Top 8 Water Parks In the World in 2024

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The Coronavirus crisis has locked down almost every country in the world. People have to stay inside, until we can somehow eventually defeat the invisible enemy.

The good news is, it seems that things are getting back to normal. Some amusement parks, like Six Flags Great Adventure have just recently opened their outdoor Wild Safari Drive-Thru where visitors can experience different animals from around the world from the comfort of their own cars.

Borders of different countries are slowly opening and people will soon get the chance to travel.

We assume that people are willing to travel even more after a 3-month long quarantine. However, this article is going to help those that are fans of wet and wild vacations.

The summertime is coming and it is the right time to visit some of the top water parks in the world. Fortunately, you can find some really interesting water parks in all parts of the world.

Hopefully, you will get a chance to travel and experience one of these theme parks yourself.

Let’s find out the best water parks in the world together.

1. Hurricane Harbor

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We will start the list with one of the largest water parks in the United States. More precisely, this one is located in New Jersey. Visitors of all ages flock from Pennsylvania, New York, and of course New Jersey to experience the body slides, wave pools and various tube rides.

This waterpark has always been very interesting to adventure seekers because of the more advanced speed slides and fast paced rides from great heights.

There are dozens of thrilling rides including a 517 foot long inner-tube slide, and a four-story-high zero gravity water slide named (The Halfpipe).

Visitors also come for the Big Wave Racer ride that is long over 1800 feet.

Despite the wilder rides, you will find large areas of the park that are dedicated only to the youngest generations. Parents will have the chance to enjoy these areas with their kids as well.

We’ve highlighted some of the rides here available at Hurricane Harbor. If you would like to see more information, click here.

2. Thrill Waterpark, CocoCay, Bahamas

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Is there a person on this planet that would not want to visit the Bahamas? The Bahamas is well-known among tourists because of the nice weather, amazing beaches, and… great water parks.

Thrill Waterpark at Cococay is a revamped private island experience launched in 2019. The guests will have the chance to enjoy one of the tallest water slides in North America.

Everything in this water park is BIG. Logically, there are also nearby warm and clear-water beaches that will bring visitors and vacationers additional joy.

As you walk through the main entrance of the park you will see a huge wave pool on your right. This wave pool and one of the largest freshwater pools in the world.

Rides include the Daredevils Tower of water slides, the Splash Summit tower and the Slingshot which is a half-pipe where you can experience a few amazing moments of zero gravity.

3. Aqua Nick, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

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Many people would describe this place as “crazy” because of its mass green slimings. Getting a bucket of green slime dumped on you truly is a crazy experience.

Logically, this is especially entertaining for the youngest generations. While kids play in the water, parents will have the chance to enjoy delicious food and quality service thanks to Gourmet Inclusive Experience.

4. Aquaventure, Paradise Island, Bahamas

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Someone would say that we are obsessed with the Bahamas. However, we can’t deny they do have some of the coolest water parks in the world. This time we are here to talk about Aquaventure. This is a 141-acre water park that comes with splash areas, cool pools, raft rides, and amazing beaches.

Many activities will make your time entertaining. For example, there is a Leap of Faith that allows users to drop from the Mayan Temple into a shark-infested lagoon. They will do that through a clear tunnel.

Tourists will have the opportunity to enjoy four beaches around the hotel. It is a perfect place for parents to relax while kids play.

5. Waterbom, Bali, Indonesia

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Let’s head over to the south-east of Asia and talk about one the best water parks in all of Asia. One of those that deserves your attention is located in Bali, Indonesia. It’s called the Waterbom.

Bali has become one of the most attractive destinations in recent years. People come to visit Bali to see some of the its most beautiful natural surroundings.

Waterbom sets a great pace for an amazing day in the sun. There are many rides, dining outlets, and swim up bar.

If you are heading to the Bali region of Indonesia as a tourist, we recommend that you visit the Waterbom. It is a home of the popular rainbow tube slide that launches you up – Boomerang.

We recommend our readers to try the extreme rides like the Smashdown 2.0, the Green Vipers slides and the Climax. The Climax is a trapdoor slide that will surely wake you up with a strong dose of adrenalin in your body.

Their lazy river which is a very mellow ride, has some of the most beautiful surroundings than any other waterpark in the world

6. Water Cube Water Park, Beijing, China

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Let us remain in Asia, but this time we will now move a bit more to the east to Beijing. Beijing was formerly the home site of the Summer Olympics held in 2008.

The capital of China is home to one of the most advanced indoor themed water amusement parks in the entire world.

The first attraction that will impress you is a simulation of a dream-like underwater world. The entire atmosphere is embellished with music, bubbles, lights, and sea life.

Rides include the “Deep-water Tornado slide”, the high-speed Aqualoop, Wonderland Drifting, and the Crazy Tsunami.

Lastly, test your “courage” with Bullet Bowl.

7. Wild Wadi Waterpark, Dubai, UAE

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It seems that all popular destinations in the world contain at least one amazing waterpark. Things are not different when we talk about Dubai. Here you can find one of the top-rated summer attractions.

Visitors can choose between 30 different rides and attractions.

All of the attractions are all based on Arabian folklore and can be quite an entertaining thing for the entire family.

It is hard to find a child that won’t enjoy water guns and racing slides. Despite that, two FlowRider surf simulators are quite a challenging thing. Each person will be challenged to catch a wave.

8. Beach Park, Aquiraz, Brazil

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It would be a shame not to mention this water park in South Africa. This one you can find on the beach of Porto das Dunas.

It is an incredible place for every family that is a big fan of wet and entertaining holidays. You will get the chance to enjoy many spas and waterslides.

You’ve already probably heard about Insano, one of the tallest waterslides in the world.

Believe it or not, this waterslide drops you down 14 stories!

Everything happens in only a couple of seconds because the speed of drops is 65 mph. Your heart rate will surely go up each time when you try it out.