5 Different Types of Shutters and Tips for Choosing

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Many people are not aware of the fact that the story about window shutters is a rather interesting one. According to various historical sources, they have been invented in ancient Greece, in the 15th century BC. They were used for the same reasons as we use them these days.

But they were completely different than those we have now. Historians say that they were basically rocks put on windows. Naturally, they are much more efficient these days. If you want to take a look at these, be sure to visit diamondwindowshutters.co.uk.

However, we are sure that a vast majority of people out there are simply not aware of how to choose these properly. That’s why we would like to talk about this aspect. We will discuss the commonest sorts of shutters, and significant tips that will assist you with choosing them.

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The Commonest Types

There are a couple of types of shutters out there to consider. The commonest ones out there are raised panel, flat panel, board and batten, louvered, and Bahama and Bermuda. As you can presume, there are many factors to consider when choosing these, but we will talk about these later. First, we want to explain each of these types thoroughly.

Raised panel is probably the commonest out of all the sorts you will encounter. The reason is that they do not have almost any design on them. Instead, they pretty much look like a kitchen cabinet. Due to their simplistic design, chances are you will find them on some older houses, or in villages. However, it is likely to find them in cities.

Flat-panel are somewhat more complex than raised ones. They are used by people who are interested in ensuring the highest level of privacy. Furthermore, they can block the cold or hot weather. Board and batten are usually made of a couple of boards that are held together by a pattern. Therefore, making these opens a room for the creator to be creative, as much as he or she wants.

Louvered shutters consist of many angled planks that can offer a chance to the user to allow a little bit of the outside light into the room. There are many sub-types worth taking a look at them. Bahama and Bermuda are a unique twist in this world. The reason is quite simple, they are not fixed on the side. Instead, they are fixed on the top. In most cases, you will find them in regions with tropic climates.

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5 Tips for Choosing Shutters

Now that you understand all the commonest types out there, and their specifics, let’s see how you should choose them properly.

1. Proper Measurement

The first, and most important thing to consider, is what size do you need. It doesn’t matter if they are smaller or bigger, they will not be as functional as you need them to be. To prevent this sort of unpleasant situation, make sure that you know the exact size you need through measuring.

Thankfully, the needed size will be the same for all the windows in your house. Still, there are situations when this is simply not the case. Therefore, measuring all of them independently is an absolute must. So, you can see that this process can be quite lengthy.

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2. Affordability

No matter what sort of product you’re looking for, them being affordable is a significant factor. For many people, this is the biggest aspect in deciding whether to purchase or not. When we’re talking about shutters, the price range can be quite long, and it is not easy to find an appropriate price.

Of course, investing all the money you have into something like this is an obvious mistake. So, before you make the decision on which one of these you will purchase, make sure that it meets your budget. You will certainly agree that this is much easier to say than to do.

3. Complementary Colors

When we’re discussing colors, you will have somewhat more freedom. Meaning, they do not need to be of the same color as the walls. Instead, they need to be similar, but making them stand out a little bit is a positive thing.

Just think about it, the color of shutters can add a new line of style to your home. In some cases, they can even increase the resale value. To make sure you have made the right choice, you can always hire a professional to help you with this aspect.

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4. The Right Material

As you can presume, many materials are used for making these shutters. Naturally, wood is the commonest out of all of them. It needs to be said that this material is popular for a reason. The only way to keep these fresh is to use products that can make them durable against weather conditions.

When choosing the store where you will purchase these, make sure they can offer many different materials to choose from. Surely, it is a clear indicator that this is a sign that shows the store’s credibility, which immediately means that their products are of proper quality.

5. Consider the Style

The final tip we would like to provide you with is taking a close look at the home’s overall style. The simplest thing to do this is to pay attention to the homes in your neighborhood. It is almost certain that your home will not be too different than theirs. See what sort of shutters they have.

Besides that, take a look at the home’s style. Make sure that shutters with the overall style of your home. Otherwise, they will not look as stylish as you need them to be. Making this process easier is possible. Perceive the home as a puzzle, and shutters are just missing pieces that will make it complete.

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In Conclusion

Sometimes, choosing shutters properly can make a significant difference. Here, you can see all things you should be aware of when it comes to the material and tips that will help you to make the best possible decision.