10 Tricks to Help You Double Your Investment

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Are you tired of dreaming up ways to double your investment? Imagine all the things you could do with that extra capital, from a new home to a lavish vacation to a dramatic upgrade in lifestyle. When you double your money, a world of opportunity opens up in front of you.

You need to take the first step, and this is the tricky part!

You might hesitate to risk your hard-earned money on investments. What if they fail and you lose your cash? How long did it take to save up?

We can help you take that first step. All you need are a few strategies, ideas, and smart planning. We have 10 investment tips to double your investment.

Read on before you invest another cent!

1. Double Your Investment: Cryptocurrency

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Most of the planet has heard of Bitcoin by now. Since it came onto the scene in 2009, its value has risen to $26,697 in 2024 – that’s for 1 bitcoin!

The value of Bitcoin is dictated by its limited supply; there are only 21 million Bitcoins in existence, so greater investment equals greater value. Bitcoin may be the most famous, but there are thousands of types of crypto.

If you’re looking to invest in crypto, you should be aware of its volatility, but it can double your money fast. You can invest in crypto via a crypto exchange or specific brokers. The cryptocurrency is secured by blockchain technology, so only certain brokers have access to it.

You can invest in crypto directly, buying one type or multiple types of crypto at once. Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Tether are the main ones, but new types of crypto are released all the time in initial coin offerings (ICOs).

You can also invest in crypto companies or cryptocurrency-focused funds. Crypto company investments act like company stock investments. Crypto-focused funds let you invest in exchange-traded funds (ETFs), index funds, and futures.

One of the great things about crypto is the rise of the Bitcoin ATM. These let you invest in Bitcoin on Main Street, and certain ATMs let you withdraw bitcoins out in cash like a regular ATM too! You may find this Bitcoin ATM finder useful.

2. Know the Rule of 72

The Rule of 72 is like a rule of thumb for investors. It tells you how long it will take to double your investment from its initial amount.

You divide 72 by your annual rate of return to get an estimate of how long you will need to wait to see your investment double. So $1 at a 5% fixed annual rate would be (72/5) = 14.4. You would need to wait 14.4 years to double your investment.

The Rule of 72 is quite effective for lower rates of return. You will need a more precise way to predict timeframes as your returns increase.

3. Invest in Savings Bonds

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Savings bonds are a reliable way to double your investment. There are company and government savings bonds, with the latter being the most stable. The issuer of the bond does so to raise money for their company or government.

When you invest in a savings bond, you agree to a fixed rate of return, referred to as a fixed-income security. You can choose monthly, quarterly, semiannual, or annual return payments. You will receive your fixed-income security for the duration of the bond.

Individual bonds let you buy straight from the U.S. Government or a company of your choice. Company bonds require a broker to mediate the deal; government bonds let you buy directly from the U.S. Treasury.

You can also invest in bond funds. These let you buy multiple, smaller bonds from multiple issuers. Bond funds can be a wise way to diversify your portfolio and benefit from several industries.

Savings bonds are far less volatile than stocks, and if you mix them with other investment options on this list, you can build a balanced, diverse portfolio.

4. Manage Risk Through Diversification

When you diversify your investment portfolio, you help protect yourself from risk if certain markets fluctuate. You can invest in multiple markets that have little or even zero correlation. If one stock falls, you offset the loss with a stable stock in another sector.

Mixing S&P 500 blue-chip stocks with investment-grade bonds is a reliable way to boost your earnings. However, as these investments are so stable, it will take time before you double your money.

You can mix stable investments like savings bonds and S&P 500 stocks with more volatile investments to double your money while maintaining a steady income at the same time. It is impossible to double your investment quickly without some risk, but if you offset losses with stable gains, you help protect yourself.

In terms of foreign exchange trading, you can invest in stable currency pairs, called major pairs, to provide a steady return. Major currency pairs trade against the United States dollar and include the euro, the British pound, and the Japanese yen.

You can diversify your currency investments by picking minor pairs. These trade a major currency, like the euro, against an emerging currency, like the Thai baht or Turkish lira. Minor pairs are far more volatile than major pairs, but your could double your investment far faster, too!

5. Use 401(k) Matches to Double Your Investment

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The 401(k) is a retirement plan which derives its name from Title 26 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code (IRC). It has a catchy title, but it is also a reliable way to double your money.

The premise of a 401(k) is simple. You automatically pay part of your monthly salary into your 401(k) account, and your employer matches all or part of it. If your employer matches your whole amount, you literally double your investment every month!

