What Will Travel Look Like in 2024?

The travel industry has been hit undeniably hard by the Covid-19 outbreak, and although it is down, it is most certainly not out. Determined to adapt and overcome, new measures, safeguards and protocols are being put in place to ensure those of you with a serious case of wanderlust can still get away. So, what will holidays look like in 2024? Here are our predictions.

1. More paperwork heavy than ever before

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Recent years have seen the travel industry try to minimise paperwork, with online check-in terminals and e-boarding passes, but be prepared for an about-turn. To eliminate the risk of airplane passengers transmitting Covid-19 to each other, a spokesperson from Medicspot confirmed that everyone will be expected to produce fit-to-fly certificates.

In 2024, instead of simply making sure you have your phone and passport, you’ll need to remember your certificate as well – and we recommend having a physical copy, just in case you suffer an unexpected tech glitch.

2. Popular destinations will get even busier

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Given that ardent travellers have felt robbed of their favourite pastime in 2024, it’s a safe assumption that more people than ever will be trying to make up for lost time. This means that bucket-list destinations will get even more oversubscribed. Forbes has revealed that all signs point to a fast recovery for the travel industry next year with online holiday searches already significantly increasing.

The only unknown is when things will bounce back. Some travellers are bound to be cautious, waiting to see if a second wave hits before booking their trips, whereas others might fall prey to credit notes with an expiry date.

3. Masks will be part of life

Source: Healthline

Love or hate them, masks are here to stay for a while, so it is better that you get used to them now. Always try to look at the restrictions and laws in place where you plan to travel to, as you will find certain destinations more stringent than others.

A good rule of thumb would be to have a few to take away with you. Get some disposables, as well as some comfortable fabric ones, so you can always have one with you. It would be so disappointing to go sightseeing only to be refused entry somewhere.

4. There should be a vaccine

Source: Al Jazeera

We say this tentatively, but if governments around the world are to be believed, there should be a Covid-19 vaccine in 2024, and if that’s the case it’s more than likely that travellers will be required to have it. Essentially, it will be no different from needing certain injections to travel to areas with dangerous diseases already, but if you are wary, you need to think ahead about this potential stumbling block.

5. Cancellation policies will change

Source: Revenue Hub

This is key. In light of the pandemic, travel cancellation policies will change. Don’t assume that the insurance you’ve always taken out before will still cover you now, as businesses are scrambling to protect themselves.

Always read the small print that comes with any holiday booking or travel insurance policy, and be sure to contact your credit card company as well, to see if they can still cover you for missed flight costs. It would also be sensible to make sure you have protection in place for unexpected lockdowns either in the UK or your destination, as many travellers were caught out by that this year.

Although experts are predicting a fast industry recovery, travel in 2024 is going to look very different. Make sure you’re prepared and covered.