How to Turn a Hobby Into a Business

In the past, I wouldn’t even know where to begin with this subject, but over the last couple years, I’ve learned how I can monetise my hobbies. In this day and age where times are tough, money is tight and there’s seemingly no end to the struggles, any revenues you can have to bring in extra money are super welcome. There are a few hobbies I have these days that I monetise, so let’s break them down huh?

First up, the hobby you’re currently reading. Over the last few years I’ve taken up writing, sometimes creative writing, but most of the time it has been informative stuff. I’ve done video game reviews, I’ve done tech reviews, I’ve done guides and I’ve done stuff like this. As time went on and I got more into it, more consistent and more open with my writing, I got to a point where I was able to earn a little bit of cash for my writing.


Through friends, through agencies and various other places, I’ve been able to earn some money to put aside and also some money to build a new PC to help with my second hobby which I have been lucky enough to get into a position where I can monetise that hobby too, but I’ll get into that shortly.

Though I haven’t done it myself, if you’re into writing yourself there is a super simple way you could monetise doing it yourself, using this method you can angle yourself HOWEVER you want, focus more on creative writing if that’s what you’re into.

If you REALLY want to you could market yourself as a person who will do homework for people, by simply signing up to services like Fiverr. Using Fiverr and other similar services, you can effectively put any of your skills to use for others and earn a little cash doing it! So what was my other hobby I’ve been able to monetise?


GAMING. Yup, you heard that right, in a way I’ve monetised gaming through my writing, by doing game reviews. Sometimes I’ve been paid in cash for those, other times I just get paid in games which is pretty sick. But, I’ve also managed to monetise my gaming addiction, sorry, hobby, by content creation. In January I decided I’d pick up streaming, not that I think I’m particularly entertaining, but apparently, some people do.

Enough people to get me up to a position where I have been lucky enough to earn a bit of money from just playing games and chatting garbage to random people on the internet and honestly? I bloody love it! I meet and talk to new people every day, I get to play video games and I get to do it all from the comfort of my own home. What’s not to like??

Another hobby I’ve been able to take advantage of to make a little bit of money is my love of sports. Ever since I was a kid I’ve been big into pretty much any sport you can think of, I watch all the football I can fit into my eyes, I watch as much cricket as is humanly possible and when the hockey season is in play I watch as much of the NHL as I’ve got time for. Which tends to amount to leafs games plus whoever is on while I’m sitting writing late at night. GO LEAFS… *cries* But how do you monetise sports? I hear you asking, well strap yourself in because there are a few ways actually.


First you could become a professional athlete, if you’re good enough and dedicated, you could go all the way to the top, professional athletes at the very top of their game earn good money, some earn ridiculous money, for example, have you seen how much Lionel Messi earns? €481,000 a week, or €68,682 a day or €2,862 per hour or €47.69 per minute or €0.80 per second.

Not to mention his €25million signing on fee with Paris Saint Germain. Insane money, but hey I’d take it. He makes more in a minute than I earn in an 8 hour shift in my 9-5. No wonder I’m trying to monetise my hobbies eh? Another way is by using my knowledge to maybe have a gamble. Of course this isn’t always going to guarantee me money, as always you should gamble responsibly, but you can make the most out of it by shopping around.

Most bookmakers have plenty of new customer offers and regular top up offers. Places like are great banks of knowledge for stuff like this, you can find the right bookmaker(s) for you using sites like this one, want somewhere that accepts dogecoin? You got it. Want to know the reliability?

They can show you that too. What about if you want to know if a bookmaker has an app with live streaming of sport? Definitely! That’s gonna do it for me today, what hobbies do you have? You’d be surprised at the many ways you can make money these days, why not try it? There’s always somebody willing to pay for a service, even if your hobby is egg and spoon races or something…