4 Quirky And Unusual Things To Do In Dubai In 2024

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Dubai represents a premium destination known for outstanding luxury and many amazing attractions. The first things that people will think about this city are some of the biggest skyscrapers in the world. Besides the modern architecture, there are many other interesting things to see in this place.

It is a real gem of the Middle East with a unique mixture of oriental culture and western influence. If you decide to visit this place, be sure to check some amazing landscapes from high buildings, along with excellent beaches, and some of the best hotels and restaurants in the world. The interesting fact is that Dubai is the first city where we can find a seven-start hotel.

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The best time to visit this place is during the winter until March, when it is the most enjoyable, especially on beaches. Also, we have to mention the great possibility to rent a jet ski, so you can have a little adventure on the sea, and enjoy a unique view of the city from various angles. If you are interested in renting a jet ski in Dubai, check it out here.

As a place known for high luxury, it is not a surprise that you can find a lot of unique attractions there. It is always best to read more about it before heading there so you can get the most from your time while staying in Dubai. Therefore, we are going to introduce you to some of the most interesting and unusual things to do there in 2024.

1. Skydiving

Many people won’t think about having such adventure when they are traveling there, but there is a possibility to have this type of experience. The most interesting thing related to skydiving is that you can climb on the top of Burj Kalifa, which is the tallest building there, and jump from that site. The most amazing thing about the view is that there is nothing except the desert around the city except the sea. Also, you will have a whole new viewpoint on the appearance of building and artificial beaches.

Besides the skydiving, we have to mention the zip-line, which is great for those who prefer more safety and less adrenaline. The best thing about a zip-line is that it is connected between several high buildings so you can also have an amazing view from there.

Another attraction that involves flying is by taking a hot-balloon tour. It is perfect for those interested in a more passive adventure and focuses on landscapes. The best time for taking this flight is before the sunset, so you can enjoy an incredible experience.

2. Safari

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When it comes to safari, there are many differences when compared to similar tours in Africa or Asia, where the focus is on the observation of wildlife. The fact is that the desert around Dubai is a hostile place, and plants and animals there are quite rare. However, the interesting part is that you can drive a quad over the sand. It is especially interesting to take this tour overnight. It is not a rare case that people are making parties in the desert as well.

3. Visit Dubai Mall

Visiting a big shopping mall might not sound like something unique and interesting. However, this one represents one of the most amazing malls in the whole world. Besides some of the most popular brands that have their stores in this place the focus is on the infrastructure of this object. Therefore, you will have a chance to see any unique structures, fountains, performances of artists, live music, games, and much more. In that matter, shopping can become a whole new experience in Dubai.

4. Lots of Entertainment On Every Corner

If you are staying here for a short time, it will be challenging to choose the right place to go since there are so many attractions and places for entertainment available there. We will start with the huge water park where you can snorkel, drive a kayak, get on all kinds of slides, and much more.

On the other side, and even more unique attraction is a closed hall where you can enjoy winter sports. It is a large area with artificial snow and special air conditions that gives you the feeling like you are on some mountain instead of being in the desert.  Another place worth visiting is indoor skydiving where you can get into the special tube and fly on the board under the pressure of the wind.

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Those interested in more passive types of entertainment should pay more attention to parks and unique places like Miracle Garden, Global Village, or Dhow cruise where you can enjoy your lunch while driving through the canal that goes around most parts of the city. The dinner time can be even more interesting if you decide to visit a restaurant on top of a large building. The food is amazing as well, and you will find a unique combination of oriental, Indian, and European food.

The Bottom Line

As we already mentioned, the best time for visiting this city is during the winter in the northern hemisphere since the temperatures are lower during that time, while it can be pretty hot over summer. Dubai is a synonym for luxury. Therefore, don’t be surprised by outstanding offers on each corner. Even the street food is different in this place.

On the other side, you have to know about some special rules related to this city. First of all, be sure to wear appropriate clothes, especially if you are a woman. Also, loud music is not always allowed. Moreover, be sure to be polite all the time, and never make unusual gestures related to religious people or objects. It is not a surprise that prices are all quite expensive in this place. If you want to drink some alcohol, expect to pay a lot more than in the place where you are living. It is important to know some of these rules so you can avoid getting into trouble or insulting some people who are living there.