Top 10 Tips for Men to Dress Stylishly This Winter


Walking through a hailstorm as you re-enact your best impersonation of DiCaprio in The Revenant might seem fun in several ways. Still, it also lends itself to an important question – what on earth will I wear to keep myself warm in the winter?

Fashion sensibility, where fashion and function go together, is replaced by the optimal desire to keep yourself warm. To help you stay warm yet stylish this winter, the following are tips to look at:

1. Gather Inspiration

Inspiration may come from different sources when it comes to fashion. Blogs and magazines are the best places to look for style trends and tips. From online blogs to glossy magazines with new runway looks, you will always find something that can help you.

Influencers and celebrities also provide many outfit ideas, whether to wear designer labels or mix high-end clothing with affordable items.


2. Winterproof the Footwear

Strong Goodyear-welted boots can protect you and remove the battering from winter. Avoid nubuck and suede – snow is their enemy. Also, keep your shoes polished. This will prevent road salt slush from staining the leather completely.

3. Embrace Texture

The best thing about dressing during winter is an opportunity to dig severe fabrics. Summer requires breathable and lightweight fibers, such as cotton and linen, while winter needs denser and thicker materials. You can think of sturdy twills, chunky walls, and heritage clothing, such as tweed and herringbone.

Winter season allows you to experiment with different clothing. You can combine various textures to create highly personal and exciting outfits. Winter also lets you connect several garments, like flannel overshirts, ribbed knitwear under parkas, and textured wool overcoats.

4. Put on Leather Jackets

Leather jackets can be a great addition to your winter wardrobe. You need to look for urban leather jackets available in the marketplace.

But before buying any leather jacket, take a closer look at it. Check the jacket’s practical features, like the lining, pockets, and comfort.

The fabric treatment is also another factor to look at. Go through the care tags of several leather jackets to know how you can treat them. Determine whether it is capable of repealing water. Other factors you can look at are:

  • Warmth
  • Layering

5. Dress Smartly yet Casually

Winter doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t possibly wear skinny jeans. Pair skinny jeans with a soft wool winter jacket and classic winter sweater for a bright, casual look that works for many outdoor activities during winter. You may add a few finishing touches to it by wearing gloves and simple ankle boots.

6. Consider Unapologetic Winter Accessories

Do you remember the old days of getting bullied for dorky beanies, patterned scarves, and leg warmers? Guess what! Now that you are a fully grown man, those knitted staples that Grandma and Mom wrapped up around you can look great if paired with curated attire.

To pull the entire look off with flamboyance, consider sticking with sensible patterns/colors and high-quality materials. Taking a break from skinny, stripped scarves alone can do you good.

7. Invest in Hoodies

Hoodies are among the most underrated clothing pieces in your winter wardrobe. Although they aren’t the most fashionable, they are practical and comfortable. Hoodies aren’t pieces you can just wear around while in the house. You may level up your outfits with hoodies if paired with proper clothing pieces.

For instance, you may pair hoodies with bomber jackets for a more contemporary urban appearance. Wear hoodies with stylish coats if you need something semi-formal or more elegant.

Try white hoodies, understand your black coats, and wear loose-fit pants or jeans. And since it is freezing outside, wear hoodies with parka jackets. This fantastic combination looks excellent and fashionable – just ensure everything is modern and clean.


8. Wear Denim

Denim, one of the cornerstones of every man’s ensemble in the winter, hasn’t changed much since it was introduced one century ago. This year, 2024, denim trends for men shifted towards 90s-inspired and more relaxed dad jeans.

Darker washers primarily integrate with more subdued color palettes that define winter fashion for men. Plus, you can dress them up for the office, but don’t go overboard with the denim lineup. A pair of black and indigo can serve you this winter.

9. Prioritize Fitness

Fit is vital during winter since your layering outfits still need to give you the freedom to move. A poorly fitted garment may restrict your capability to work freely or ski.

Your base layer must always be closely fitted. It should be right there to absorb moisture. To do that more effectively, ensure your clothing touches your body.

Mostly, Under Armor-style clothes have elastic and other stretchable materials in them for a skintight fit. When insulating layers, ensure they are stacked from the tightest and thinnest to the loosest and thickest. Light wool sweaters don’t effectively provide insulation if they stretch out. So, wear multiple layers when buying heavy insulating garments to ensure they fit over every layer you plan to wear in the winter.

10. Choose the Right Colors

You might think of dull and dark shades when you hear people saying winter colors. These shades are primarily associated with cold months because of the theme.

But the truth is that it isn’t a must for you to wear neutral colors in the winter. You can always pair those neutral colors with brighter and lighter shades.

To have an eye-catching winter wardrobe for men, try experimenting with different colors and mix several of them in one outfit. This helps bring new life into the outfit and makes it less depressing.

Wearing various colors may also play an essential role in expressing your mood and personality. Colors that you can use with neutral shapes during winter may include the following:

  • Mustard yellow
  • Burgundy
  • Green

The Takeaway

Winter outfits may include a mix of classic and contemporary. They are the simplest way to accentuate your clothing and warm your body for those cold months. So, ensure your collection should comprise a variety of leather jackets, hoodies, and denim in various colors and styles.