8 Tricks All Casinos Use That Get You to Spend More Money

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A casino is a perfect place for fun, socializing, and a place to make a lot of money. It only takes a little luck, a little experience and you have what it takes to be successful. Get your tuxedo or nightgown and go to one of the big elite casinos and have fun, but be careful! You have to be careful because the casinos behind this whole offer of fun and interesting games have one hidden goal – to profit on your back.

Casinos are so much more than it meets the eye. The effort the management puts in and the tactics they use to make people play longer and spend more money is just absurd. Every single detail is well thought out and has a purpose, however insignificant it might seem. Some things you probably figured out while others will blow your mind. Let’s begin.

1. Chips, instead of money

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Colorful chips are used instead of the real money so that you don’t have a feeling of spending any. The same trick is used by credit card companies for decades. Sliding chips will give you the feeling that it’s all just a game, and we’re all here to have fun. Which is true if you don’t lose sight of your bets. It’s easier to get carried away with chips than to have actually count paper banknotes; that will probably make you stop and think for a second. This way, casinos make it look like it’s no big deal, those are just chips. Right, but keep in mind that every chip is worth actual money – your hard-earned cash. Gambling away your life savings could only take minutes, so always be aware.

2. Alcohol

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Now, some might jump up and say that alcohol is served in many places like bars and night clubs. True, but how many places do you know where waitresses walk around the floor with already prepared all sorts of drinks? They have something for everyone, cocktails, whiskey, wine, gin, and everything else. The point is to blur your mind so that you’re not fully aware of what exactly it is that you’re doing. And all of that without the bother of actually ordering a drink and waiting for a person to bring it to your table. So, take it easy with alcohol while gambling, you need a clear mind especially if you don’t have a preset limit on how much you can gamble.

3. Losing a sense of reality

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No windows and no watches on the wall. That’s the old tactic used by not only casinos but shopping malls and large department stores. The point is to completely lose a sense of the time of day, whether it’s nighttime, morning, or maybe time to go home. Losing sense of time will keep you longer at the table. Maybe playing in a land-based casino doesn’t suit you best, so try playing some online games on sites like onlineunitedstatescasinos.com. If you’re susceptible to this trick try setting up an alarm on your phone, or bring a wristwatch and keep an eye on the time. The more you’re oblivious to the outside world, the longer you’ll stay, thus spending more money. Even if you win, you lost a bit, you’re aware of that, right? If not, research the term – house edge and keep that alarm on.

4. Celebrating wins

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Celebrating wins in the casinos goes to such extremes that it almost feels like a scene. The festivity is blown out of proportion with flashing lights, super-loud sounds, and an applaud from the staff and waitresses. The point of this celebration-goes-wild routine is for the whole casino to see that they are not some rip-off establishment that only takes money and no one ever wins. It also works psychologically on other players giving them false hope that they might be the next winner. They might be, but the probability of this happening is slim to none. Don’t fall for the show, and stick to your plan (hopefully you have one) that limits your time playing and cash spent.

5. Promotions, freebies, giveaways, and bonuses

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This is very generous of the management. Unfortunately, it’s bait to get you to start gambling or to keep you playing even when you start running low on cash. You will get some added bonus when you buy chips, or get some extra on your card, just to give you a boost so that you walk over to the table with full confidence. Bonuses count in when you win, and the house adds a few bucks just because they’re such great hosts. Publicly, of course, so everyone can see and hear. Oh, and freebies don’t mean free money – it means you’ll get some free alcohol at the beginning to get you started so that you can spend every last cent. If you want, of course – totally up to you.

6. Attractive waitresses

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What goes well with alcohol? Sexy women in short skirts and high heels. Imagine a buzzed guy gambling at the table and a pretty, smiling young girl walks up to offer him a drink. It’s heaven. And it’s also a tactic to hypnotize the players and fulfill their expectations of the house taking care of them in all the right ways. It’s an old formula that never fails. Once the player is tranquilized into a trance, he is much more likely to spend some more cash. I bet she could be selling tap water; he would still feel drunk.

7. Restrooms

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Casinos are like a maze and the top prize is finding a bathroom. It’s strategically placed at the far ends of the building, so when you start wandering around in need of one, you’ll have to pass through every single table and a slot machine that they have. And while you do, the idea might spark in your brain creating a wish to try out your luck on one of them. Great move by the management, although sometimes players get agitated by the hidden restrooms and leave the casino. Hence, it doesn’t work all the time, but the casino’s leadership figured it’s still worth a shot.

8. ATMs

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ATMs are everywhere, on every corner, and especially near the entrance door. Wherever you turn, there is at least one ATM, so that you don’t have to wait in line to draw some more cash. And if you’ve ever been in Las Vegas you’ll notice that there are cash machines everywhere, even at the airport where you can find slot machines next to the ATMs – just in case you find a dime on the bottom of your pocket. For big players who can’t carry all that cash around, casinos came up with a solution – an instant credit line, or the so-called marker. You can get it at every table, pre-approved, in seconds. Convenient.

9. Casinos are organising parties with live music that can only keep you in the casino

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Еnter one of the famous casinos around the world on Friday or Saturday night and see what a real party with music is for everyone. These parties are usually organized by the casinos themselves on the weekends to spend as much time as possible in the casino and to invest and leave a lot of money at one of the games. Most often guests are groups, bands, and singers that are currently popular locally, which can create a nice atmosphere and gather as many people as possible in the casino.

These parties usually start in the early evening and last until late at night, they are attended by a large number of people who often even insist on the party to continue until the early hours of the morning. This is a great way to attract and retain players in the casino so that they can invest as much money as possible in the games that the casino offers.

10. Casinos add new games to their offer at least once a semester

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Тhe enrichment of the offer is the main trump card of the casinos. An enriched range of games is that it can keep players inside the casino premises. The purpose of the frequent increase of the offer in the casinos is the increased investment that the owners of these businesses want. They want players to visit the casinos as much as possible and spend as much time in them as possible. Goldenslot says that the frequent additions of new games, especially slot machines, attract not only existing players to the casino but also many new players who have not been to a physical casino before but have only played from home. The change in the offer of slot machine games seems like a big desired change that brings very big benefits to the casinos, and that means only bigger profits for them.

Beware of big and elite casinos where it is realistic to make a profit, but it is also realistic to run out of money because you will be listed on it with the ambiance there and the rules that are imposed indirectly by the casino. Every business uses tactics to better sell their product and attract more customers, and this is especially true for casinos that find it perfect to earn money by indirectly attracting bigger and more frequent bets from players. It’s perfectly normal and expected. However, casinos are a bit different since they’re not selling anything, you are supposed to give money away. For fun, but make sure it is just for fun. Be careful, pre-set a limit before you go into the casino, and gamble responsibly.

Responsible gambling should be accompanied by responsible investing, responsible drinking, and taking care of your safety while you are in the casino. That way you will end up having some fun, maybe win something, and still walk home happy with some cash left in your account. Good luck in the game and just pay attention to the responsible game, only in this way you will protect your bank account balance, and you can refresh it with a high amount that will bring a smile to your face. Be careful and wish you a lot of luck in the game, fingers crossed!