The two main types of 401(k) plans are Traditional and Roth. Traditional plans use pre-tax contributions, but tax you for withdrawals. Roth plans use after-tax income to plump up your balance.

In terms of investment options, you can choose from stock or bond mutual funds. Target-date funds are a third option that may suit you when you get closer to retirement age. There are limits on contributions that change year by year based on inflation metrics: $22,500 in 2024.

6. Trade Stock Options

Options trading works like futures or forwards trading. You agree upon a derivative contract to buy or sell a stock at an agreed price at a date in the future. Stock options differ from futures and forwards because they give you the right but not the obligation to buy or sell.

The lack of obligation with stock options lets you watch the market. When your trading date is on the horizon, you may change your mind and decide to keep your stock or abandon the purchase. You will need to pay a premium to obtain this flexibility, but the premium will not exceed the price of the stock itself.

The two types of options are calls and puts. Calls give you the right to purchase an asset in the future at the price on which you and the seller agreed. A put option gives you the right to sell as an asset at the agreed price at a future date.

Even though stock options offer flexibility, you still need to learn trading strategies to double your investment – you can lose a lot of money! With some training, you can make large profits with stock options.

7. Invest in Gold, Antiquities, and Collectables

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This one may seem more novel than many on this list but with some research and the right contacts, you can double your money in time. Collectible items, like figurines, models, and movie props, can be relatively affordable when first issued, but reach huge values later.

Old coins, vintage packaging, classic toys, furniture, and artwork can earn you large profits if you hold on to them for long enough. Check out this list of 76 collectibles.

Never underestimate the power of gold! You can invest in gold in multiple ways, physically and via stocks, but all work well as a hedge in times of market volatility. In 2024, gold value rose to $1,850 per troy ounce.

You can trade physical bullion if you have the storage space, but it adds extra difficulty when you need to move it, and security will always be a concern. You can invest in gold stock options, futures, and mutual funds too, which may be the easiest way to double your money if the value rises.

Jewelry is another option, and some timeless pieces rise in value along with the gold itself. In the age of countless digital investments, gold offers an old-world way to double your money.

8. Build a Real Estate Portfolio

Real estate is a relatively stable physical investment and an ideal way to diversify your portfolio. Even if your other investments fluctuate, your property will still be there as a backup. It could even become your main source of income with the right investment tips.

Worried about the stress of being a landlord? You can buy real estate investment funds (REITs), then profit in a hands-off manner, freeing up your time for the rest of your portfolio.

REIT companies own real estate assets like offices, retail buildings, houses, and apartments. When you invest in REITs, you will receive dividends from the company without worrying about the management of the real estate. Detailed research will inform you of the best areas to invest in for maximum future profit.

You could invest in rental properties in an up-and-coming area, too. This may take more effort than REITs, but you will have more control over your investment. You can use property management companies to take care of tenants, leases, and maintenance.

Another way to double your investment in real estate is called flipping. You buy a property in a state of disrepair for a low price, renovate it, then sell it for maximum profit. If you’re willing to put in the effort, this is an effective way to double your money!

9. Use Compound Interest to Maximize Profits

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Compound interest increases your profit at each interest interval, letting you double your investment faster than simple interest by a huge margin. The compound interest uses your initial principal investment and your accumulated interest from previous interest intervals.

The longer your compound interest investment continues the greater your returns at each interval; you will earn at an accelerated rate! Looking for a compound interest calculator?

Simple interest only uses your principal investment amount, then adds the agreed interest amount at each term to your balance. So, if you invest $100 at a 10% fixed rate, you will gain $10 at each interest interval, and that’s it.

You will need to find an investment, such as a savings account or bond, that allows compound interest. You should be aware of the interest amount. Although your money will grow in a snowball effect, a low-interest rate means it may take years before you see any real profits.

10. Be Your Own Investment

You can double your investment in the long term by spending money on yourself instead of external investments. Skip the fancy watch or new car! Investing in profitable qualifications, training, or business startups can double your investment more efficiently than many other options.

Have you always wanted to start your own business? With proper planning, you can make yours a success, and certain business ideas require little start-up capital. Doubling your money with a business boosts your net worth, and let’s be honest, boosts your feelings of self-worth too!

Plan Your Financial Future Today

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We hope this guide helps you double your investment and make your dreams a reality. It is vital to remember that no investments are risk-free. The faster ways to double your investment on this list are also the riskiest, but with the right strategy, you could see a huge influx of capital before long!

Diversification is the key to investment risk management. Mixing a few ideas on this list can help you offset losses and maximize gains. Never stop learning and you can succeed.

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