5 Online Contests to Enter for Unique Holiday Gifts

It’s hard to believe that it’s the holiday season already! It feels like just yesterday the stores were filled with Halloween decorations, and now you can’t visit any shopping centre without Jingle Bells pumping through the speakers. Are you participating in gift exchanges this holiday season? If you’re like so many others, you’ve hardly had time to even think about what you’re going to get your friends and family, let alone buy anything yet.

Figuring out what to get for loved ones is the trickiest part. Once you have your gift list sorted, you can zip in and out of the shops without having to deal with the crowds. But what if we told you that you could avoid those crowds entirely by shopping for gifts online? What if we also told you that you could win all of your holiday gifts for free?

You’ve probably heard about online contests before and maybe even entered a couple. You may not know that there are incredible online giveaways posted every single day on the website Contestscoop.com — your one-stop shop to find the best contests for the holidays and beyond. You’ll discover prizes to win from your favourite brands and stores with individual details on how to enter each unique contest.

If you regularly check out the site to see what’s new, you never know what kind of giveaway you’ll find. By entering and keeping track of all the latest contests, you could win something special for everyone on your holiday gift list this year.

Check out some recent online giveaways featured on the site. There’s something to win for everyone on your holiday gift list, from the gaming fanatic to the diamond lover.

1. A PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Source: Push Square

Who’s the gamer in the family? Everyone has at least one (and it might even be you). You’ve probably heard about the latest release of the PlayStation 5 (PS5) — it’s all over the internet and getting a lot of buzz in the gamer community. It’s PlayStation’s most powerful console to date and is probably one of the hottest items on many people’s holiday gift lists this year.

If your kids have asked for one this year, you may have checked out the price, promptly laughed and said, “Yeah, right,” and then laughed a little more at the idea. They’re not cheap. Most families need that $500 – $600 for more essential things, such as food or paying bills. But, there are always online contests to discover! With the right giveaway, you could win a PS5 without paying a dime.

Last month, there were at least two PlayStation contests to enter, including one from Jack Links Beef Jerky. The exciting thing about online sweepstakes is that you never know which brands will offer something incredible, which is why checking your trusted contest-listing site is so important. Instead of scouring the internet for what’s new in the gaming world of online contests, you can visit that one site, and it will have everything displayed for you.

Keep your eyes peeled for PlayStation giveaways because winning one for free is much better for your bank account than paying full price for one.

2. A Set of Luxury Pillows

Source: Sleepy Center

Everyone deserves luxurious sleep. If you’re not getting regular sleep, your body and mind will start to slow down because your immune system loses its strength. Rest is a crucial component of a healthy lifestyle. Treat a loved one to a set of pillows from Stearns & Foster. Stearns & Foster is a mattress and bedding company steeped in high-quality and long-lasting tradition.  They recently ran a contest where one lucky contestant could win a set of two pillows, valued at nearly $400. Interested participants simply had to visit the company website and enter a quick form with their email and mailing addresses.

Next, by following the Stearns & Foster social media accounts, contestants could gain a bonus entry. There are homeware giveaways regularly posted online, so don’t miss out on the next luxurious bedding contest!

3. A MacBook Pro

Source: Macworld

Does your son or daughter need a new laptop for school? Modern computers are costly, especially Apple products. However, if you’ve ever used them before, you’ll probably agree that Apple products are expensive for a reason. They’re incredibly user-friendly, built to last, and have lower risks of developing viruses. The lifestyle blog, VitaDaily, recently offered the contest every parent dreams of — a brand new MacBook Pro giveaway.

For this giveaway, contestants entered through the blog’s Instagram account and could also win additional prizes such as a $100 Amazon gift certificate. The possibilities with online contests are endless; you truly never know what rewards you might find!

4. The Dazzling David Yurman Sweepstakes

Source: David Yurman

You want to get your partner something extraordinary this year. You’ve had your eye on that diamond necklace, but there’s no way you could justify spending that much money right now. Fortunately, the exclusive jewelry company, David Yurman, has you covered. Head on over to the company’s website and create a personal account. There, you can build your very own holiday wish list of one or more items worth up to $5000! This giveaway goes until December 20, 2024, so there’s still time to enter.

5. For the Fitness Guru: A Fitbit Giveaway

Source: Engadget

Fitbit products offer people the support to keep track of their fitness goals and maintain healthy resolutions. A Fitbit watch syncs with your smartphone to stay on top of things like daily exercise. Is there a fitness guru in your life who would love this healthy accessory? Recently, ClubFitWear gave away an all-new Fitbit Versa 3 to one lucky contestant. To enter, the contestant filled out a quick entry form on the ClubFitWear website with their name and email address.

Discover prizes for all of the people in your life this holiday with online contests and giveaways. You won’t have to engage with those holiday crowds at the mall, and most importantly, you’ll save a significant amount of money by winning free goods. Check your contest-listing site frequently because who knows — you might even find something exciting for yourself!