Top 20 Reasons to Go With Solar Panels in 2024

Solar energy is becoming rampant in most homes in the US and other parts of the world. For folks to be shifting to solar energy, it means there are amazing benefits attached to it.

Have you been contemplating on shifting to solar energy but aren’t really convinced yet? The aim of this article is to highlight cogent reasons why you should go with solar panels.

Go through the 20 reasons below to see what you will enjoy with solar energy.

Reason #1: Solar energy is clean!

Keeping the environment clean is the duty of all mankind. By going solar, you are contributing in your own little way in achieving a clean environment. About 40% of the total carbon emissions in the United States are coming from buildings. Using solar panels can drastically reduce this estimate.

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Reason #2: It will create more jobs and boost the economy of local communities

The solar industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the US. If more people go solar, more jobs will be created because more local companies will benefit from the boom.

Reason #3: There are solar tax rebates going on now

I’m not sure if this is applicable in all areas in the US, but I’m certain of this in California. To encourage more people to go solar, there are solar rebates. You may want to take advantage of it before it expires.

Reason #4: Reduce your electricity bills

Electricity bills are one of the major monthly expenses you can’t do without. You’d be surprised how much you will save yearly if you install solar panels in your home. This way, you will reduce your monthly electricity bill.

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Reason #5: It increases the value of your property

If you are a homeowner, installing a solar system in your home automatically boosts the value of your property. Most appraisers now take solar installation into consideration.

Reason #6: Solar installation is an investment for you

Yes, you heard that correctly! Even if it has to take you 7 years to pay for it, it will definitely turn out to become an investment with good ROI. The earlier you jump to this opportunity, the better investment you’d have in the nearest future.

Reason #7: Solar panels protect the roof

Contrary to the wrong notion that solar panels add extra weight to the roof, they actually help to protect the roof from harsh elements. Installing the panels will save you from constant repairs.

Source: Solar Sumo

Reason #8: The future is actually solar

Be among the pioneers of solar energy users because the future is solar! Climate change is a serious issue right now and people are advising the government to look for clean energy. The clean energy comes from solar.

Reason #9: Solar energy is FREE

Of course, I know you will have to install the panels. However, once the installations are done, you will have to enjoy them for a lifetime. You will actually feel the effect of this benefit years after installing the panels.

Reason #10: It decreases US dependency on other countries

If you want to be part of those to reduce US dependency on foreign oil for energy production, then you have to be part of the solar project. Decreasing dependency automatically means boosting the economy. There will be more jobs for the citizens.

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Reason #11: You will get performance guarantee from the solar company

There is no iota of risk involved in solar energy because you will get a performance guarantee of up to 25 years. This is super crazy and it makes the whole deal risk-free.

Reason #12: Solar panels can add beauty to your home

Most times when I see homes with solar panels, there is a special beauty I see. The panels are well-arranged to add more beauty to your home.

Reason #13: Solar energy will bring in stiff competition in the energy sector

If more and more people embrace solar panels, other energy companies will have no choice than to sit up. By sitting up, it means they may have to review a lot of things, including their charges. This is a win-win situation for all of us.

Source: TotalEnergies

Reason #14: Solar energy is dependable and reliable

Since the source of solar energy is the sun, the sun is going off any time soon. The sun is one of the free gifts to mankind and it has never failed since time immemorial. Since the sun can’t be affected by any factor, solar energy is more reliable and dependable.

Reason #15: Solar panels are durable

Solar panels are designed to last for years without any issue. This is good news because once you buy and install, you can rest assured of not spending money to rebuy panels.

Reason #16: Solar energy reduces air pollution

Air pollution is a menace that affects virtually all the countries in the world, including the US. Air pollutants make the atmosphere look dirty. Solar energy can drastically reduce air pollution.

Source: AARP

Reason #17: Solar energy has long-term health benefits

The US Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy believes that the solar energy system is capable of improving our health in the long run. This is possible because solar energy fosters clean air.

Reason #18: Solar energy reduces water usage

It is a fact that other sources of electricity such as hydropower and nuclear energy use a huge quantity of water to produce energy. Going solar can help reduce this heavy water usage.

Reason #19: Cost of maintaining solar panels is extremely low

Once installed, you don’t have to do much to keep it going. A rough estimate of $150 might be all you will need for inspection throughout the year.

Source: Earth.Org

Reason #20: Go for SOLAR!!!

All the reasons listed in this article should be enough to convince you that solar is the real deal.

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