Top 5 Must-Have Haircuts for 2024

Are you a trendsetter or a trend follower when it comes to haircuts? Regardless of whether you like to be the person that first gets the popular look, or is happy enough to let other people test it out, the important thing it so have the look come 2024.

However, having complete trust in your hairstylist is essential before trying these next few looks. If you’re more than happy and feel completely comfortable with your stylists, then go ahead and make an appointment. But if you don’t trust your stylists to pull off the dedicated look, then you should invest some of your time into finding the right person to do it.

Hair is everything to most of us, and having the perfect hairstyle will separate you from the crowd of commons.

So, with all that said, let’s see the top 5 must-have haircuts for 2024.

1. Bob Haircut

Source: Allure

One thing that will never go out of style, the bob haircut will be your trusted choice for 2024. Regarded as the Pop icon of haircuts, the 60s’ style will yet again feature amongst red carpets and popular runways.

As the emphasis is more and more placed on relieving the past, the bob haircut is one popular style with dozens of variations. Add to the fact that bob is very easy to do, style, and manage, it is without a doubt a popular choice with both women and stylists.

The two most popular types of bob are blunt and layered. If you have long hair, then professionals recommend slowing down on the transformation and not rushing all in. They recommend you first start with a longer style of the bob, before making the full commitment.

2. Modern Shag

Source: Byrdie

One popular hairstyle that you’ll see particularly a lot in 2024 is the modern shag. Worn by very popular celebrities such as Halle Berry, Chloe Grace Moretz, Jenifer Lawrence, and many more, the modern shag haircut is predicted to be one of the top dogs come the new decade.

The mega-popular 80s’ look further cement the previous talking point; relieving past trend is super IN! While we predict that modern shag will see some forms of variations, the core base of the cut is still one that excites women all around the world.

Hair beauty experts are strongly advocating for a reinvention of the modern shag through extra layers and textures that will further point out the magnitude of the cut. However, modern shag requires a sophisticated look to complement it, not the other way around.

So, if you truly want to make this “blast from the past” work for you, you have to definitely put some work in yourself.

3. Rachel From Friends

Source: Time

Everyone remembers the haircut from Rachel in the super popular American comedy sitcom Friends. The show is so popular that there have been numerous calls for the cast to get back together and do one more season, just for good old times.

If we take into account that Friends came out in the 90s’, we can further cement the claims for decade-old cuts. Jennifer Aniston, as we all know and love, rocked with her cut in the TV series so much that she set an entire trend and cult of following.

The hairstyle industry loves Rachel cut so much that they are willing to openly call for the return of the heavy layer, fringles, and minimalistic properties of the haircut.

According to expert stylists at Hera Hair Beauty, the Rachel cut comes at the surprise at no one, since we’ve openly seen variations of it throughout the years. But they say that none can match the vigor, beauty, and glamour of the Rachel cut.

Being the standout and staple cut of the 90s’ made thousands of people fall in love, and they can all do it again in 2024.

4. Itty Bitty Baby Bangs

Source: The List

Famously voted as Australia’s 2018 trend of the year, baby bangs are one of the most iconic hairstyles a woman can have.

Many expert hairstylists say that baby bangs have always been a trend, but it seems that 2024 will be the year of the bang. The most brilliant thing about this type of cut is that it works with both long and short hairs. But the option of length should be decided based on a few factors, of which the most popular one being your face type.

Take a look at Emma Watson for example. She was one of the biggest advocates for the cut in 2018, and it looked darn good on her. Baby bangs look very French and very cute, the cut goes well with any age and any hair color.

5. Long Bangs

Source: StylesRant

Similarly to baby bangs, long bangs will be yet another must-have haircut for 2024.

If you need to be convinced by this trend, simply stop by your local hair salon and watch as girls transform their long hairs. However, similarly to the baby bangs, you should talk to your stylists regarding the best possible option. And the same as the baby bangs, the shape of your face should be the indicator for the type in question.

But seeing as we are one of the good guys, we are going to talk about the preferable type based on the shape of your face.

Girls with a square-shaped face will look best with a softer fringe, while round faces have more options to choose from. With all that said the area where the bangs end will be the area of the face that will draw the most attention, so it’s smart to play around it and see what you get.

A longer cut will put greater emphasis on the cheekbones and the nose area, while shorter bangs will make the entire face, eyes, and forehead stand out from the rest.

Knowing your most positive face features is also yet another cool way to determine the best type of bang, so make sure you talk to your stylist first.