Truth About 5 Myths of Sex

Sexuality is a subject that many people are interested in, and sex is one of the few things that attracts the curiosity of almost everyone, men and women, young and old… There is a lot of information that is spread and assumed to be true, when in fact it is not. The fact is that the ease with which anyone can get information on the Internet has made infoxication widespread throughout the world.

In sex in particular there are countless widespread myths that most people think are true, when in fact they are not. Some of the most popular according to Skokka are the following:

1. Vaginal orgasms and clitoral orgasms

Source: Rosie Rees

Although it is common to differentiate between orgasms, the reality is that it is the clitoris that is involved in each and every orgasm that any woman enjoys. Even in girls who claim that their orgasms are exclusively by penetration, the truth is that the clitoris is intervening directly in their orgasm.

The orgasm in women, on an anatomical level… is caused by the clitoris.

2. Circumcision damps the pleasure

Source: Women’s Health

It is a popular idea that by removing the protection from the glans, the glans becomes more insensitive over time. This statement is not based on any scientific study as studies have shown that not only was there no loss of sensitivity and pleasure in the glans after the circumcision, but many subjects claimed that the glans area was more sensitive after the operation.

3. Aphrodisiac food

Source: Med Decisions

Aphrodisiac foods are becoming more widespread. And more and more it seems that there are foods that produce an alteration in the hormones that bring about an immediate desire for sex.

Unfortunately, no scientific study can guarantee that a particular food product will have such an effect. Some supposedly aphrodisiac foods, such as oysters or chocolate, have no study behind them to support the veracity of such effects.

It is true that if substances such as adrenaline decrease in the body and vasodilation of the sexual structures occurs, it can make it easier for the sexual organism to become aroused. Therefore, what is really involved in having greater excitement, is to drive away stress and anxiety.

Discover, together with the beautiful escorts, what you have always had doubts about. Although a good advice that will always be positive for anyone is that, if you have doubts about sexuality, important doubts, go to a sexologist who can dissipate in a professional way those unanswered questions.

4. Masturbation is a man’s business

Source: Promescent

Men may be less shy confessing that they masturbate than women. This is understandable in a world where a girl who likes sex can be considered a prostitute. Whereas masturbation can be a manly thing for men to admire.

The reality is that, beyond what can be confessed in public, both men and women masturbate. Masturbation is a healthy practice.

Moreover, contrary to what many people think, this is far from being due to the fact that men and women who masturbate have unpleasant relationships with their partners or lovers. In fact, masturbation can be a perfectly good sexual practice within a couple.

5. Women are less interested in sex

Source: She Xposed

Another myth that has been considered true since time immemorial. It’s not that men are more interested in sex, they are simply freer to express it, probably motivated by the previous point of this article.

Apart from the fact that society always treats a man who talks openly about sex and his promiscuity better than a woman, as the Canadian girls could quickly confirm. Another reason is the way in which sex is understood between the two genders, always in general terms. The fact is that women tend to relate it more to love, something that does not happen so much with men.

Although the reality is that, fortunately, society is moving forward and the differences between men and women and their way of understanding sex, or anything else, are becoming increasingly fine.

In short, men and women are interested in sex in the same way, only they face a social judgment that does not exist for men, and they may also understand it in a more loving way.

Source: BBC

As we have seen in the article, some statements can be taken for granted without being so. But it is also possible that the opposite is true. That some things assumed to be false, turn out to be true.

Because what each person thinks they know about sex is due to different things. On the one hand, personal experience, what someone has lived, both alone and with others. On the other hand there is the sex education received and the comments of friends and/or family. But without doubt, what has most influenced is what you can see on the internet, whether it be video, audio or text.

A clear example is the porn films that are published on the main adult content websites. With them, young people start discovering their sexuality to give themselves pleasure when they are alone. This becomes a problem when the image of sexual relations is formed on this basis. Because, after all, they are actors and actresses who are preparing for the stage.

Source: AskMen

So when it comes to the real experience expectations exceed reality, as happens most of the time. That’s why it’s always advisable to experiment and try for oneself. Open your mind and discover your own sexuality, without prejudice. Everyone has tastes, fantasies and is more or less sensitive in each area of their body. So, for all this, it is always recommended to try to forget everything you think you know about sex, and try to feel and discover by trying yourself. Discover what you enjoy most in bed, what posture, what movements, what toys… There are endless possibilities to try.Because this is how you can really end up knowing about sex and enjoying it fully. Differentiating all those false myths that circulate around from the truths about sex.