5 Unique Destinations Only a Few People Have Seen!

You’re always looking for something new to explore? When others turn around, your adventure just begins? That’s great! Everyone loves stories about exactly these adventures. Besides good preparation, you only need yourself and a passion for travelling. But what is part of good preparation? Of course, the inspiration for your next destination is! Without knowing what you want to experience, it is difficult to experience it.

Here you will find many like-minded people. The community also offers you many benefits and other advantages if you would like to become a travel blogger yourself and share your unique experiences. 5 Extremely exciting destinations that should not be missing on any bucket list are:

1. Chernobyl, Ukraine – Radioactive Time

Do you remember April 26, 1986? No? Many people do! One of the worst catastrophes that the world has ever seen happened there. It was a war against an invisible enemy, on a scale never seen before. In Chernobyl radioactive material was thrown into the atmosphere by two explosions from two reactors. And the radiation continues to this day… and will continue to do so for many years to come. So, it is almost impossible to imagine to visit such a place today. According to Traxplorio this trip is definitely different from your usual travels, but it will also remain in your memory much longer! But a trip to Ukraine is unique not only because of Chernobyl. Also, the capital Kiev is a real insider tip! Culinary Kiev is in the absolute top league. This surprisingly modern city is full of special places (e.g. a secret restaurant that can only be reached by elevator) that want to be discovered!

2. Iceland – Expedition to a New World Formed by Fire and Ice

Yes, Iceland itself is no longer an insider tip. Nevertheless, there are still only a few people who explore the country on their own. Iceland is made for a road trip! Besides the Golden Circle Tour there are countless hot pots, waterfalls, caves and much more in the middle of nature. Have you ever hiked on a glacier or been standing in a real ice cave? And in strong contrast to all the ice, there are sulphur fields and volcanoes. Nowhere else in the world you can enjoy this untouched and impressive nature on your own. It is a paradise for all photographers. And you can also enjoy living in harmony with the animals here. Take a nice ride with a breathtaking view or see reindeer in the wild. A small visit to Santa’s house is of course a must. Whoever likes to travel in freedom is going to love Iceland! Here you can really get some rest and reflect on the most important things in life!

Exploring Iceland’s rugged landscapes offers a unique blend of solitude and adventure. Beyond the well-trodden paths, the country’s vast wilderness beckons the intrepid traveler to venture further into its heart. Imagine soaking in a secluded hot spring under the midnight sun, or witnessing the ethereal dance of the Northern Lights in a clear winter sky. While guided group tours provide an insightful introduction to Iceland’s natural wonders, the true essence of discovery lies in those quiet moments of personal connection with nature. Whether it’s the thunderous roar of a remote waterfall or the serene silence of the highlands, Iceland offers endless opportunities to pause and ponder. Here, amidst the raw beauty of the land, you find a profound sense of peace, reminding you of the sheer majesty of our planet.

3. Greenland – Outstanding Nature and Arctic Ice

Ready for an Arctic expedition? Then Greenland is the perfect place to visit. The word green is a little misleading. Almost the entire country is covered in ice and only the rocky landscape along the coasts offers some variety. But this is exactly what makes this country unique in the world. Fjords full of icebergs, whales hunting for fish in large groups and dog sleds as the main transportation means on land. Speaking of transport, it is really a challenge to reach this country at all. To get the perfect first impression of Greenland, you should try to arrive by boat and drive through the “Prins Christian Sund”. Here you pass right by the icebergs and glaciers. In the middle of this barren and cold landscape the inhabitants of the island have built small villages with colourful houses. Obviously, you want to bring a little colour into your life, because here it is sometimes absolutely pitch black night for several weeks. A really extraordinary travel experience for which you should definitely prepare yourself with good and warm clothes.

4. Cuba – Feels Like Home!

Of course, many people know Cuba! The pure joy of life and colourful houses in conolial style. Beautiful classic cars let you reminisce about the old days. Dance the night away and make new friends. But this is only one part of Cuba! Especially impressive is a small village in the west. Viñales! Everything that people need for everyday life can be found on one single street. It does not take long and you are an integrated part of village life. And there your adventure begins! Here really unique moments are made possible! A highlight is a night hike with a local through the jungle of Cuba. Just in time for sunrise you will find yourself on a small mountain and experience the most magical and beautiful moment of your life! A breathtaking view of the slowly awakening jungle. And this is just one example of one of many wonderful moments!

5. Bosnia and Herzegovina – The Unexpected Love!

To conclude, we have a little surprise for you. Anyone who thinks of holidays rarely thinks of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Rather of the better known neighbours Croatia or also Montenegro. Even fewer people will think of Mostar… But this beautiful little town is a real gem! It is a perfect stop for all those who are on a road trip through Croatia or Montenegro anyway. On the way to Mostar you can also visit the Kravice Waterfalls. Once you arrive in Mostar you will fall in love with the incredibly hospitable people. But the unusual and unique thing about this small town is… that no matter what the weather is like… several people will gather on a bridge and jump from several meters height into the river below! This event can be observed at almost any time of day. If you have been to Mostar, you just have to jump off the bridge once.

So, where are you going next?

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