Top 3 Board Games in English: Make Saturday Night Fun

Are you looking for a fun way to spend quality time with your family and friends? A board game is a perfect way to bring everyone together. With so many different board games available, it can be challenging to know which game to choose.

They can be a great way to learn English while having fun and connecting with friends. They’re interactive, and engaging, and can teach you lots of new vocabulary, grammar points, and slang. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a proficient user of the English language, board games from can be a great addition to your English practice.

To help make your decision easier, we have narrowed down our top three board games in English – Seasons, Quodd Heroes, and Vagrantsong.

1. Seasons

Seasons is a fantasy-themed card game, initially released in 2012 and designed by Régis Bonnessée. In the game, players take on the roles of powerful wizards attempting to summon monsters and earn magical energy over a period of four rounds.

Each player uses magic-related cards to bring forth creatures and enact spells that affect their own gathering as well as their opponents. The ultimate goal is to have the most magical energy at the end of the fourth round in order to win the game.

The base game contains numerous cards representing several types of summoning spells, including creatures from various elemental powers: fire, earth, air, and water. Spells can also be either persistent during rounds or instant effects depending on how you want to use them. Additionally included with each game are two expansions (Winter & Spring) that offer new cards featuring different kinds of spells and unique items for your players.

The overall gameplay of Seasons requires a steady strategy in order to maximize your advantage while still being flexible enough to counter any potential opponent moves. Players must find themselves balancing between acquiring resources quickly while managing their influence points wisely if they are to succeed at achieving victory.

With its thought-provoking combination of card play, resource management, and strategic thinking, Seasons has become one of the most popular board games among English speakers everywhere!

2. Quodd Heroes

Quodd Heroes is a fast-paced strategy game that sets two to four players against each other in a competition to challenge the magical creatures inhabiting the lands of Quodd. In this game, each player takes on the role of a coven of witches and wizards who are working together to summon and battle these creatures. These wizards and witches must collect their magical crystal fragments in order to construct stronger weapons, amulets, and rings to combat their opponents.

The core gameplay consists of engaging in exciting turn-based battles by playing cards from your communal hand. These cards represent your character’s spell-casting abilities or special abilities. You will use them both strategically to protect your assets from thieves who seek your precious crystals, as well as tactically during combat against foreign foes seeking to control the land of Quodd. Additionally, you can create alliances with fellow Players for powerful bonuses when faced with powerful adversaries on the battlefield.

Players will have access to various types of characters including 4 Syndicates (Covenant Cultists, Dwarves Cauldroners, High Elves Evergildsmen, Spawned Salsalpids). Each Syndicate has different kinds of magic and special rules they must abide by while they compete with each other on the battlefields of Quodd Heroes. As games go longer more characters become available allowing players greater freedom in how they approach battles as well as offering strategies and hidden elements that may be useful on later turns. Victory is achieved through strategy and tactics though players can also choose to forfeit if they find themselves too outmatched by better-positioned opponents!

3. Vagrantsong

Vagrantsong is a unique and immersive board game that transports players to another world. It features beautiful hand-crafted artwork and intricate mechanics to create a truly unforgettable experience. Players must adventure across treacherous lands, battle powerful monsters, and rescue the kidnapped king from an ancient evil. With its innovative playstyle, Vagrantsong brings a new level of excitement to the gaming table.

The game begins with each player choosing a character from one of five races—human, dwarf, elf, goblin, or orc—and being guided through the setup by a host of helpful tutorial cards. Once all players have chosen their character and know what they need to do, they can set off on their journey! Each player will face many incredible adventures along the way as they explore locations scattered throughout the game world.

The goal of Vagrantsong is to rescue the kidnapped King Horak with help from other players. To do this, characters must venture into dangerous dungeons and overcome obstacles found within them. Along their journeys, they will no doubt come across treasure chests filled with loot that can be used to purchase weapons or items that could aid in their quest.

Players will fight fierce monsters as they make their way through levels in order to gain experience points which are used for character advancement and unlocking special abilities. As characters progress through different levels teams may split up so that everyone has a chance to complete quests on their own; however teamwork is essential if players stand a chance against more difficult opponents such as powerful dragons or necromancers!

The final confrontation between the team of adventurers and King Horak’s captors is sure to be an epic showdown!  With numerous endings determined by how well players perform throughout the game and its various paths, it offers hours upon hours of replayability while keeping each playthrough feeling fresh and exciting. Whether you’re playing Vagrantsong with friends or family members of all ages you can rest assured there will always be something new around every corner just waiting for you to discover it!


Board games have come a long way since the days of traditional games like Monopoly and Snakes and Ladders. Nowadays, there are so many board games to choose from, whether you’re looking for a strategic game for adults or an educational and entertaining game for kids. Whether it’s a co-op game or a competitive one, board games can be great for any age level. Whatever your taste in gaming is, there’s no doubt that there are countless exciting and engaging board games out there. So pick one, bring out the friends, family, or even just yourself and have fun!