat that has proven to be very practical. To make sure that this application is exactly what you need, we advise you not to skip reading the reviews. Yes, it may be tedious, but the experience of other users certainly tells you the best about the quality of the application.

Final thoughts


It’s good to bet via cell phones because it’s so much easier to find a bet, especially because cell phones have introduced much simpler and more direct navigation, while on the desktop you generally have to struggle with more information than you want. Whatever your favorite online betting app, we hope we made your choice easier.

So, take some time to research, look for an app that fits your criteria, and indulge in the fun that can bring you good money too!