Top 10 Photography Websites of 2024


There are a number of amazing resources available online for photographers both new and experienced. Websites and social media platforms have given us a number of different ways to access, share and learn everything from photography skills to selecting the right type of camera or photography gear.

Some sites focus on tips for skilled photographers, some offer inspiration, while others offer tutorials for beginners. Whatever your skillset may be, there is a website to meet your needs.

To help you sift through the ocean of photography-related sites, we have compiled a Top 10 list of websites, in no particular order to advance camera know-how, offer photographic inspiration, and develop skills behind the camera.

1. Shuttertalk

Source: shuttertalk delivers a variety of different resources. This site houses forums where you can find answers to your questions subdivided into areas of: Main Photography Discussion, Challenges, and General Talk. One forum, Photo Critique, allows you to post your photo to the community for constructive feedback. These websites are even more useful when combined with a course. Yes! Let’s say you’ve enrolled in a good one, such as Paul David Smith. All you have to do next is keep practicing. That way, you will boost your experience and make the most out of your photography classes.

In addition, there are articles and posts, information on gear, helpful tricks, interviews, and reviews. You can peruse the photography tips, which include suggestions from fixing a grainy picture to using Adobe to create stunning photos. The best part is that these tutorials are free and packed with meaningful information for any photographer. There is even a newsletter so that you can stay informed.

2. Photographytalk

Source: photographytalk

Photographytalk is a photography community providing support and information for those passionate about photography. This site shares how-to articles that include how to photograph lightning and share weekly tips. There are several courses like the Bird Photography Mastery Course, which are fee based.

Photographytalk contains guides, reviews, blogs, how-to, as well as different types of photography. The gallery is where you can explore inspirational and trending photos and even upload your own. There are several categories in the Forum where you can pose questions. The Master tab has OnDemand and courses. There is a free membership, recommended for those who are just getting into photography and wish to search the website and view resources.

Photographytalk also offers a subscription for those who wish to hone skills behind the lens and advance to the next level with in-depth features and tutorials.

3. Fstoppers

Source: fstoppers

Fstoppers began as a community of photographers focused on all things photo and video. It evolved into a robust site that houses articles relating to photography, lighting, business tips news, behind the scenes and industry news.

There is a section for camera reviews, and even a Channel with topics like ‘critique the community’. The site showcases free daily content and groups that focus on topics ranging from wildlife to cityscape photography. Other tabs include contests, community, and a store where premium tutorials can be purchased.

4. PopPhoto

Source: popphoto is a great site for learning photography. Check out the useful tutorials, buying guide, information on gear, and current news to include details on new cameras, travel, and other photo news.

The site boasts contests, YouTube videos and social media, and a shop. You can even sign up to receive the best of PopPhoto, which includes fresh techniques, stunning galleries, and how-to articles to fine tune your skills.

5. Digitalcameraworld

Source: digitalcameraworld is a fast-growing photography website that details all aspects of image making. The U.S. edition website promotes everything from DSLRs and photo editing to mobile photography and drones. It provides helpful tutorials, relevant reviews, up-to-date news, and buying guides.

The buying guides cover a variety of topics from Best Gloves for Photographers to the Best Standard Zoom Lenses in 2024. There are forums to assist with questions that are broken down into threads for general discussion, beginners, camera brands, and many more. There is also a section dedicated to the Photography Show and Magazines.

6. PhotoBlog

Source: photoblog

PhotoBlog is a website where photographers can learn and gain inspiration. Photography inspires designers to appreciate color and tone as well as the beauty in the world around them. This site focuses on inspiration and learning and has a Browse header where you can view popular and fresh photos uploaded and shared with the community.

The Learn section hosts plenty of articles on topics from Full Frame versus Crop Sensor to How to take the Best Travel Photos. There is a section that covers review of gear and Photography inspiration. Some of the topics in this area include 26 of the Most Famous Photographers in the World to 50 Photography Ideas to Improve our Photography.

7. Digital Photography School

Source: digital-photography-school

Digital Photography School is a popular and long running site on photography. It began as a site to aid photographers in getting the most out of their cameras. The site is divided into a Start Here with an overview of the tutorials, ideas, and advice.

Digital Photography School includes Photo Tips, Post-Processing, Courses, Presets, About, advertise on dPS, and Affiliate Program.  A Gear tab includes articles like Using Old Lenses with New Digital Cameras. They have various eBooks and writers world-wide to offer something that appeals to everyone.

8. Picturecorrect

Source: picturecorrect

Picturecorrect is another photography website that contains relevant articles and post-processing techniques. There are a variety of feature photos displayed for daily inspiration. The site includes Tips & Tutorials with screenshots to guide you. It has a Shopping Guide and Deals like eBooks for beginners. Picturecorrect has current news and a periodic newsletter to keep viewers informed.

9. Light Stalking

Source: lightstalking

Light Stalking is a website that focuses on photographic work produced. The site showcases emerging trends while maintaining a strong focus on technique. The website is comprised of several guides dealing with Milky Way photography to landscape photography. The My Studio tab houses guides, courses and downloads for photography. LR Presents contains presets from Adobe Lightroom for your final photographs. In addition the site has Trainings and Forums spanning several topics.

10. Photographylife

Source: photographylife

Photographylife covers broad topics: Reviews, Learning, Lenses, Photo Spots, Forums, and a Shop. This site offers both professionals and novices photography news, tips and reviews. It outlines techniques of photography and even how to operate a photography business. The forums are in-depth and provide a place to voice questions, concerns, offer suggestions, and even buy or sell gear.