Travel for a Day in a Day Hotel: Here Is How


You might not know what exactly a day hotel entails, however, if you think the name is self-explanatory then you would be correct! Day hotels are just regular hotel rooms that you can book only in the daytime and you won’t be able to stay overnight. It is less expensive than booking an overnight hotel room and if you are only staying at the location for the day and are planning on leaving that night, you can do so! You have access to the facilities and room for all intents and purposes but once you are done you can check out.

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Why do day hotels exist?


Day hotels can be found in many places around Europe, this concept is not a new one which can come as a surprise to most people who are used to traditional hotels. In the UK there are many day hotels as well, if you simply search ‘day hotels London’ you can find a variety of them. In a traditional hotel, guests are able to check in at 15:00 pm and will have to check out at 12:00 pm. However, unfortunately for the hotels, many guests tend to arrive later than check in times and need to leave earlier. This means the hotel rooms are empty the majority of the time, thus, hotels remedy this by renting out rooms.

Why this can be of use to you


There are so many reasons why a day room can be massively valuable to you. If you have to be in a different city for the whole day and will only be able to leave at night, booking a day room at a hotel will allow you to freshen up before any meetings you need to attend or any other engagements you have to do. You can leave all of your stuff in the room while you do what you came to that location to do and not have to worry about carrying all your stuff or not having a place to relax alone. You may even have a nearby location you are interested in visiting for the day, a day hotel will benefit you most in this situation as well.

What to Pack for a Day Hotel Stay


Packing for a day can often require planning, as you’re looking to fit the essentials into one bag or suitcase. Even if you’ve been away for a weekend and are heading to a short stay at a day hotel, it’s important to bring along certain items that will make your stay more comfortable. Here is what to pack when staying at this type of hotel:

Toiletries: Toiletries such as soap, shampoo and make-up should be brought along, even if they are offered by them. This will save time and make your stay more sanitary and pleasant.

Clothing: Consider bringing two separate sets of clothing—an outfit for the evening that’s appropriate for the weather conditions if you plan on taking an evening walk or want to eat outside, plus casual clothing in case you decide to do some sightseeing during the day or want to relax indoors. Additionally, packing basics such as underwear, socks and any other personal care items like contact lenses or shaving products is also essential.

Entertainment: Reading material like magazines or books can help pass time indoors. Additionally, it may be important to bring some music (in case there isn’t any available in-house), games or another electronics item such as your laptop with downloaded movies on it if needed – just remember any cords they may require!

Miscellaneous Items: Don’t forget items that could prove necessary while away from home such as an extra phone charger for emergencies where access might be limited; medications (or at least an idea of what medications are needed); insect repellent in case outdoors; ID cards; cash/cards; etc.

Benefits of a Day Hotel


Day hotels, also known as day rates or short-stays, offer travelers cost-effective and convenient accommodation solutions. They are perfect for travelers who simply need a temporary place to rest between flights or to enjoy a short break in their daily routine. Here are some of the benefits of booking them:

Cost-Effective: These rooms can save you significant amounts of money compared to traditional ones. Because they are only intended for shorter stays during the day, most come with lower rates and no extra service charges.

Convenience: They provide convenience and flexibility for those who need somewhere comfortable to shower or take a nap between activities on a layover or busy weekend of sightseeing.

Flexible Booking: Many day rate hotel bookings offer flexible schedules that allow you to decide when to check in, check out, and even extend your stay for as long as necessary without additional fees.

Privacy: Most day room bookings come with private bathrooms that give you all the privacy you need without being disturbed by other guests. Additionally, they generally have blackout curtains so you can sleep peacefully during the day even if it’s still light outside.

Additional Services: To make your stay more enjoyable, many luxury short-stay hotels offer additional amenities such as free Wi-Fi access, complimentary toiletries, snacks and beverages, massage chairs/tables and even 24/7 concierge service depending on the hotel chain.


Traveling and using this type of hotel can be a great way to relax, recharge, and truly enjoy your travels. Not only are they a perfect escape from your everyday routine, but they provide you with reliable amenities such as comfortable beds, private bathrooms, and much more. Whether you’re looking for a place to rest after touring the city or the perfect spot to spend a weekend sightseeing, you can certainly reap the benefits of spending just one night in this type of hotel. By following these tips and doing some research into what’s available in each destination before you travel, you can make sure that your stay is worth every cent.