What Is The UK Family Visa Processing Time?

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It is human nature to fight for existence, for better living conditions for oneself and one’s family, even though this entails great sacrifices – giving up education, finding additional work, neglecting one’s own needs in order to provide a future for one’s children, and so on. Of course, there is also sacrifice in the form of leaving one’s homeland in search of a better standard. In Europe, there have always been countries that stand out for the quality of life, and among the most desirable for life are Switzerland and Great Britain, as well as some countries of the European Union. In this article, we pay attention to life in Great Britain.

Despite the British withdrawal from the European Union, the economy of the Kingdom remains one of the largest in the world, the local currency is quite stable and the British feel confident about the future. Therefore, many see England as a promised land, a country to move to.

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The average salary in this country is over £35,000, and anything below that is considered insufficient for a normal life. Great Britain is among the 5 most developed economies in the world, which directly affects the high solvency of the population, social security, and stable financial and political situation in society. The country offers many jobs for young and existing professionals.

Great Britain is recognized as one of the ten countries suitable for doing business. The government actively supports startups and implements a number of government programs that will help you build the company of your dreams. A lot is invested in the UK every year, and the country itself attracts investors. However, what interests many is the procedure to go through in order to move with your family to this promised land.

The first step is to prepare the necessary documentation. It is best to get information about it on the Embassy’s official website, but it usually includes personal documents such as an identity card, passport, birth certificate, certificate of citizenship, certificate of completed education, and so on. Then it is necessary to choose the type of visa. Keep in mind that it is difficult to get an immigrant visa right away, but it has to be done gradually, which means that you will probably get a student or work visa first, and only after a stay of 2-5 years, you have the right to apply for citizenship. Why do we say 2-5 years? Because it depends on the visa category you have.

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When we talk about family visa for UK, it is important to know that there are several subcategories. Depending on your marital status, it also depends on how quickly you will get a visa. Therefore, it is important that you state in your application whether you are married, in a relationship, or engaged. It is the step from which everything starts. Of course, in addition to the necessary documentation, there are other conditions that both partners must meet – that they are of legal age, that the partner living in the UK has British citizenship, and that you have proof that you are together (marriage certificate, photos, witnesses, etc.), that you have enough financial resources to get started until you find a job, and you have a certificate of knowledge of the English language. If you have a child with a partner who is a British citizen, the child will automatically receive the citizenship of the parents. When we talk about the procedure itself, which is necessary for obtaining a visa, it takes about 2 months on average, which is enough for the embassy to do the necessary checks.

There are various reasons for moving to a foreign country and for each individual or family, it represents a major life decision. To move to Great Britain, you need a UK Expatriate visa, which enables exactly that. However, there are certain restrictions on who is eligible to apply for this type of visa and every immigrant visa application is different. It is necessary to carefully consider the entire case and all its facts in order to find the best way to apply.

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Of course, in addition to family visas, tourist, student, and work visas are very popular. A tourist visa is perhaps the most frequent and the shortest period for which it is issued is 6 months. Just filling out the application will take a little more time, and when everything is filled out and you choose an appointment, there is no conversation, you simply sign, leave your fingerprint and that’s it. A visa is obtained much faster than a family visa, already in 2-3 days. You will be able to apply for a work visa only after you find a sponsor, that is, an employer who will guarantee for you. This is a rather difficult task because if there are already unemployed experts in your field in the country, they will have an advantage when hiring compared to you. It is worth noting that overall unemployment throughout the UK is very low, particularly due to the availability of European labor. When it comes to the student visa, is obtained through the educational institution.

The United Kingdom is a promised land for many, but it is important to look at the advantages and disadvantages. In this country, the weather is often gloomy, cold, and rainy, so it is not the best solution for those who feel depressed in this kind of weather. Also, the standard of living is quite high. Yes, here we are talking about good salaries, but also expensive life, especially for those who do not have their own property and have to rent an apartment, especially in big cities. Also, it is a great advantage if you do not decide on this path alone, but have a partner who will share the costs with you. In this way, you could pay off your obligations and even save money.