The Full Know-How of Travelling in The Netherlands


So, you have booked a trip to the Netherlands, known for its windmills, tulip fiends, as well as artistic masterpieces and phenomenal nightlife, amongst other things. And you wish to make this a trip to remember. If you like to fully plan ahead, you’ll want to get all the information you can get. Or perhaps you’re not that kind of planner and want to have others tell you the best places to visit. Either way, we got you covered! To get you prepared in the best way possible, we’ve set aside several aspects to keep in mind when travelling to the lowlands. To start off, you need to be able to find your way around. Therefore, we’ve set aside 5 tips to get the best deal when you rent a car to help you get from A to B.

Check car rental comparisons sites first


We suggest you start to search for car rental holland sites first, comparison sites often include all the major car rental sites. There are dozens of these sites out there, BB&L, Sixt, and the aptly named VroomVroomVroom. These sites are great at giving you some advice and also helping you to decide on your budget. There are a few things you should take into consideration first before you decide.

Check the companies own websites too

It may come as a bit of a surprise to you, but you can often find cheaper rates and better rates on the own companies’ website than on price comparison sites. For instance, the company we mentioned above, have an extensive website and great deals, Be sure to check them out. Other companies’ websites can often easily be found as well by simply searching their name.

Don’t rule out budget rental companies


While most people only look at the first few entries on Google, it may be worth looking into some of the smaller budget companies too. They’re not always cheaper but they do work hard to try and beat the giants and often have special prices and deals. If you do have some time, you may just discover a bargain.

Compare weekly and daily rates

Don’t just assume that weekly rates will be cheaper than daily rates, this can differ from website to website. On the other hand, if your trip is only three days long, for instance, it may be worth looking into if renting it by the week may work out cheaper when you return the car early. It’s always worth checking the fine print on the company website. This will ensure that you won’t get extra charges pushed on you when you return the car. It’s best not to tell the car rental company that you are planning to return it early, as they may charge you extra for this.

Consider whether you need to take out additional insurance


Speaking of unnecessary charges, it’s worth seeing if you need to take out additional insurance at websites such as Don’t just take the sales rep’s word for it but do your research. Sometimes your car insurance will cover it, just give them a quick call to find out. Besides this, some credit cards will cover the insurance for you as well and you can easily find that information online. It may just save you some hard-earned cash. Happy driving!

What’s the alternative?


Of course, car rentals aren’t the only mode of transportation. The Netherlands is a smaller-sized country, being compact allows you to easily travel to the other side of the country in about three hours. coincidentally this applies to all transportation options.

Taking the railroad


The obvious choice is to take the train to wherever you wish to go. Being a smaller country means that the railroad network extends to more than just the big cities. Smaller towns can be reached just as easily. The only thing is that the train can be just as costly as a car with an average cost of €0,18 per kilometre and often with an average minimum price of €2,16 per ride.

Calling a Cab


The easiest choice would be to call a cab. However, I’d strongly recommend against it. A cab is an expensive mode of transportation, especially in the big cities where they’ll charge you top dollar per kilometre.

What’s advised?


Your best bet would be to skip the cabs, in comparison to the tariffs they’re asking it is just not worth it. Car rentals and public transport are your best options. It is up to you which is more appealing to you. It highly depends on your travel wishes. do you want to travel without much personal responsibility and the ease of laying back and looking at the countryside, then the train and bus are the better option for you. However, car rentals give you the benefit of self-control. You decide where you wish to go and what road you’ll take. You can stop on the road at the sides of the road or veer off to side roads. Many interesting sites you could visit are more easily accessible via car as well. They have parking spaces close by or could even have public parking places in the vicinity. Besides this, there is the pleasant benefit of privacy. Because public transport is so often used, trains and busses in heavily visited areas are more often than not crowded. Opposed to a private car for you and those you travel with.

What to visit?

The Netherlands is home to many beautiful cultural landscapes and buildings. It all depends on your personal preferences. Do you like art or history? Then you won’t have any problem finding a museum or art gallery. Nearly all major cities have their arrangement for you to visit, and often the smaller towns have them as well in smaller forms. Do you like nature perhaps? Then the Veluwe is highly recommended. Bustling with wildlife and beautiful landscapes, this 91.200 ha large nature reserve holds more beauty than you could see in a week. Finally, there are the old cities with well-preserved architecture and monumental sites. Whatever you decide to do, we wish you safe travels and hope you’ll enjoy the unique country that is The Netherlands.