7 Things You Know About The Upcoming Hytale Game – 2024 Guide

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2024 has thrown out some pretty amazing games. But the upcoming Hytale game has a lot of hype behind it.

While not on the level of Cyberpunk2077 or many other AAA titles, the sandbox RPG game that is Hytale will be sure to keep you entertained during the Holiday seasons.

As to what the game is and everything else you need to know about it, well we will take a look at that in this article. Don’t go anywhere as we will start right now.

1. What is the Game?

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At first look, this good looks very much like the popular sandbox game, Minecraft. And that is certainly the case because of the block-style feel and look of this title.

However, it’s safe to point out that the developers of the game, Hypixel, had previous experience with Minecraft. The developers hosted the Hypixel Minecraft servers, a series of popular servers with tons of active players.

These guys were responsible for some of the most popular mini-games in Minecraft like SkyWars and Crazy Walls. Their in-depth knowledge and talent for developing multiplayer games within Minecraft is the reason why we’re seeing this game in the first place.

These servers were so popular in the Minecraft player community that Hypixel won the Guinness World Record for concurring players in one online instance. This wasn’t the only Guinness World Record that the studio won.

Due to the sheer success following the opening of the servers, the studio decided to make their own similar engine and create Hytale.

2. Release Date

You’d be surprised to hear that it’s been five years since Hypixel announced this game. Yes, you heard that right. A block-style RPG sandbox game from relatively inexperienced developers doesn’t get done in a short amount of time.

Fortunately, it seems that we won’t have to wait that long since the developers put out a release date back in 2019. The game is set to launch on both Windows and macOS in the upcoming 2024, experts predict somewhere around April.

Unfortunately for console players, there is no news as of the current time of writing whether or not the game will port for both Xbox or PS.

3. The Game Will Feature Plenty of Adventures

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What players should expect at launch are adventure scenarios. These scenarios, according to the developers, will be different every time. The player, or players, that get into the adventure will have to finish quests and get rewards in return.

These quests will have a different feel every time the player(s) choose to replay the scenarios. The developers say that these scenarios will have greater replayability, meaning that the scenario will feel different every time you replay it with your friends.

With all that said, we’re expecting a couple of these scenarios and boss fights at launch, with many more coming after launch.

4. Co-Op Fun

One thing we’ve learned from the Hytale servers in Minecraft is that they’re meant for co-op fun. So that begs the question, is co-op an option with this game?

The answer is certainly yes. Hytale is fully open to co-op and single-player fun. The game even encourages you to go out and make your own adventures with your friends. This means that the developers actively encourage players to get together with friends for co-op sessions.

While it’s frustrating to wait for this game to come out, you can still play the Hypixle servers in Minecraft to hopefully get a better feel for the game. To do that, simply go to the thehytaleservers.com.

It is said that the developers have hired plenty of writers to give the game greater depth as opposed to the Minecraft servers. And that is a good thing as you’ll have more fun as you play through the experience.

5. Gear Drops

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One thing that Minecraft has but was never explored in such a fashion was droppable gear. It’s safe to say that gear is very important in a multiplayer RPG experience. And the added sandbox element makes things that much interesting.

The developers were asked numerous times about the prospect of droppable gear. And that’s something that we’re also getting with Hytale. Unique mobs and higher level mobs such as bosses will drop unique gear that will help the player. In addition, you’re will also grow your own food and train your own pets to act as helpers while in combat.

6. Better Combat

One thing that we can absolutely say for sure is that the combat will be much better than in Minecraft. This isn’t anything new as Minecraft was never originally meant for PVP combat. While this isn’t a negative mark for the OG game, better combat animations and feel was something that everyone asked for.

And Hypixel delivers that in Hytale. Reviewers say that the combat feels more like the one in Skyrim as opposed to Minecraft. That’s because of the quick and charged combat animations that allow you to skirmish with your opponent while not getting too much into their face.

Magic is also something that will improve the combat in the game. With tons of “classes” and lots of weapons, the developers want to revolutionize the combat of the game and completely change the “spam clicking” that we see in Minecraft.

7. Tools For Content Creators

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One thing that Minecraft does very well is to allow tools for content creators to easily make game content. This trend continues with Hytale as there will be a number of features and tools that will make it easier for the players to go out and forge their own stories. The cinematic tool, Hytale Machinima, and the wide range of custom keyframe control tools will make it possible for players to create their own “movies” while in-game.

This follows Minecraft’s movie-making trend and that’s no doubt something that the player base will enjoy. In addition, the game will launch with a 3D modeling software kit and numerous other tools that will allow content creators greater control over their content.