4 Tips for Trading CSGO Skins Easier and Faster – 2024 Guide

The world of games is always evolving. We constantly have new games, new updates, new characters and new skins. One game, in particular, benefited from this the most and it is without any doubt CSGO.

There is no man alive that has touch a computer that hasn’t had a chance to play a little bit of CS. I remember it from the first iteration back in the days and I somehow stopped on the CS 1.6. CSGO still averages around 500.000 people and the top number in the last 30 days was close to a million players. This is still a highly popular game, but what is most important is that it can be profitable without streaming it regularly.

What are we talking about? Well, most of you probably heard about CSGO casinos and skin traders. Some people are making a killing trading skins and spinning prize reels. The topic of the day – CSGO skins and we will tell you a bit about skin trading and how can you do it easily and without much hassle in 2024.

If you want to find out more about this, we highly recommend sticking through the end of the article and try and see if there is something for you.

There are two methods of trading skins, through Steam and third-party site like cs.money. Since you need a Steam trade link for both we will turn our attention to there.

1. Steam

Source: Steam

When trying to trade skins for CSGO the best thing is that you do everything on the Steam page and you don’t have to have your CSGO application opened. To proceed you have to make sure your Steam account is fully activated. To fully unlock or activate your account you need to do a couple of things.

The first one is that you need to spend 5$ on Steam. CSGO is a free game and most of you are drawn to the fact that you can play without paying but then you miss out on a few things like adding your friends and a lot of other things like doing trading. To add funds to your wallet, go to your steam application, come up to your name, right-click and go to view my wallet and transfer 5$.

Next thing is to change some settings and you will find those again if you right-click on your name and click account details. Scroll down to account security and check if you have Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator allowed or activated. It is a super important thing and you need to have it. With this, you will be able to download the Steam app on your mobile device or tablet and have access to your account that way. This is a thing that allows you to do trading and watching over your account from anywhere without having to wait 15 days to trade. The last thing is to verify your email address if you haven’t and add your phone number so you know everything is in order.

2. Your inventory

Source: Hotspawn

Now to get to the pages where you are going to start trading your items you have to come to your steam profile and look for the Inventory tab on the right side. Here you will see all of your inventory from all the games you have on your Steam account. On the top right-hand corner, you will see a blue button reading Trade Offers and it is THE button you will use to make trades. After clicking it you will see a new page that will list all your trading history and you will have a button reading New Trade offer. This button will allow you to send a trade offer to any one of your Steam friends or any specific account on Steam. After selecting the account, you want to trade with you will have a new page pop up where you can see the items that you will mark for trading and submit your trade request. If you are not sending to a friend and you want to trade with some other account then you will click on a tab that says Who can send me trade offers? At the down bottom of the new page that will pop up, you will read Third-Party Sites and you will see an URL used for trading. That link is your trade offer link that you can give to people and then those people can use that link to send you trades.

3. The actual trading

Source: YouTube

At first glance, the trading page might look confusing but it is rather simple to use. On top of the trading window, you have some info you have to consider if you want to avoid being scammed. Look at the friend time with the chosen account if you are friends, look for the Steam level of the account and the date of account creation. This will greatly help you avoid any potential scams.

Now for the fun part. Below that info, you will see two tabs Your inventory and Their inventory. It is all self-explanatory. Here you will select the items that you want to trade and they will find their way to the right side while the other accounts’ items will make way below yours and it will be your trade. What you will do next is go to the tab showing their inventory and pick skins you want for the ones you have chosen to trade. Click a box that confirms this trade content and you are all set to make an offer. After making your offer you will have to verify the trade on your phone which is why it was important to have the mobile authenticator for this.

4. Trading on the third party sites

Source: Digital Connect Mag

The first thing to be careful of is to choose the right site. You don’t want to be the one that has worked hard for their skins and played the game for so long to just now fall victim to a scam site. After choosing the site and after choosing the skins you want to buy or sell you will have to have that trading URL that is tied to your steam account. After you complete every step needed from the third party site you will have to copy that URL to receive your items or sell them from your inventory! Best of luck in your trading. Be careful and double-check everything.