Types of Sports Bets in Malaysia

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Sports betting is popular among gamblers and one of Malaysia’s most common forms of gambling. Gambling offers them plenty of chances to win big money from their bets.

Also, people find betting interesting and exciting. It is a reason why different individuals and groups have started their own sports books, which differ from one another based on the types of games the sports betting company offers and the amount of money you can win and place bets.

Sports betting is an excellent way to make money and improve your skills. You can also learn more about tactics, strategy, mental acuity, and other essential topics. In this blog post, You will learn the different types of sports-betting services in Malaysia to help you find the right fit.

Parlay Bets

Parlay bets are sports bets that allow you to simultaneously place many wagers on different teams. Once you win, you’ll receive a payout based on how many units you pick.

When betting on parlays, you can also “add” or “subtract” from your bet by increasing or decreasing the amount of money you’re putting down. For example, if you add $1, your payout will increase by $1 for each correct pick. Yet, if your selection fails to come through as expected. Then they will consider all your choices incorrect and reduce your total payout.

The legality of parlay betting varies depending on the state or country you live. In some places, it’s legal, while in others, it isn’t, so check before placing any wagers. Also, several online sportsbooks offer bonuses to new customers. So feel free to take advantage of these bonuses because they can give you an edge over other players who still need to access them (and who might need to realize how beneficial these deals can be).


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Futures bets are one of the most popular forms of online sports betting Malaysia. These bets allow you to place a wager on the outcome of an event that will take place in the future. It can include winning a league title or a team’s total victories.

The Future bet is legal in Malaysia because it doesn’t require special knowledge or insider information. You only need to know what teams and players compete in various competitions. The reliability and availability of bonuses vary from the site, but most Malaysian bookmakers offer bonuses as part of their promotions.


Bet365 is a reliable and legal sportsbook that offers various betting options. It is also among the best Asian bookies that are leading and available worldwide that offer live stream games.

The platform is reliable because it has been operating for years without accusations of fraud or mismanagement. It is also legal since it operates within the rules set by the Malaysian government.

The bonuses offered by Bet365 are good: you can get up to a $100 free bet when you sign up at this site.

Moneyline Bets

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Moneyline bets are the most common type of sports bet in Malaysia. They’re also among the most reliable, so you’ll find them at all the major bookmakers.

The way they work is simple: you bet on a team based on its odds to win without any point spread involved. It’s like betting on a horse race without knowing how far apart the horses will be from each other when they cross the finish line.

You can find moneyline bets on about any sport at almost every bookmaker. Including NFL football and baseball, NBA basketball, NHL hockey, and soccer leagues like La Liga and Serie A. If there’s a league out there, that’s popular enough for people to care about it. Suppose there isn’t—you’re likely to find moneyline bets available somewhere!

Point Spreads

Point spreads are the simplest of all sports bets. They’re a handicap, where they assign one team many points, and it must win to cover the distance. The favourite team receives a negative number, while the underdog has a positive number. So if you bet on the Philadelphia Eagles to beat the Chiefs at -7 last weekend, they won by 3 points. You would have won your bet because they covered their spread.

While this type of bet is legal in most countries, it is only available in some places. Point spreads in Malaysia are illegal because they are considered too complex for players who need help understanding. Also, they need to read numbers well enough to follow them during a game.


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Outrights are the simplest and most common type of sports bet. They’re also the most reliable because they are available to every bookmaker and are easy to find.

You can place an outright wager on a specific team winning or losing a game and on which team will win a series of games. Also, you can get an offer of Outrights for other outcomes, including whether a player will score more than 10 points during a game. Furthermore, if two players will get each score more than 20 points during a game.

The reliability of bonuses varies by site. Some sites offer up to 100% bonuses when you sign up for an account, but many offer smaller bonuses or none. Some areas also ensure that you meet certain conditions before they pay out your bonus money. If a site requires the smallest amount of money deposited before you can claim your bonus, it’s best to check this before signing up for the service.


Teasers are a type of sports bet in Malaysia that allows you to make many bets with one wager. For example, if you wanted to bet $10 on the outcome of a soccer match, you could place bets on both teams to win or lose the game. If one team wins and the other loses, then you can consider your bet a push, and they will not return your money.

There is no legal restriction on teasers in Malaysia; they are available from many gambling sites. Yet, as with all types of gambling, it offers essential to check for any restrictions or regulations that apply. It is also vital to ensure that betting sites offer reliable bonuses so you can redeem them when needed.

Round Robins

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Round robins are a type of sports bet in Malaysia. They involve two or more teams competing against each other, and they decide the winner once they play all games. On most betting sites, you can only place one bet on a round-robin.

The legality of round robins depends on where you place your bet. In Malaysia, for example, it is legal to place a round-robin bet as long you put it through an approved betting site. Yet, placing the same bet through an unlicensed website or bookmaker is illegal and could result in prosecution.

Some betting sites offer bonuses when placing a round-robin bet; others do not. Suppose your chosen betting site provides a bounty for making this bet. Ensure that its terms and conditions are clear about how much money you need to qualify. Also, how long do you have to claim it before the end dates pass by without doing so – otherwise, you risk losing out!

Propositions (Props)

Proposition bets, also known as “props,” are one of the most popular forms of betting in the world of sports betting. They are bets that come on special events that aren’t related to the outcome of a game. The most common props include predicting whether an athlete will win a specific award. Also, if they will perform above or below a particular statistic.

You can find Proposition bets in any online sportsbook and available in American and Canadian dollars. They’re easy to understand and place. They’re great for new bettors who might feel intimidated by some sports betting terms or concepts.

Props are legal, and you can find them at any significant bookmaker. The reliability of props is also very high. They base on actual results, so you don’t have to worry about whether the bookie will pay out if your bet wins.

Handicap Bets

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Handicap bets are a type of bet where you bet on the outcome of a game. The games include football or basketball, and the team you’re backing needs to win by a certain number of points. This type of bet is most common in European sports but is also legal in Malaysia.

While there are many different types of handicap bets, they all follow the same general rules. You have to pick a team you think will win by at least one point, two points, or another number you choose. You win your bet if your team scores high by two or more points.

Handicap bets are legal in Malaysia. You can find them in most sportsbooks. Also, most sportsbooks offer bonuses on a limited basis and only to new players as part of their welcome package.

In-Play Bets

In-play betting is one of Malaysia’s most popular forms of online sports betting. It allows you to place bets on various events as they happen, so you can put your chance while the game is still in progress. This type of gambling has become popular in recent years because it offers much more excitement and unpredictability than traditional betting strategies.

In-play betting is legal in Malaysia. Most reliable and trustworthy online sportsbooks offer this type of betting, so you will find one to use.

The best way to find a good sportsbook is by looking at their bonuses and promotions. The best bonuses will have plenty of money available for new players and offer more than a free bet or two. You also want to look at how much of your deposit they are willing to match with free money and how long they make this offer available.

Enjoy Gaming!

Before you choose to play some online sports betting, there are a few factors that you have to be sure about first. There are several types of bets, each with pros and cons, value, and risk. Learning about all the game types is imperative before you start placing bets. It will allow you to predict what type of bet best suits your needs and enjoy the gaming experience.